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  1. Hey Atle, good to see you commenting on our game again - more than six years later! (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=102629) Just curious, what happened to Roger Foodbelly? I think our two projects have similar histories - fairly ambitious game, talented artists and an activity peak back in 2003, after which the activity slowly faded out. But what I have done now is to compile all the work we did back then, polish it up a little so that it's at least playable, and put it out for people to download - just because I really didn't want all that work to have been in vain. So, Atle
  2. Hi all! We are developing a freeware adventure game called Odd that I though people in this forum might be interested in, since it's much in the spirit of the old LucasArts adventures. Moreover, we're fortunate enough to have engaged the amazingly talented artist Ado Ceric, who some of you may remember for his wonderful Monkey Island fan art. Odd tells the story of a Norwegian hiker and rock collector with the same name, who happens to find a portal from the mental ward Earth out to the real world outside. Odd is temporarily discharched from the mental ward and is assigned the mission to
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