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  1. And ship designer. It opens a whole new area of professions. I presume there's a limit to wat u can get. It would be sweet tho to become the captain of a star destroyer or something.
  2. Well, bounty hunters get their jobs off of computers... It would be pretty handy if u could just delete ur name off the list or change information. Steady source of income too. And there is no Spy proffession, me thinks.
  3. Ya definitly sounds cool. The whole story thing was pretty good to. Hopefully the game will pan out like that.
  4. Definitly have to agree, the smuggler just is the essence of cool
  5. Bothan i think. Couldn't help but notice that most of u are wanting to make multiple characters. As far as i know, you can only create one character at a time because the character is saved on the server side. So only one character per account. Unless ur unhappy wit ur character and want to delete him/her and start a new one
  6. Once again i thank thank the moderators for protecting this and every thread. Apparently, the game is ok with bugs. I think we all see the potential of this game. Time is needed however. There have been a lot of posts about MMORPGs in general, i wanna hear stories from the game. Wat character u are?? How easy or difficult it is to play. What weird stuff u've done so far. Little secrets no1 else would know about. That type of thing.
  7. Well, i read the review given by that link and that reviewer wasn't happy at all. Apparently SWG is suffering a lot of downtime and bugs. Mayb i'll wait to buy it, mayb i won't. Doesn't come out here till december, hopefully it'll be better then. Please keep adding ur reviews to this thread. Information is the true world currency!! And I'm just happy that Wraith 8 found time to view a thread i started. He's welcome to add his opinion (and review (i'm sure he's playing too)) to the thread. I'd also like to see some interesting story's on the game (i'm not too sure if that's breaking into a different thread?? Bob
  8. HOW IS IT??? Go on give us details of how it is. I know most of u will be too busy playing to reply to these but do share ur experiences with those who are less fortunate and live in a country where it's not being released on the 26th. I might have to wait till december!!! i won't tho, i'd rather order off the internet!!! Go on, give us a review
  9. I have to agree with Darth Sidious that the Kessel run is a bragging right. He sumed it up pretty good. The shorter the distance, the closer u are to the maw,which can destroy ur ship. Faster ships can go closer to the maw because the can escape the gravitational forces easier, thus it's a bragging right on how fast ur ship is. That's where the time factor comes in. Speed is a measure of distance against time. It could be considered a compitition in that sense then, that the shortest distance (faster ship) wins.
  10. ya the space expansion will be cool. Will they be adding a a pilot profession??
  11. True, and even if the vehicals werent that fast, it's better then nothing. I'm guessing ur character won't be able to run continous, so something a bit faster then a running pace would still let u cover lots of ground and lets u see and explore a little of where u're going
  12. Well, as long as there's furniture....
  13. dunno about server, does it make much difference?? Since it appears that all the servers r in the states, i'd probably join one on the east coast, which one doesnt really matter i guess
  14. Will there be furniture tho??? That's the real question. And i'm sure that there will be some sort of bank system, where u can transfer or even donate credits to some1 else
  15. Ya, and if ur not in a PvP area the bounty hunter won't be able to enter some1 elses home. smae goes for ships i guess. U just got to have a safe house on every plant and be able to hid people, a back door or something which exists to a forest where u can hid. That type of thing.
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