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  1. We have another eeevil RAJ-contest over at Deltér Adventures. Come over and join us and win the great game Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
  2. I really liked Gilbert Goodmate and I absolutely loved Stupid Invaders The worst adventure I have played must be the French game Isabelle. Never finished it though, maybe it got better further into the game?
  3. Hey SAR Up to the left there is a "This Page in English" link ...and in the forum there is a category called "In English Please"
  4. Go over to Deltér Adventures to win your own copy of Toonstruck! But be quick, the first one to post the right answer is the winner!
  5. Decibello and firefoot! The complete English version has been released here in Sweden! It is English speech, English subtitles, manual and box. I think the same goes for the other Nordic countries too (that is Norway and Denmark at least.)
  6. Hey Minnie Maybe so... The site is doing well, thank you, and so am I. You have to come by, it was a loong time since we heard from you... and we could really use a antithesis to Raj ...Sara
  7. Oh my God! I am in shock. I misspelled a word. I promise you that it will never happen again I am glad to hear that you find Swedish understandable. But I also hope that those of you that doesn't understand Swedish quite so well have found the "this page in English" link on the first page.
  8. We have a new, not so evil, contest over at Deltér Adventures. The price is Discworld 2 - Missing, Presumed...?! Welcome!
  9. I've just translated my review of Ico into English - come over and have a look! ...and don't miss the last chance to participate in out "We-love-Raj-Contest" in wich you can win Full Throttle
  10. It was released here in Sweden a while ago. I installed it yesterday just to check if everything was working. The game is in English, with English subtitles. The box and manuals are also in English. ...and it looks GOOD!!! :D
  11. Right now we are holding a We-love-Raj-contest at Deltér Adventures. You can win a copy of Full Throttle! Go to the main page at Deltér Adventures and follow the link to the contest
  12. I figured that it would make an interesting read. I always think it is interesting with people who doesn't agree with everyone all the time. But, then again Marks gave the Neverhood 10 out of 10, so he is not just trying to be different, he actually thinks that Simon 3D deserves an 8. It is interesting to read how he motivates that despite all the technical glitches
  13. We have a new reviewer at Deltér Adventures His name is Marks and he actually gave Simon the Sorcerer 3D the grade 8 out of 10 possible! Guess what grade he gave The Neverhood? And, again... I am sorry, his reviews are in Swedish only (at the moment) ...Sara
  14. I just finished Ico! Wow what a game. When I got used to the controls and mastered (well almost) the running, climbing and jumping I got obsessed. I loved the ending Thank you, those whos posts persuaded me to buy the game and also to continue when I felt I wasn't able to control the game (Homoludens, Homoludens, Homoludens....), it was absolutely worth it ...Sara
  15. Thank you! That was the kind of reaction I wanted. Sorry about this, but I just wanted to exaggerate to get some sort of reaction. What I wrote was , just as you said Homoludens, my thoughts when I just started the game. I didn't get the controls properly and I couldn't climb the chains or run around without falling down and dying all the time. After playing a while I really grew to love Ico. It's a wonderful game and it has changed my views on how a "proper game should be". I know that I always have been kind of traditional in my gaming habits, but I think that this is going to change now. I am not sure how far I have gotten into the game but I have lit one reflector. I hope there is much of the game left. Othervise I just have to look forward to the sequel. Sorry again, I couldn't help myself ...Sara
  16. I am not sure if anyone already have posted about this game. It's a Myst-like game that is under developement by Ilios Productions. They have a temporary website here: http://www.roweneil.freeserve.co.uk/evolution.htm Planned release is in 2004. What do you think?
  17. Revistronic has released a (non playable) demo of The Westerner. You can download it at the Spanish (?) adventure site Aventura y CIA: http://www.aventuraycia.com/ I can't get the demo to play, but I always seems to have that problem. Maybe someone can tell me if it is worth trying again?!
  18. I am not quite sure what I expected when I started playing Ico. One thing I know is that I didn't expext it to be a platformer game. It is very beautiful and to some degree addictive, but the game is all about jumping, running, fighting and climbing (and pulling a few levers). You don't really have to use your brain. Some of you probably disagree. I would really like to know your views on this game.
  19. It was released in Sweden last week! It is avaliable at http://www.ginza.se Love this "smiley" ...Sara
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