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  1. I really liked Unbreakable, enough to buy the DVD - though I've only watched it like once since. But then a movie doesn't have to be Oscar-material for me to buy the DVD, at least during the days when my budget was a little more disposable. Mostly, I like the inclusion of comic book mythology - even though the build-up was pretty much predictable.
  2. *slowly puts twifkak back together, but his heads still not on straight* Look forward to the interview!
  3. Big shocker: I went into Software, Etc. couple days ago and saw two (2) copies of Runaway - after having talked to the manager a couple days before who stated "yeah, we're not gonna get that". I should know by now not to trust quick answers - willing suspension of ineptitude and all.
  4. Here's a quote from Gamespot's extensive, and highly favorable preview of Hit and Run:
  5. You mean you're not from Cambridge, Mass? Because I could've sworn...
  6. "I'm sorry sir, I stabbed you five times more than the evisceration limit allows, next time I'll try to monitor my mayhem." I subsequently agree that kids should be shielded from violence during the impressionable years until they are of an age to make a decision for themseves; this age should be dictated by the parents who best know the mental maturity of their offspring and not any legal limit. The entire problem is we have so many parents running around who are still mentally kids, thus creating situations where games like GTA get a lot of bad press because Jimmy had it in his closet collection and is sharing his mission details with all his friends. His parents are so checked-out they wouldn't even recognize the interior of his room. GTA is hella fun - not for kids, not for those offended by violence; but it shouldn't be singled out for ridicule. 91/2 weeks was about as much an erotic paradigm for movies as GTA is a standard for future video-game violence; which is to say not at all.
  7. I think concept art is great, but I also think cover art should be indicative of what you can expect when you install the game.
  8. Dom and Twif - I'm not talking about offering advice and help to someone who's second language is english, and who's working on improving their grasp. I am merely talking about when someone expresses a thought, and their meaning is obvious - yet the words they use to arrive at that meaning are not what you would have chosen - or it's ::shudder:: a base disregard of proper grammer - that it should even be an issue. I don't think this forum is the place for that - but hey that's just me, feel free to unashamedly correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Personally, I think it's rather plebeian to correct someone’s grammar. It’s more like a public announcement that you are learned and superior and they are not. Quite the difference between constructive criticisms which a published article might elicit, rather than a forum comment - which is similar to a verbal remark. No one likes the person who, in the midst of your statement, will interrupt and state "That's Jerry and I, not me and Jerry", and elucidate the finer points of grammatical formulae.
  10. Ultimately the side of the coin I'm interested in is the one that's face up when I plunked my hard-earned cash down on this game, and then took it back after logging a mere 2 hours of gameplay only to get 16.00 trade-in credit on a 54.00 purchase. Ouch. My new mantra is "Rent, not spent"!!
  11. I just want to express how extremely stupid I think it is that Software Etc./Babbages (Gamestop.com) is not carrying Runaway in their stores when RHEM is sitting forlornly on the shelf waiting for two or three price reductions. Sure you can get it on the website, but I don't want to be forced to order something when I should be able to get it hands-on. I talked to the manager of the store and he stated they didn't consider it a credible title. Argh! Any thoughts?
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