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  1. Oh wow, how in the world did I remember my old crappy password? Only took a few times to try. That Archive belongs to a museum! 2,7 million posts, whoa!
  2. Couldn't choose one so I give my vote to Dreamfall Chapters, Grim Fandango remastered and Broken Age. The top three of this year. True though that GF is originally a 17 years old game, Dreamfall Chapters still has one episode incoming next year and Broken Age's first part was already released last year.
  3. Website has opened! Woohoo! http://dott.doublefine.com/
  4. https://www.facebook.com/events/1498134577153314/ http://www.dayofthedevs.com/ They will show Day of the Tentacle Special Edition for the first time in this event! Shame I live in Europe, no way of going to this event. Hopefully they will release some material to outside of US living fans as well after the event is done.
  5. It will seriously blow my mind if The Dig makes a glorious return especially in a remastered format by Brian Moriarty and his original vision. I hope the rumour is true.
  6. This will be the big great news for 2014 if they really have got a deal with Disney. Night Dive is one of the most important companies right now in the business, preserving old games and getting those back to the spotlight that the games belong to.
  7. Biggest bummer was the closing of Lucasarts, although that company has been just a shadow if it's former glory after Grim Fandango was released. They could've just closed it in 1999 already... Other shameful act of the year was the crapping all over redesign of Telltale's website which lead to them of totally destroying their store. Also the forums are not functional anymore.
  8. If they completely disregard or kill off Shia LeBouf's Mutt Williams character, then I'm ok with it. Also stop using the stupid cgi like in the fourth one. Computer graphics is not bad if it's used with common sense.
  9. I heard that the game has been now 50% translated by fans and there's supposedly a first patch out there. I would like to give those guys a medal if it really works.
  10. Oh man, so many new awesome shirt that Scott Weston / alsnow has made since I last checked these almost a year ago. Really shame he doesn't visit us more here to tell moreabout this stuff. Point&Click Heroes: http://www.redbubble.com/people/scoweston/works/10025346-point-and-click?c=210574-video-game-t-shirts&p=t-shirt Day At the Mansion, in color: http://www.redbubble.com/people/scoweston/works/9238857-day-at-the-mansion-in-colour?c=210574-video-game-t-shirts&p=t-shirt Goggalor, from Psychonauts: http://www.redbubble.com/people/scoweston/works/9152372-goggalor
  11. Yeah, I haven't really seen any translation projects coming to more finalized build. It really sucks that Capcom never made the western version of this and now they surely never will when they fired the executive who was trying his best to localize a lot of golden game releases from Japan.
  12. It's cool that this game is being made also to Wii U. Nintendo's machine sure needs some games still. Interesting project that pushed through the budget goal right at the end.
  13. I hope site comes up at some point. Mojo is missed!
  14. Seems that only today there's a new DotT design out there in Shirtpunch, shame it doesn't look that great to me. I'd really like it if someone would create more stylish shirt designs of old Lucasarts games.
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