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  1. Yeah, JK1 has been dead for awhile, but there are still a few players, like me, who are willing to take up a game or to.
  2. Haven't played JK in awhile, but what is SBX?
  3. Have you tried downloading drivers for it (if there are any for the GeForce series) ? Or maybe even downgrading your drivers.
  4. I remember alot of these sites in their prime... Let's hope they come back.
  5. You might need to down-grade you drivers for the game to work.
  6. Multiplayer Name: Either Reclaimer or =TR=Reclaimer aim: krazy metalhead I have gotten back into Jedi Knight and Force Commander, so I'm up to playing either. Are we going to play via IP address or GameSpy Arcade? EDIT: Looks like http://massassi.net has set up http://jedizone.atspace.com/ to make up for the loss of it's place in the MSN Game Zone. Nice.
  7. Anyone still play it? I recently re-installed Jedi Knight and GameSpy Arcade, and was wondering if anyone still plays it. I also am up to Force Commander if anyone has it.
  8. This is already being discussed HERE Please refer any questions to THAT thread. - Reclaiemer
  9. Yes, it's a zip file in the game.
  10. Hey I'm up for a Multi-Player for Star Wars Jedi Knight. BUT I need someone that can host it for us so if anyone can that would be great. Post you Char. Reclaimer Boba Fett or StormTrooper Skin Red or Blue lightsaber Dark Side ________________________________________________ Also once that person posts that they can host(Don't e-mail since I don't have one) We'll set up a time. Mostly it will be on a weekend. So Kurgan and anyone else are you up to it?
  11. I went to Nebraska Furneture Mart and found the Special Edition DF with 3 playable DF Jedi Knight levels. Gamefaqs? Ok.
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