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  1. so basically you want to rip off Fable's fear/respect system? Well thats all well and good but in my opinion it became more of a pain in the ass than a "cool feature". Sure it was cool to be recognized to begin with but after the hundred thousandth time someone goes "mr brick layer! he's a hero!" it gets annoying. Not only that but in KOTOR 1 and 2 u were trying to stay under the radar, so increasing your "reknown" probably would be detrimental.
  2. read my first reply to this thread machinecult, its my idea for how they could make a "rogue commando" work story wise.
  3. Well, i don't want my effort to be in complete vain so ill give you the gist of it. Era of adventure games=golden era. Consumer population was much smaller, developers and publishers werent as clear cut as they are today, so developers had more freedom to be creative using games as a canvas without being shot down for trying to make games that are "too risky" (euphamism for "not garuanteed moneymaker"). As market size grew, publishers became the decision makers behind game production, they provide the funding and therefore decide who lives or dies (gaming wise that is). [overstatement]Because they are soulless suits without any semblance of human empathy or compassion[/overstatement], they will never produce the "best" game, but will always produce the games that will cost the least and turn in the most revenue, and somehow publishers everywhere seem to have come to the conclusion that the "money makers" were twitchy action games with no plot, story or characters, probably because they are cheaper to make (less voice acting costs, writing costs, can be made faster) so our shelves got flooded with cruddy B grade FPS's and adventure games went the way of the dodo. Lucasarts have become a publisher. In the "good ol' days" (hate myself for saying that) lucasarts made their own games, now they're just a publisher, and therefore their no. 1 objective is to MAKE MONEY. That means every decision they make is based on whether or not it will gain them a profit. Examples of this are the canning of sam and max, forcing obsidian to release kotor 2 early for the release of ep 3, and, by the logic that publishers seem to think action games are the most cost effective, this explains their "we only make balls to wall action games". My theory however, is not to lose hope, because every time a gaming gem like half life or GTA 3 is released, the bar gets raised, and the overall quality of games goes up, because players of those games know what its like to play an awesome game and are less sucked in to utter garbage.
  4. yeah, the game is about delta squad, you can't change that. Especially when they left it open for a sequel by leaving sev behind. They set it up perfectly for the squad to defy orders and save him, and insodoing miss the activation of order 66. If they made a game where delta squad were pro empire id be pissed off, mostly because they're not just faceless soldiers (despite the fact that they are clones), they actually have some personality to them.
  5. i reckon "imperial commando" would be unimaginative. Sorry but i stick by my idea of keeping the commandos on the side of good.
  6. yeah the same tone is in the english version, but i think its more of a use of comedic indifference than actually insinuating that he killed someone, more likely that he's just so used to scumbag clients that someone who hasnt done any killing is a new thing.
  7. nup, im sorry but i f###ing hate internet explorer. I just spent 20 minutes writing a reply to this thread detailing what i though has gone wrong in the gaming industry and why half assed action games have flooded the market, and when i hit "submit reply" internet explorer stops responding.
  8. Hold on, there's an ADVENTURE game based around the greatest, most awesome film genre of all time and i wasnt informed? hmm i have to look into this. mind you, grim fandango was pretty noir, one of the reasons i loved it so much.
  9. G'day pple. As a participant of some of the discussion regarding the NGE, those of you who have partaken in discussion on the aformentioned subject would know that, so far, I'm pro-NGE, but purely based on my own opinions and judgement pending actual experience with the NGE. Just this morning, I decided, having eliminated all near-future obligations, that i would try SOE's ten day trial to see these NGE in action. I was excited, the character creation seemed improved to some extent from the original, and the cutscene proved promising. However, upon loading the tutorial, i was met by blinding walls of purple artifacting, severly inhibiting my sense of direction because i couldn't really see anything. However, I pressed on through the flickering purple images, having fiddled around with my graphics settings and installing new drivers and still being cursed by the imposing, metamorphosizing purple sheets. Other than my inability to see, the game seemed much improved. the new form of combat seemed far more accessible, and the menus and skills seemed far better organised. However, this didn't really make up for the impositions preventing me from progressing. Despite my inability to see, i managed to progress, but was halted by 4 client crashes while playing. After the fourth crash, I looked at my watch and noticed that i had only been playing the game for 19 minutes and 26 seconds, a fact that i found quite disturbing considering the 10 day trial is supposed to be a tool to make me want to subscribe the full version. If first impressions are anything, I don't think i need to play for 10 days to get the picture. Despite this, my hope for this game vainly continues, so if anyone knows how to prevent client crashes, or knows how to get rid of my artifacting, please let me know.
