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  1. Stumbled upon this... ...i THINK Rhett and other Ring lovers will find this solid gold... http://fun.drno.de/pics/english/LOTR.gif
  2. I'm feeling nice today, so here's a more fluent first hand translation by me: AoE 3, Zoo Tycoon 2 and Combat Flight Sim 4 'revealed' Posted by Erwin Bergervoet - tuesday january 20 2004 - Source: Tiscali The Cschech firm that is responsible for the distribution of Microsoft games in this country has 'accidentally' listed a few unannounced titles from this publisher in it's releaseschedule. It concerns the PC titles Age of Empires 3, Zoo Tycoon 2 and Combat Flight Simulator 4. The last two will release in the third quarter of this year. As for Age of Empires 3, the current expectation is 'prosinec 2004', which probably means 'somewhere in 2004'. As to how far these games are in development and if the releasedates are genuine is unknown. There could always still be Vodka at play here. You never know with those Cschech people.
  3. i like what they did there, providing it's real. and before you start shouting blasphemy; i actually grew up on the OT. Went to see Empire as it came out (wasn't interested in movies when Star Wars debuted).. i always thought those little things would keep you from actually connecting the two trilogies in one take. Now i disagree, thanks to these little changes. Look at the Emperor as he lifts his chin in Jedi; you'll find that he looks quite like this image. The dialogue is described as 'nothing earth shattering', so don't hold your breath for a Death Star 2 mention.
  4. Without making this an instant discussion about christianity per se or the whole discussion surrounded the movie The Passion (i know, i know..hard to avoid..), i just wanted to hear from those who've seen it. I'm going to a press screening here tomorrow morning (it opens here in the Netherlands april 1st)..
  5. folks, welcome to the wonderful world of merchandising. Of course a 6-DVD box will happen in the future. Heck, I'd even bet it will be 8 or even 10 discs then. It's all about making you buy multiple versions of something you only need once. As for the pix; they are confirmed to be test versions. As such, I'd put my money on the Imperial one any time.
  6. Most games get a patch, maybe two; especially those with an online gaming community. Depending on the success of Battlefront, I would guess we can expect at least one expansion pack, two patches and some downloadable maps to enhance / encourage online play. It worked wonders for Battlefield; people are still crowding the servers of the original game, due to lots of support, patches (about 5 already; all enhancing the experience) and numerous downloadable maps. The latest version of Battlefied included a map-editor; about 14 months after it's release ! That all goes to show how faith in the longevity of a game can make or break it..
  7. Blatantly obvious commercial aspects aside (whew, great sentence !), Lucasfilm has commented that the choice for the SE was made out of 'artistic freedom'. In short: it's George's show, and he'll release it as he sees fit. Come on, you saw that coming.. George Lucas has always done things not quite the way Hollywood's used to doing things.
  8. This has given me another forum-inspiring-fun idea !! Who among you is a fair cartoon-artist and can make pencilled versions in avatar-form of those forummers who wish to have that done ?
  9. sounds like that's the way they'll include the 'hero-characters' in the game (Vader, Luke, etc.). It's the only way you can fight alongside them without everyone wanting that player's spot.
  10. Battlefield can support up to 64 people online, for the record... Even though you almost always have loads of lag, it still is a memorable experience. In the right hands, 32 players can make enough of a ruckus online as well. It all depends on how fast you can get to the action. Judging from the vehicles in Battlefront (speeder bikes, the likes) that will not be a problem.. And yes, Lukeiamyourdad, I'm in full swing for that.... Four months and counting !
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if.... (possible Ep. III spoiler below; don't scroll down if you want to keep spoiler-free) ....that 'guaranteed Episode 3 content' turns out to be the battle of Kashyyyk, complete with Wookiees.
  12. Battlefield 1942 has dominated my gaming hours for the past one and a half year and is still going strong. I personally welcome all attempts to bring Star Wars to this type of game-engine. The tricky part is to make it as appealing as BF1942, meaning you need fast flowing gameplay, skill-based moves and tactics and an arcade-feel. Translated to Star Wars, that means all-out jungle warfare on Endor (admit it; you'd love to be a Rebel soldier during that battle, feeling part of a hugh broader war), defending Hoth (if choreographed well, it can be the ultimate SW-experience) or admiring the sights on Bespin. The potential is there, but i believe players should get the feel they're being a part of a grander battle instead of simply having a flag to go for with Star Wars-skins slapped on an engine. My two cents; i'll definitely be following progress on both Battlefront and the mod to see which one succeeds better at above description.
  13. Trust me, it doesn't come any stranger than Holland. Or deranged, for that matter. And I know what I'm talking about; I've spent the last two years in total disbelief taking in all the domestic news.
  14. the way i read it, the programs work. Before they were able to use anything, they were caught.
  15. I must say i'm getting RMC by all these UA's. There's gotta be some WD's somewhere where i can learn ASAP what i need about WGTI.
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