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  1. Congrats to you all! Glad to see the modding never stops!
  2. Vader never had his training fully completed by Palpatine because palps wanted to hold onto power for as long as possible. On top of that, you have to have conduits of living tissue to be able to use force lightning. So Vader is screwed on two fronts. In MOTS, you could play as Vader in multilayer and outfit him with force lightning. Sure it didn't really fit into "reality," but it was still fun.
  3. I liked the voice over for Vader in TIE Fighter personally.
  4. I think it lends itself to the way the apprentice character is supposed to act. He is a human weapon, and the behind lightsaber pose looks more aggressive. The traditional jedi stance makes for easier defense.
  5. Just got a new gaming computer myself, might have to install XWA again and give it another play through. Despite the graphics and the mutiplayer capability, I keep going back to TIE Fighter instead of XWA.
  6. I agree, a sequel should have the added features of more diplomatic options and the like. More elements from Rebellion couldn't be bad, because of the excellent RTS components already present in the game that would be suitable for the tactical layer.
  7. I've heard about both of these problems way back when. Install the patch and you should be good to go!
  8. And if you want to see what other members have done with the mod tools, just download a couple of them from the site!
  9. I'm in my fourth and final year for my history/secondary ed double major. Soon they'll let me interact with children without the observers/guards!
  10. Sceltor, been just a wee little while since last time I saw you around here. Enjoy your vacation, by which time you're probobly back from already.
  11. Whenever I play, it Red Squad has always shown up the first or second planet I hit.
  12. If it is in, it is bound to have some sort of offensive capability. Perhaps along the lines of the interdictor, more for its special abilities than survival in ship to ship combat. I mean, in Dark Forces there had to be a reason the Executor kept protecting the thing all the time!
  13. Welcome true believer! What? I totally just made that up off the top of my head! And by made up, I mean stolen:D Hope you stick around for the expansion.
  14. Devs are coming to change the way they handle online play for RTS games. Take a look at Relic, who broke down and created their own matchmaking service for Company of Heroes and soon Warhammer. I also think part of the reason for a "small" number of players is the fact that this game, for the conquest mode anyway, is much more in depth than your standard game and takes longer to play. If you were just skirmishing, then not so much.
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