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  1. Didn't really know where to put this, since there are so many Sam and Max threads, but it would've been awkward to just throw this in there. VG Cats
  2. Wow, I figured Big Fish would get more nominations...
  3. Oh, you did not just say that. Manny is by far my favorite (playable) LEC character of all time. Sam (and Max) come in second. Then Hoagie. Guybrush, while still the main character of some really cool games, is just too much of wimp/loser for me to really like. Gotta love LeChuck though.
  4. Made a little (1024x768) wallpaper for DoubleFine's Psychonauts. The logo is based off the one that you see at the end of the trailer. Click here for Wallpaper I know some people don't really like having a mostly white wallpaper, so if you want a different color background, just tell me and I'd be happy to make it. EDIT: Here she is in a darker gray: Here --Owl
  5. Mediocre Entertainment Seems fine to me.
  6. Looks awesome. Shame it's not comin out for the Xbox, though. That makes me quite sad. See?
  7. Owl

    What is art?

    The only scans I have readily available are some drawings that are actually from 1-2 years ago, before I started taking drawing classes, so, amittedly, they're not the best I've done. For instance, you'll notice that, whenever I can manage to do without them, I simply don't draw feet. I hate feet. Their wierdly shaped and ugly. I still can't draw them worth a damn, but at least now I try. Mysterious Girl. This one is downright bad. No feet, and Kyle looks wierd. The only thing I like about this one is the idea, and the first Stormtrooper. Clockworkers. Look! Feet! I like this one, but the scanner quality really takes away from it. I think I was going for a real Magritte feel. I see now that I failed miserably in that aspect. The Maraca and Syringe. This one is reeeeaally old. Again, the scanner doesn't catch some details as sharply as I'd like. Those are the only one's I've bother to upload onto the net. I'm too lazy to upload my good ones--but maybe it's just because they don't fit on my scanner. Sorry for the digression, but I can't resist the oppurtunity to show off my crappiest work. --Owl
  8. And what isn't? You have to draw the line somewhere. I'm talking sellable art. When a six year old scribbles a picture of a purple tentacle tipping over cows, I guess that's still art. But no one's going to buy that. Or will they!? I drew a face on my hand, took a black and white photo of it in front of a fountain and convinced my photo teacher it was art. She thought it was brilliant. Seriously. This is why you find people who buy canvases with splattered ink all over it for $2000. They think it's art. They see a deeper meaning in it, no matter what the artists intentions were. You see that and you think: "I can do that." So why don't you? I mean, put it up on eBay--someone's bound to buy it! Somebody out there on this planet is going to think that your meaningless scribbles are deep and meaningful and they want to hang it above their fireplace. And the artist can come up with some half-ass explanation too! That's the fun part! Take this scribble for example. I took two index cards and, literally, within a minute and a half, I scribbled that on them (the guns around the shield took up most of the time). Then I spent another two minutes scanning it, mashing them together in photoshop, and saving it as a jpg. What a piece of crap, you say. Well, I can just as easily say I'm offended by that! This work is a piece of well thought out, beautiful art. The fast, childish scribbles of guns reflect the impulsive, violent nature of our planet's warring nations. The childish characteristic of the picture shows how, like children, these nations refuse to resolve their differences peacefully, insisting that they are the ones who are right. The scrawny little one-eyed creature represents the messy casualities of war. See? I'm talking out of my ass. The whole time. Throughout this entire post, in fact. But, I'll bet by the end of this week, I will find someone who actually buys into that pile of bantha poodoo. So, if I may finally get to my point without rambling any further, where do you draw the line? What qualifies art as art?
  9. Trust us. It's totally rocksome. If I had thumbs, they would be pointed skyward.
  10. I don't think it's that surprising. Seems almost everyone these days is a HR fan. I'm not too big of a fan, but I still enjoy watching it.
  11. Why do you monsters insist on making Mojo so freakin' cool!? I...I just can't handle it! It's like some sort of.....awesome..ness.......overload.......of some sort. Great work guys. I was positively jubilant to see it back online.
  12. I thought it was great, but I'm still a little disappointed in the explosions. In a game that focuses on sheer firepower, I think the explosions should be a bit more than a puff of red. Still cool, but could use a little more, um....bang.
  13. Owl

    Far Side

    Here, let me see. Um "Total Crap". Oh I guess I can't. Sorry, I just strongly dislike South Park.
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