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  1. Give Me Some Credits Please:rolleyes:
  2. WHAT IS BETTER? Multiplayer or Singleplayer?
  3. Is that what i was supposed to do? Thanks
  4. IS there anyone out there that knows how to install a mod? I extracted it to the base folder. It was a Darth Vader Model but it said access denied. Is there a website where i can get some help. THanks:atat:
  5. I also have the same problem except i can't even get the mod into my base folder. Can you help? Thanks
  6. Thankyou for your help in this
  7. I don't think i know what your talking about but maybe you can help me? Do you know how to install mods? Can you walk me through it?
  8. It doesn't work. It says access denied. Has yours ever said access denied. Plus how do you extract? Thanks.
  9. I have tried to install a number of mods but it allways says, "access denied". Is there something wrong with my game or am i doing it wrong? Please tell me how to install mod. Thanks.
  10. I try to install the mod but everytime i try to extract the file into the base folder it says "access denied". Please help me!
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