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  1. Where'd you get the pic? It appears that Mêlée, Scabb, and Plunder make up the triangle and Blood, Skull, Monkey, and Dinky are no part of the tri-island area
  2. Which islands make up the triangle? (Mêlée, Booty and Plunder) and all the islands in the triangle or on/near the lines make up the triangle right?
  3. if you look at how Lucasarts has acting lately they'll do anything for money
  4. Actually they can't. The PSP's screen is not touch sensitive. It will also be rather annoying to use a tiny analog stick as a mouse. More companies are supporting the DS
  5. Since the DS has a touch screen and you can use a stylus wouldn't it be cool if LucasArts would port them over from the PC
  6. Have you all given up hope for MI5. We must petition to keep it alive
  7. Well the way it seems is that mi5 won't be released, but I'm not willing to give up the series
  8. SO its true. Yay!!! DoTT was the first SCUMM game I ever played. I still have the disc, but whenever I play it I cry or feel like crying First this then MI, and now DigiMon everything I get interested in dies
  9. Would you have a funeral for the MI series if Lucas decides not to release MI5.
  10. I was searching Maniac Mansion 3 on Google and I found a whole lot of Spanish and French sites saying "Rise of the Tentacles"
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