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  1. Just thought I would drop in and say hi. Saw onthe SWG forums ya'll were recruiting and have a new city. I just wanted to wish ya'll the best of luck with everythign and see how the game was treating ya'll. I still see Corzip fairly often when I'm traveling through Kor Vella on my way to Yavin 4 or Dath. Also saw Grask last week or so in Trinity CIty he joined a group of us hunting fambaa. Anyway just wanted to say hi
  2. If you become a wookie you cannoty wear armor at all so that is something to think about. Plus if you are not gonna have anything to do with Crewature Handling then I would not suggest going wookie. I would think of going Zabrak they are not human but they do not have a penalty for being an imp. Also you get equilibrium and they are a solid for any type of character
  3. Yes I am a member of Trinity and have been for a while I never posted here that I was leaving this PA but let some of the leaders kow and just kinda silently slipped away. I still am friends with all the people I knew in this Pa and talk to corzip farily often my path in this game jsut went down a different road than the one that the Affiliates was going down.
  4. Hello all long time no talk. I know and understand that all of you are upset with Trinity and lots of you probably personally hate me. I am posting to answer as many questions as possible and try and let you all know what happen. We originally had a city across the lake from Kaadara. It was great and we loved it however; becasue we had a rebel base in opur city several imperial PA's set up griefing houses and ahrvestors throughout our city and even after our rebel base got destroyed they remained. We did not want to start a Player city that was full of this trash so we wen tlooking ofr a new site. We picked out two 1 was the one you guys mentioned in another thread that is like 1700m from TIO but having the largest imperial PA and the largest rebel PA cities that close to each other did not make any sense at all. The other was where we built. I did post in the forum that dealt with the thread about our new site that we were building near the Affiliates and that one of the leaders should talk to Corzip before this happen. No one apparently did and I am sorry for that, this is not typical behavior for our PA and I do apologize. Corzip contacted me onF riday, the day that Player cities went live, I got him in contact with our President Verra'ven, she tried to help himout as much as possible and explain things to him and we gave or tried not sure on this a City Hall to help him out. I am sorry for all the issues and drama this is causing if you jsut want to yell at me or ignore me so be it. If you have any questions post themhere or send me an in game tell or email.
  5. We aren't gonna debate this again about the PA status please. By the way Grask you cannot redeem the base once they are put down so sorry cannot use the threat I'm gonna take away the base :
  6. Ok well sad to say that the Ackbar I found is not the real Ackbar. What I mean is due to a coding error Ackbar shows up on dathomir after you do those other quests I talked about. After I had logged out from doing those three missions and then logged in the next day he was gone. Hopefully I did not screw myself over by doing 3 missions from him but oh well. So for all of you you cannot go any further in the Rebel Theme Park tha Han on Lok. Lt. Lance and Ackbar are MIA till the devs fix this
  7. X'ero I am so proud that you have become a good fighter. I remember the days when I would have to come save you cause mobs like meatlumps and ragtag kooks were kicking your butt and the only safety you had was to jump into the river I wish I could get a two handed sword and use it. Sigh just not enough skill points but I am working on a Master Two Handed weapons on another server along with my Master TKA and Master Combat Medic on other servers. Too bad I cannot put them all on one server and switch off between them.
  8. Ok since I ws bored and I didn't feel like PvP or FP grinding today I went to Dathomir and found Ackbar. He is at -6076 305 this is really far out there right next to the Imperial Prison. I would suggest flying into the science outpsot and cloning there cause thus far the 3 missions I have done all three have been right near the Science outpost so if you want you can get the missions and die then clone in the Science outpost and not have to run all the way there and all the way back. Thus far the first three missions are 1) Kill 3 stormtroopers 2) Kill a BH (very easy kill) 3) Delivery mission Also before I found Ackbar I did these 3 missions for this crazy weird guy who is in the Imperial Prison in the prisoner section in a building not sure on coords but he is the only guy you can talk to minus in the main building. He has the three hardest solo quests in game that I have found 1) Kill a nighsister Rancor Tamer 2) Kill a dark Jedi Knight 3) Kill a dark Jedi Master For the second and third there are also high lvl nighsisters hanging around them too. I did all three of these by my self I might add and got absolutely zero for it. But if you want a challenge then here you go.
