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  1. I doubt we will see another Jedi Knight game. JA fell little short compared to JK2, so unless we have so sort fan letter writting campaign, JK3 doesn't seem all that likely.
  2. First off all, let me say I disaprove of your use a certain 3 letter word (or as you wrote it with 4), as it is used in a derogatory way. On topic, I was just giving an overblown example, I understand the difference between fan fic and published books, but it still falls into kind of the same catagorie. As for Boba Fett, hell yea I'm one of a bazillion people who think he shouldn't have died in the movies, and I relish the use of him in the EU. The other character killed off in the EU that ticks me off is...SPOILER ALERT Chewie. I liked most of the EU, particualrily the Mandolorian armor series and the forementioned SOE, but I really don't like the "25 years after the Battle of Endor" kind of books. Killing my favorite characters is wrong!
  3. Only what appears on screen is considered "canon". Canon means correct continuity. Anything in the expanded universe, although it may be cool, is only fiction as far as the franchise is conserned. For example: here's a little story... Bossk had had a hard day at work. Bossk was clinicaly depressed lately, so he was having a lot of trouble at work. One particularily gloomy day, Bossk went to pick up his dry cleaning, only to dicover that blood from one of his prey had been baked into the suit by the dry cleaner. Bossk payed what he owed, climbed in his car, and drove home to his wife Korrsk, who nagged him for an hour over the ruined suit. Bossk cried himself to sleep that night. There, I wrote a story in the expanded universe, but guess what? It doesn't count because the EU doesn't really exist. Plus, alot of EU stories end up contredicting the prequels nowadays. All the EU really is is fan fiction, albeit well written fan fic. Don't get me wrong, I love the EU, but it never happened:dtrooper:
  4. Except mabye Darth Vader and Bob Fett whom both have 4 models apiece.
  5. If you're looking for a good snapshot of a Maurauder, you could always get one of the maurauder model from SW Galaxies.
  6. Well if you do want to join rebels, there's a rebel mission terminal in New Aldera on Tatooine. The missions are all shooting Wookie brawlers and killing gamblers. You'll have 200 factionspoints in no time. As for recruiting, like previously said, go to the rebel base on Corellia. Wedge, Leia, R2 D2 and C-3P0 are there too!
  7. Looks great, reminds me of the wookie team skins from JK2
  8. Mabye that's how she lost her saber on Taris lol
  9. As long as your at it, could you make the hutt into a MD3 model? It would great in a map
  10. Works amazing, great choice of taunts too! I pited Bastila up against Malak and it looks beautifu:p
  11. Pcgamemods is up and running now anywya
  12. I'd like to see master Vandar and a bunch of the generic jedi. Also, a variations in clothes for the models you release (Ie: canderous in normal clothes, armor, mandalorians attire)
  13. My god! How could you not do good old Hk-47? I'd love to run around and call people meatbags
  14. That's true, I can't argue agains that. I'd just like to point out that the Hitman model has essentialy the same copywrite, and isn't even from the same publisher.
  15. Meh, I'm not payed to be funny:p As for the model, I wouldn't really worry about any legal implecations. Your not A)Claiming to have made it B)Profiting from it C)Stealing any buisness. Since Bioware left it in lucasarts hands, I think you got a green light since their on good terms with the modding community.
  16. The biggest overstatement of the year I heard was "George Lucas knows what he's doing when it comes to prequels."
  17. Well, it's not liek conversion have never been done before. After all, the Hitman model is ripped right fromt he game and put in JA so I wouldnt worry about any legal flak.
  18. I don't like where this is going...Duncan will post updates when there are some. While you wait, go play with the beta, it's fun!
  19. With a little skinning, they would look like KISS lol
  20. Looks amazing, reminds me of what hapslash is doing with the dooku model. One thing though, there's a pretty heavy ridge running thru the middle of his face. "Oldbedhead" lol
  21. I had fun with the atat, the only thing taht bothered me is that the guns are so far away from the camera that you cant hear them when your shooting.
  22. Methos007

    WIP: Mario

    I agree with tfighterpilot (even about gothicx lol), although it isnt a cell shaded model per say, it deffinetly shares the important characteristics. And YES, windwaker is cell shaded. If everything that had black outlines was cell shaded, the snowspeeders and the rancor from the movies would be cell shaded!
  23. lmao this is awesome, it reminds me of the clone wars tc models
  24. Methos007

    WIP: Mario

    Congrats, but why havent you put it up on other sites? ( A la pcgamemods?)
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