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  1. Trep!!!!!!!!! Sorry™! So so sorry™! Really, really SORRY™ I'm late. Happy Birthday Trep! Happy belated Birthday! Sorry™!
  2. Thanks for the tip-off on the release of the Homeworld 2 demo, Ys. Loved the first game. And let us know how Republic plays please - I remember reading about this game when it was still just an idea (before the developers had even looked into how to graphically produce it) and it sounded fascinating but I see the reviews so far are a bit mixed.
  3. (I've forgotten my password, so I quickly hijacked Curt's account for this info.) I've read Stinger's review on Dark Fall 1 and agree with most of the things said. Only thing I did not agree with is that the navigation is annoying. I probably got sucked into the game so much that I didn't notice if it was annoying or not . Also, normally I stay away from horror and spooky games but with this one I just loved the unique story and puzzles and was absolutely eager to finish it (didn't play at nights though as the atmosphere is definitely eerie and creepy, even with speakers turned off ). Great, great game - I haven't enjoyed a game that much in a long time! Anyway, for people who love this adventure too there is good news from the developer: "Dark Fall II : Lights Out is also 1st person. I expect it to be released towards the end of the year." The link is: http://www.xxvproductions.co.uk/darkfall2/index2.html I am very much looking forward to Dark Fall 2 and hope it finds many more fans to keep the developer going. Cheers, Megs
  4. As Einstein proved: "Reviews are relative" .......... or was that time? I'm currently playing the game (I have to play through Chapter 2 now which I've already played before in the "unofficial" demo) and so far it's not bad but certainly not up there with the likes of BS (a game of similar ilk) but all that can change if the game gets better (or worse). I'm pleased Stinger enjoyed the game as it's always good for the genre when games earn positive reviews. We have to remember that the develpers are always learning and can only hope that subsequent games (sequels) improve on the last and a positive review is something that can be encouraging to them to achieve this, I'm sure. On a note regarding the story - it at least seems to be original, something many other adventure developers could learn from.
  5. Tomorrow also sees the release of the first DVD set of LOTR: The Two Towers ........................... quite a day then
  6. Who said I was talking about computer games?
  7. They could use SMS to their advantage and get a large group of people to assembly outside a designated point, say a large cinema theatre, then issue instructions to pay and enter the theatre, then all to sit down and watch the screen for, say, 98mins whereby the cinema will proceed to play the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Flash Gordon- The Accumulator (Part 7). Hey, they could even give it a cool new name - Flashmobbing. (or brainwashing )
  8. I always try to use diplomacy first but then the bad guys always kill me - seems they're not programmed to understand diplomacy.
  9. Bunch of bloody distorted sheep if you ask me. Anyone seen my wellies?
  10. "Horses for courses. A course of action or policy that has been modified slightly from the original to allow for altered circumstances." Normally it is my policy to be totally against file-sharing. However, I would tend to view an album like a pc game whereby the songs on the album could be compared to the chapters of a game. Most games have demos which usually consist of a chapter, as a taster, to tempt you to buy the whole game. The singles could be viewed as the same when they are released for radio play - except in many cases they never actually reach the radio and we don't get to hear of them. I've altered my policy toward file-sharing due to the altered circumstances of me discovering a possible liking for a band via an alternative means but having no other means of testing the level of my aforementioned liking (I couldn't play that albums "chapter" that I had heard as it was a chance sighting on a tv channel). I've now lost the will to go any further on this one. Hope that explanation will suffice, twifkak.
  11. Congrats and best of luck in whatever direction life takes you, Mrs Minnie.
  12. Bunch of bloody sheep if you ask me. Marek, I'm shocked!
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