  10. regardless of the fact that Taris was totally flattened, i dont think that's a great idea. It wouldn't make any sense. Better to keep the commandos close to film settings, regurgitating settings from other games would suck a bit. I reckon they should expand the gameplay a bit tho, atm its pretty much a balls to wall action game, but i reckon non linear playing like being able to sneak past, ambush, or any number of other things would be a cool implementation to the game. however, i do NOT think that they should throw in half assed "steath segments" like so many stupid games do to seem diverse and end up just remaining linear and crap. The player should have a choice of how to approach a situation. I think expanding the gameplay would make squad control more interesting too because you could make different characters better at different things, making for far more interesting gameplay
  11. Dude, SWG was NEVER a ferrarri F50. At best it was a dodge viper's chassis with no seats or steering wheel, and the engine's been replaced by that of a honda accord
  12. I was the same, it only bothered me for a bit but then i got used to it, its really a minor inconvenience, but my argument is that it shouldnt be an inconvenience at all. you know that really doesnt prove me wrong at all, in fact it really does the opposite: "To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct." more options means increased ability to direct your characters' actions, ie, more control The bold is wherin lies my "quam" with the combat system. I suggested changes like that earlier but redhawke said it doesnt follow the "d20 rules" or something. bold statement, one i would have chosen to avoid. Half-life 2 has a simulated physics engine, ie there are no "animations" so thus no repetitiveness. In the end its a matter of preference. There's no way they're gonna change the combat system that much because its too big a step away from the other two, but as someone who gets tired of clicky clickies, id prefer something real time, more exciting and variable in my opinion. ie "hidden turn-based"
  13. i see the code as more like guidelines than actual rules
  14. i played and loved dark forces when it came out so i just naturally egerly anticipated the sequel. Loved it when it came out, MotS too, but i think the series just went downhill from there.
  15. dude it already is turn based, its just hidden like baldur's gate
  16. since when does having real time combat prevent the game from keeping the focus on the story and characters? everyone seems to think if a game has real time combat, it immediately doesn't have a story. do i really need to list all the games that prove that wrong?
  17. yeah and scenario maps like objectives and stuff, so perfect for a commando oriented game.
  18. yeh ur right to some extent, but i used to like pre cu because i didnt really know any better. Liked the people, fun waste of time, but then i played KOTOR and then went back to it and just asked myself "what is the point of this game" and it all just seemed so pointless so i stopped. I know that it could be liked, as i did like it for a time, but it just seemed so stupid and pointless and badly designed upon reflection.
  19. lol how insightful the battlefront jedi control sounds a bit crappy. JKA is the worst at controlling jedi i cant stand it.
  20. how to any extent is it not true? combat and story/characters are seperate, combat, like what has clearly been stated is a minor part of the kotor games. Yes the overall experience would be effected, for good or bad hinges on the opinion of the player, but the fact remains that it really wouldnt effect the game significantly at all, i think it would make it better, you think it would make it worse. of course the harcore gamer will, like i said earlier, the casual gamer may have no knowledge whatsoever of D20 or any of the goings on behind the scenes of KOTOR combat, they simply hire kotor off the shelves and play it. When it gets to a battle they're gonna say "what the hell is this, why cant i hide behind this wall while i shoot, this is stupid". everyone's all pent up on keeping it a "pure RPG" so that people who are completely uncoordinated dont suck at it. But look at Fable, that's got real time combat and that's still almost completely dependant on your skills. Being quick and twitchy is all well and good but if you're guy is only doing like 4 damage to a guy with 200 hp you're not going to get very far. Yeah man but do you? other than a clearly biased forum you can't honestly make an accurate guess at the actual number of people who'd like it or not. well the simple fact is that the more options you have, the better your control is over what the character does, i think that qualifies as more "control" quite easily. my argument is that combat is too detached from the player, whatever means that is reduced i don't mind, all ive argued is that it wouldn't be a bad thing. (good even) yeah but thats kind of like chucking a drop of water at the fireplace to put it out, 4 moves instead of 3 for a 40 hour game 5 or 6 animations what im saying isnt that specific, all i said was that there isnt enough control in the combat, there's plenty of ways to increase it. Like make it a real time 3rd person style like Fable or Jade Empire. or if you dont want to have to rely on your senses at all, then keep the D20 system but expand it. I'd hardly compare the sort of real time action like fable in talking about to dance dance revolution
  21. yeah it is, but there are plenty of hybrid RPG's that incorporate skills into the gameplay excellently and its still an rpg. Take deus ex and jade empire for example.
