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  1. GTA 5 & Arkham Origins Probably my last 2 purchases for this gen.
  2. 69 Chevelle SS or another 69 Coronet
  3. Neat! Unfortunately not coming to a venue near me...
  4. Smoking. Doing that at the moment as well. Now Jolly Ranchers have become my new addiction..
  5. I've had nothing but fun w/it. Hamill absolutely steals the show.
  6. Indeed. "An Hour for Magic" or pretty much any out of the book "The Lords and the New Creatures".
  7. Re-reading A Clockwork Orange and 1984. Two of my favorite books.
  8. the Doors - Riders on the Storm Metallica - Fade to Black
  9. Red Dead Revolver. - The spaghetti western music is just awesome.
  10. Nope. Overplayed Knights 1 & can't even play the first five minutes now. tSL, I'm waiting on the resto project so it's going to be a while longer.
  11. Gameplay followed by story. It can have an amazing story but if it plays like **** chances are I'll get frustrated w/poor design & opt out. Probably add soundtrack to my list as well, something that catches the mood of setting & story is a definite plus.
  12. The first one was very awesome (PC only. I guess the console ports were complete trash). I can hardly wait for part two.
  13. I'm enjoying the hell out of it, though I think the wife is cheating on me now that my character is rampant w/STD's. Probably sacrifice her to the Shadows later.
  14. Practice man. Practice. Practice. Practice. -Yeah, yeah I know...duh right? You can learn all of the theory or scales you want but if you don't do the aforementioned it's a waste of effort. Just sharing what my teacher drilled into my skull.- That & most of what everyone else has said.
  15. I'm having fun w/it, more so than I ever did in GTA4. -I'm not trying to stir the bucket for the pointless argument. Just saying.- Between this & Fable 2 I'm good for games until Gears 2.
  16. Uhhhh alright. Then why not just ask that guy for his opinion alone.
  17. Probably not. I'll pick it up eventually, just not hyped for it enough to be a release day purchase.
  18. All the time. I'd rather talk to myself than most people, at least theres a chance of an interesting conversation.
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