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  1. Thanks to jp-30's tutorial I learned how to skin,anyway heres the link:http://www.geocities.com/zartekskins/kaizak.html
  2. current force pwers i've seen or heard of are Force jump Force push/throw(throwing objects eg. like darth maul in EP1) Force pull Force speed Force sense Force grip/choke Force lightning Force heal Force destruction Force drain Force protect Mind trick Force destruction Saber throw Force blind any others i've missed
  3. i'm kinda confused is this model finished or what?
  4. Okay lets say your a jedi or a sith and you have mastered all levels of your force powers.Yet some can still defeat you ..... what might you need.........? ? A NEW FORCE POWER! really i'm creating this post to see what kind of force powers people can come up with,It could just be new edited power upgrade.Anything really aslong as its star wars realistic.
  5. does any 1 have any pictures of like a life like image of desann or tavion? Or maybe any other Dark jedi/sith from games ps:similar to these ones ... http://www.julesarts.com/darkforces/jk/characters.htm
  6. I finally got force mod 2 to work! now after 2 days i started my computer up this morning & when the loading screen comes up my com knocks my game off & i'm sat there looking at my desktop.I've tried restarting my computer several times,but still no help.Does any possibly know whats going wrong?
  7. I've tried several mods each sepratlly and together...Anyway 70% of the mods i download don't work unless they just change skins or models.The only 1 i've atually ever got to work is prison_escape.For example let's say forcemod 2 i fooloow the instructions(EXACTLY!)& when i start them up the white screen before the lucas arts thing,my com crash's its the same for most.And if they don't do that they dont even exisist after i've exstarcted them to where ever. WHAT THE HELL HAS GONE WRONG WITH THESE MODS?????
  8. Episode 3:A jedi's worst fear The only problem is i've downloaded the dooku model,but i need the padme 1.The link doesnt work so can some give e one that will. ps:where can i find the jedi master mod,the one when you start of with a lightsaber and force powers?
  9. Does any 1 know of a mod which will allow me to just change desann's model,since i'm kinda bored with him.Also maybe 1 for jan.Both for single player....?
  10. JK2 Editing Tools-I've downloaded it of a few sites,yet when i start it up it just has some message saying somet about crashing your computer,ravensoft somet...Then it takes me to a menu giving me the options of unzip,run winzip,close,about,help with a browser in the middle to search for the folder i need to skin.But when i unzip or run winzip it just starts over again.What the hell's gone wrong? plz can someone help me who's had experience in skinning before
  11. JK2 Editing Tools,plz tell me cause one site i went to only sold the game which i already have:rolleyes:
  12. found it but i had to re-install my game to do so:(
  13. Okay i've been searching for over an hour now all over my computer & it saysthis file does not exist.What the hell has happened to my folder then????????????????????????????????
  14. The only folders in mat base folder are levelshots,maps,models,saves,textures,screenshots,autoexec.cfg,games.log,jk2config.cfg &jk2mpcinfig.cfg. Theres no assets0.pk3,why? :confused:
  15. assets0.pk3 folder i need it cause i'm gonna try out skinning.Also how do i make a subdirectory off C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base\models
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