  22. i havent played battlefront 2, looks awesome tho. Whats the jedi control like?
  23. you call it "imagination" i call it "denial". The game was turd, and the MAJORITY of the population thought so as well, otherwise they wouldn't have changed it. Despite conflicting opinions as to the quality of pre CU galaxies, I do submit that keeping a pre cu server open is a good idea. That way people who are deluded enough to think pre cu was actually anything more than a load of crap could revel in their aimless grinding without complaint.
  24. thanks joe. We can only hope lucasarts decide to take the chance at a sequel, the first was great imo.
  25. This is true, but its a matter of opinion as to whether its for the better or worse. HOWEVER, it does not change the script, the characters, the locations or anything such as this which make KOTOR games great. The combat system cant take away these exulting traits. yes. Dont pose a rhetorical question unless you offer something to back up your intended side of the argument, it's bad rhetoric. again, i never said they "switch off the console at the first sign of difficulty". If something is long winded, and a chore to play, then they are LESS LIKELY to endure it because their elasticity of enjoyment is much greater than the "hardcore" gamer. its interesting you should bring up the adventure games, and you have a good point, adventure gamers certainly arent "hardcore gamers", are usually more mature and don't necessarily play other types of games, however, i think its interesting to note the decline of adventure games, yes they are certainly still around but there's no denying that they've been on a downward slope over the past 10 years, and the crowd who play them nowadays tends to be a fairly specialist consumer group. "Monopolistic competition" if you will. gee, now there's a pretty baseless, generalized comment, and right after definately 100% true, but here you're getting two seperate arguments mixed up. My opinions, and the opinions of a fair number of people i know who've played the kotor games (typically not genre specific people, these guys+girls play action games, adventure games, survival horror and a few RPGs) are that the combat is fairly tedious, and as a starwars fan, and a hell of a fan of lightsabers and jedi, I would like to see more control given to the player. uh... im not completely sure but im gonna assume you meant "but adds little to realism", which is wrong. Simply by being given more options, you immediately have more CONTROL over your characters, thus meaning you have a greater range of choices of what you would do in that situation. Being given the choice to either attack, use a force power, use a grenade is less realistic than being given the choice to attack, retreat, prepare to counterattack the next enemy attack, throw the enemy, use a force power or use a grenade. I hope that clarifies things for you. Clearly you have misunderstood me from the beginning, so I'll explain it again. KOTOR's combat currently gives the player a certain degree of control over the characters, by which i mean to say, you can choose what you want them to do to a certain extent. In my opinion, and relative to other games i have played, this is to a fairly small degree. I cannot attack two enemies at once with my lightsaber, I cannot effectively leap out of battle, i cannot use cover during a firefight, I cannot throw a grenade to a destination other than exactly where an enemy is standing. Based on these sorts of things, my opinion is that the control is fairly SMALL. While your take on control is fair enough, that is in my opinion more like complete control. Naturally, as redhawke has make pretty clear, as well as hall, that wouldnt really work in a D20 game like kotor. I still think the D20 rules arent THAT inflexible, you could easily alter things to make room for extra moves and options. matter of opinion. To people unfamiliar with the workings of RPG's, it would most definately make it more accessible. again thats a matter of opinion. The combat only changed when u learnt a new move, and there were only like 3 for melee and 3 for ranged. After that it was always the same. In my opinion, the same 3 moves throughout a 40 hour game is tedious. I dont like that i have no influence, combat should be more than that, it should be fun and detailed, as it should be in a game about jedi. btw, whats DDR?
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