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  1. Uh-oh… I feel like an idiot for doing this, but a family issue has come up and I will need to spend my weekend offline and out of town. I’m sorry gang I really hate doing this. But still, I don’t want to cancel the “corvette-party” I’ve suggested. I’m just going to find someone to give the Corvette Destruct codes to, hopefully Corzip, or Zennor, or anyone who would like to take them. Arrggg…. Bugger. Again, I hate to do this, but I have no choice.
  2. Hey Gang... We need your help I have the Corvette Destruct codes and I need every able-bodied PA member I can get to help with the doing the Corellian Corvette Mission. I'm talking BIG GROUP here. I'm going to set the date for Saturday July 17 at 4:00est. So leave a post if you're onboard THE GALAXY NEEDS YOU!
  3. Hi gang, Baboo The Happy Wookiee here. I'm sure a few of you are aware of what teamspeak is and what it does. But for those who would like to learn more, or download it, here is the link.... http://teamspeak.org/ Anywho, I'm currently renting server space for a round-the-clock teamspeak server. Just a small one, 10 users max. But I want to use it mainly for SWG. You are all welcome to come and use it yourself if you like (after you get the client). the IP is... and the anonymous password is... SWGSS (all caps) *** Please note if you try to use a login name with the anonymous password above, you will be denied. You can use a nickname though. if you'd like to register a real account with me, send me an email (peter_adamson@postmaster.co.uk) with the login/password you'd like to use, or maybe you can find my on-line and I could do it on the spot. I hope some of you give it a try. I started using teamspeak a few months ago, and I just don't play any online games without it now. Cheers for now gang.
  4. I think that wookiee armor looks just plain goofy. But what can I do... I've been waiting for armor for 8 months now, I can't say I don't want it. Who should I talk to about getting some wookiee padding when the time comes? Arina? Vega?
  5. that's a bummer man. Baboo could spare you some money, just ask him.
  6. I have some leathery and wooly hide you could have, the wooly sucks though.
  7. This is Baboo, (real name = Pete) Baboo
  8. Thanks for all the help by the way guys.
  9. heh heh... I'm Crank Shaft there
  10. Teaeffoh... ya that sounds about right. I'm at work right now, so I can't go online and see. it's practically the only player city in the eastern regions of Corellia on Valcyn.
  11. I wish I could recall the City Name... it's Teab.. something. All you guys really need to know is the contact names are TBF or Sans, on Corellia on the Valcyn server.
  12. Hey Guys, This is bad timing, as I should have known about this sooner.... but here is the thing. Last Friday when Secaih was rushing around trying to recuit a few more citizens to allow us to obtain a shuttle port, he made a deal with a group on Valcyn that he would exchange citizens with a group there. So far we received 7 citizens from them. Secaih thought he would be able to find enough people on his own to seal the deal, but the only person that has helped him so far is me. Now I know I'm going to catch flak from some people out there, screaming about this dishonest way of padding our citizenship number. So let me just say this. If we can't find just 5 people to spend 10 minutes setting up a character on Valcyn we may lose a shuttle, it's as simple as that. And for those who think doing this in our city only weakens our population with nothing but ghosts of strangers living in some of the houses. That as I found out is completely untrue too. Some of the people I've brought in from other servers are actually more active players on Starsider then some guild members or native Starsider Characters I can think of. People like Aniket, Chasta, and Nemire... I think are really great people, and add a lot to Rorana. So anyways... if you'd be willing to help the cause here, all you have to do is start a character on Valcyn server, go somewhere on Corellia, contact 'tbf' or 'sans', and they'll get you set up. the goal is to get 5 people set up in the next 36 hours. I think we can do this. hope you can help.
  13. Shuttle to Rorana. Need I say more?
  14. Hey Goose, No need to ask, I've been doing this anyway. I've found a lot of noob crafters looking for a community to practise in. One day we'll have a bussling market I think.
  15. Is it an option to ask DS to build Rorana with us? I know very little about them, aside from the fact that we seem to have very strongs ties with them. I'll ask Leemu the next time I see him.
  16. Ya I think Arina was appointed front runner for leader of the militia... I just hope somebody told her.
  17. Baboo has ore and aluminimum for you buddy... even some wooly hide, but I don't know about the rest of it.
  18. flaknugget

