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  1. yea back again to say hi......hows it going i herd the game completely changed?? i might start playing WOW now that i have a new comp any of you guys play?
  2. yea im still alive lol...i wish i could get back in game, i finally have enough $$ for a good comp but saving up for a car is more important right now thats awesome that you guys still have a lot of fun playing...i remember everybody used to complain about how boring the game was but i also had fun right up until my video card spontaniously combusted. im going to see episode III on wendesday night at midnight...im so psyched corzip....master bounty hunter?!?!?
  3. Whats up guys....just thought i'd pop in and say hi. Hows the game lately?
  4. -=miniSITH=-


    *pokes everyone* *runs away*
  5. Who the heck is the old man? I've been out of this game for too long...... ....if you guys didn't figure it out I'm probably not comming back:(
  6. iwok youn could probably find star wars music on kazaa
  7. *looks for that really old post with all the fanta sokata movies*
  8. Happy Birthday Jan and Arina, Maddox is the greatest:D
  9. Yea I bought my last Video Card for NewEgg (the one i just destroyed in less then a year)
  10. I finally figured out my problem. Last week I had to get a new harddrive (wont go into why). So today I get the new harddrive and I put it in, but when i look at my video card i notice that 3 of those capacitor things were blown up. Grask you told me that this might be my problem but i only looked at the ones on my motherboard and not my video card. So anyway..... Can anyone reccomend a good and inexpensive video card I can use to play SWG?
  11. -=miniSITH=-


    Isn't that thing only a few months old?
  12. Hey If Im back by then Im comming no matter what your guys say
  13. Yea that thing sounds pretty kool. How many peeps are on each team?
  14. Haha I still have no idea what to do
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