  9. Yes you make more faction points in groups cause you can do more missions kill more imps and blow up more bases so you get more faction points. Grask I will come help you soon I'm currently on Dathomir with Ackbar but I will be done with him soon and I've also been bsuy with the merc business but I will be back to help you especially since all of this hubub got started by me and my post
  10. Yopu forgot to add that Detached HQ's have cloning facilities in them too.
  11. Send me a tell in game if you need any help or advice Master Jo
  12. Ok let me rephrase what I daid about the PA going rebel, I love the fact that this PA is neutral it is great and that is what people want. IF we wanted to go rebel then this HQ would be a big way to announce our prescence as a rebel PA but if we keep it a secret it will workout well and keep us neutral. i personally love the PvP part of the game so I hook up with a lot of other PA's and people and do raids etc. If you want this to stay silent then member only forums need to be started. Heck I think memebr only forums should be started anyway. We can have a public forum for people to discuss stuff and then a member only forum for members to talk about more sensitive stuff. This big HQ will help out everyone, Ihave no idea if covert imps can go in it or not I just don't know.
  13. For all those that want to help grask excellent it will help him greatly he especially needs anyone to help him that has healing skills since he has none. Today we were able to do about 10 missions or so though I think he will say I hogged a few too many of the kills but that is what happens when you cando up to 2k damage on a shot. I think he is going to be doing most of the grinding out of the Rebel base on Rori. Others can help by getting their FP raised and gaining rank so that you can purchase turrets and other things we will need to be able to defend this base
  14. Deathstalker

    Rebel HQ

    Ok I assume everyone got the ingame email from grask if not here is hte idea of it. Grask and Bogey thought it would be cool to get a rebel faction HQ and since smugglers get a 25% bonus to get it Grask would be the oen to get it. A rebel HQ cost 60k FP to get so it would take grask a long time to get one. Basically I talked to grask today and helped lay out the foundation on what he needs to do in order to get this HQ cause I have a friend working on it right now for her PA. If the PA decides this is something that they want well it means basically that we are going to become a rebel PA. You cannot have a rebel PA and have imps in your PA just won't work. People can still be neutral but a large % need to be rebel. THis HQ will take a long time a month + of seriuos grinding by graske very day to get so there is plenty of time to discuss this. Feed back is very important here.
  15. To get trapping xp trap snorbel's on lok
  16. Ihave changd my skills a little bit now have BH 4 in pistol 4/0/4/0 in pistoleer now 3/2/0/0 in CH and picked up novice medic. I cracked the 1 million credit mark butnow am back down to 920k or so. so all I have left is to get married
  17. Well now I am going to work on my faction points. I am currently a lowly sergeant in the rebel military I would run FP missions for a bit and start hanging out in moenia or anchorhead a lot to do raids on imps. I will also be hanging out in cantina's and trying to get married ingame. Besides that not much as of right now gonna have to wait for the vehicle expansion. I'm also gonna crackt he 1 million credit mark I've gto 850k need only 150k more.
  18. I now have 0 skill points. I hae Bounty Hunter pistol 4 Pistoleer 4/2/4/2 which means master tactics and stance and grip and adv marksmenship and special abilities. I also have CH taming and training 2 and of course master marksmen and master scout If anyone needs any skills taught to them jsut let me know
  19. Take care my friend and still lookme up in game I'll be off killing our 10k HAM marks on Bounty Hunter missions:)
  20. Finally I have been able to get ont he forum sorry I missed teh dathomir hunt Keldor told me ingame after it was already going on I will try and be there for this one though.
  21. There is already a PA with A so unless -A- changes it then we cannot have this sorry to burst this bubble possibly
  22. i would love a set in black but what are the resistance stats on it??
  23. Don't worry setsuko I know who you are and I kill plenty of things don't worry about that And as far as pet growth goes you never had to be online before to have them grow but it may be part of the patch etc etc
  24. Yeah i had been reading about the nerf knockdown oh well, they also made my Plains hunter (cat from naboo) orange at least I can see his stats now but he is orange...also all my animals have higher HAM and damge now why is that and how come my two baby pets still are not full grown I've been a way a week and they have grown like 2 days worth
  25. Hi all sorry I've been gone for a week, but my computer got a pair of real nasty viruses, seems to be happening to everyone I know, and my computer was at Best Buy for like a week cause they were so backed up. I'm not gonna make the opening ceremony tonight because all the patches are taking forever to download I've been at it for over an hour and still have another hour to go. I haven't read all the threads but Neoc I would love to help you out with security. My character that was once ahead of most of the rest of the fighting characters in the this PA is probably behind now, if anyone can tell me any new places they have found to get XP that would be great. Also if there is anything important I need to know please post it here my eye's hurt since I've been trying to read all the posts on this forum and on the official forum. I'm never leaving for a week again even if it means stealing a computer
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