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  1. usually when a filling falls out, it means the tooth below the filling is decayed. Given that you're in pain, sounds like that is the case. If your tooth is decaying, it is not the dentist's fault, it is yours.
  2. This has been a crazy but overall good year. Finished all my requirements for dental school, including NBDE II exam, WREB exam, clinical requirements, etc.; graduated from dental school; got an excellent job in Vermont; moved my family across the country; enjoyed a white Christmas; and knocked up the wife again. This past year saw the arrival of such material things as a new/used car, an iPad 3, and most recently, a Bose WaveRadio III with a bluetooth connector. Looking forward to a new year filled with lots of dentistry, a new baby, some time to travel and visit family and friends, and of course, all you degenerates.
  3. still get goosebumps at the part after "meet the new boss..", even in that setting. I almost got to see them live, but couldn't make it even after i had bought the tickets. Their performance in the Concert for New York after 9/11 was just amazing, even on TV. ditto.
  4. yes, 4 kids (daughters) and another as yet unknown 5th on the way.
  5. after a week in an RV with my wife, 4 children, mother-in-law, a cat and a dog, I am finally now in my new home town of Rutland, VT, and I just finished my first real day of work as a dentist. Tomorrow my stuff arrives at the house. more fun!
  6. Although we had our graduation ceremony in May, I did not complete my requirements until last week. I am now officially graduated and can accurately claim to be a doctor.
  7. What has two thumbs and is now officially a dentist? you'll never guess.
  8. i have done too many extractions on teeth that have come out in several pieces. Sometimes we have to cut the tooth in two or more pieces with a drill to facilitate taking them out. Had two patients today that needed their teeth sectioned before I could get them out.
  9. Trust me, I'm a doctor. Plus we have a hygiene program with 40+ (mostly) young females per year and I know a bunch of them. They are just being friendly. Besides, it is probably unethical to date a patient. I know it is for dentists, but it is probably the same for hygienists. For your sake I hope I am wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.
  10. if you were drinking Bud, Coors or Miller, then it was water.
  11. upgrade was a success! according to windows, my hard drive is now the slowest part of my system.
  12. The main reason I stick with them is I feel like I would have to learn a new language if I switch to Intel. Plus they are cheaper. I've been using AMD since the original Athlon came out, and this will be the 4th AMD based system I have assembled. I think I have used all MSI mobos as well. First one was in '99 I think, Athlon 700 MHz (!!) Slot A the next was an Athlon 64 Socket A next was Athlon 2 X2 (I think) Socket AM2 This one is an A6 socket FM1
  13. hoping that the $300 I just spent on newegg will fix my non-booting desktop. I suspect it was the mobo since it wouldn't even POST. Bought a cpu, mobo and 16gb ram. Hoping that I can just hook up my old stuff and eke out a bit more life until I can do a full build from scratch.
  14. Did I ever mention that over 40% of my dental class is Asian, with the bulk of those being Korean?
  15. I have never learned how to put a crown on an extracted tooth Are you getting an implant at the extraction site?
  16. just signed and mailed the contract, will be moving to Vermont this summer to be a tooth doctor!
  17. tomorrow i am flying to Vermont for a job interview on Monday. Company is picking up the tab for the whole trip. sweet!
  18. ugh, TFN. bad memories. I can't believe this is my first post of the new year. I have been away too long. and too busy. R15, why don't you try putting your extra money into savings or a retirement account?
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