    NEw City

    Yup, WE GOT 15 CITIZENS !!!! This mean come the next city rotation we can get small gardens and MISSION TERMINALS!!! However I want to still get more people out there. 15 is great, but if we had 20 our politician will get 2000xp in the first election, which will allow him to get 2 level 1 skills, instead of 1 and a half. So 20 people can be our new goal. And I really believe we can do this. Also about Grask's mount, or anyone else still needing a mount. I am happy to train any 75% grown carrions, kaadu, or dewback people might have, but I don't have the datapad space to be raising more then one at a time myself. I still have a ton of extinct pets I'm not going to give up to make room for a mount training business. If you still need a mount, ask tokalar to make you one, tame it, raise it, and I'll train it for you in a couple of days.
  19. flaknugget

    NEw City

    Ya Corzip came online on Sunday, and he seemed to agree with the move to Rorana. The reason Jo is saying we need 15 people is so we can get a city upgrade in the first rotation. The first rotation happens in 3 days. If we don't get another 5 residents in that time we will be behind on City advancements, and a lot of invaluable politician Xp won't be gained. It isn't going to be easy for many of us to move, but the faster we get in gear, the better it will be for everyone.
  20. flaknugget

    NEw City

    My bad... we have a few more crafters. But I still think it will be easier to build a city to be proud of on Rori, instead of a small-time opporation on Naboo. Everyone will go to all the huge guild towns that are already there. Traffic on Rori is still good though. I have never gone to the Rebel outpost without seeing 20 people there.
  21. flaknugget

    NEw City

    A better question would be, do we really want to compete for traffic on Naboo? And besides how many crafters do we have? Four I think, myself, Vega, Tokalar, and Froobuk. Is that enough to draw anyone away from TIO town to come to us?
  22. flaknugget

    NEw City

    Yup Jo has pretty much explained the situation here. But let me just list why I think this is a good idea for us. I think being at the root of an open city like this is our best chance for making something worth-while. A lot of people seem to think that we need to go it alone and create an -A- only city. But many people don't realize that it takes 85 residents to have a full city. 55 people just to get a shuttle port from what I hear. If we are going to be anykind of recognizable destination, we need to band together with this town and try and recruit like mad to get it up to speed. If anyone knows any other PAs in our neighbourhood being shut out by Trinity, maybe we should consider asking them to settle with us. Also there has been some worry from some that not founding our own hall leaves us powerless in this place, which is completely unfounded. With myself, Jo, and X'ero moving into the neighbourhood the -A- already controls the voting. But I think it is good for us, and the City to have an un-alligned Mayor like we do now. Having such a mayor won't scare away other potential groups or solo individuals looking for a home. The bottom line is we need people which we don't have right now. Secaih has also told me he doesn't want to be mayor forever, but he does want to be the first key Mayor, the guy to unlock gardens for our city and such. Believe me when I say he is a politician with good intentions. The militia by the way will probably end up being all -A- members anyway, so those who seek the power to /kick and /ban get your name in now. What this all means is, even though it's true we are not responsible for founding this particular settlement, it doesn't mean this can't be OUR city. This could even potentially be an all -A- city if we do some mad recruiting. So this is why I think this arrangement is good for us, Mayor Secaih, and the foundation of the city of Rorana. We have an opportunity to be part of something really cool here. And for those of you who don't know, Rorana is located on Rori far to the North-West at -4555 6683. A lot have you have come out and seen it already. And many of you already agree it is an amazing spot for a town. Something to really call out own. I'm sorry for not posting earlier on this subject. This all happened online over the course of Friday and Saturday, it's just been a really crazy couple of days.
  23. I know X'ero, I got one for you too.
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