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  1. Are you starting the game from the "Safe Mode" launcher? "Safe Mode" will not save video preferences for JO. At least, that's how it is for me.
  2. With Lucasart's announcement that some games like Empire at War are being delayed so as not to flood the market with Star Wars games, I think we're in for another dry spell like razorace said. They might make a new JK game in the future, or they might not. I don't think anyone really knows at this point.
  3. Well, this is disturbing news. I hope this doesn't turn into a "slippery slope" for censoring gaming. Today, GTA. Tomorrow...the Sims?! I mean c'mon, it wasn't even included in the game, hidden or otherwise. EA (or any other PC game developer) has no control over what others do to modify their games. Besides, nobody's forcing people who own the Sims 2 to download the skins and make them watch their Sims having uncensored sex. I hope this doesn't mean the death of legal game modding as we know it. That said, I think Jack Thompson may have bitten off more than he can chew. The Sims series is wildly popular even among those who aren't gamers. It might cause a heck of a backlash, one strong enough to cause these types of things to die down.
  4. Well, if you're looking for helpful tips and strategies for JO, I highly recommend checking out Kurgan's excellent Outcast Strategy website. It has plenty of information for anyone aspiring to improve their skills.
  5. Anakin's not the only one... Now I know why Anakin truly turned to the dark side: he was making sure his cuckoldry was guaranteed the safety! It makes so much sense now...
  6. In a way, I'm not surprised at this latest development in the whole "Hot Coffee" incident. The edgy, controversial tone and widespread popularity of the Grand Theft Auto series have caused the series to be targeted in the past by politicians and special interest groups numerous times. Though I disagree with claims that Rockstar's games and gaming as a whole are the cause of youth violence and "moral degradation," I have to admit that Rockstar practically asked for this latest development. They were the ones who designed the sex mini-game in the first place, after all. Even though it was never officially included in the game, the data is still there nonetheless. I'm sure they were also well aware that there are mod communities for practically every PC game out there (as well as folks who illegally tamper with consoles) who literally volunteer their own spare time to unearth such secrets. They are also undoubtedly well aware of their infamy amongst certain politicians and interest groups, who waste no opportunity to demonize their games. Even though I think it's unfortunate that this incident has grown to the magnitude that it is today, I have to say that Rockstar was simply looking for trouble this time around. That said, however, I am annoyed (though not particularly surprised) at the latent hypocrisy in all of this. San Andreas is not the only recent game that contains scenes of nudity. God of War (which was rated "M") contains nudity, and you don't even have to play The Guy Game (again, rated "M") to realize that it's all about naked women. Yet those games slipped under the radar, with only scattered protests that fell on deaf ears. Just one little mini-game that wasn't even meant to be played though, and San Andreas gets the "AO" rating slapped on it. If the ESRB is concerned about nudity, why haven't God of War and The Guy Game been given "AO" ratings as well? It ticks me off that gaming always seems to get the most negative publicity for things like this and all the blame for the latest Columbine or other socially/morally unacceptable act. Gaming is but one facet of a vast entertainment market, with practially every facet of it containing similar amounts of violent or sexually oriented material. Radio stations play rap tunes with lyrics about humping ho's and b*tches and capping folks, but no one seems to complain. Kids can go to "R" rated movies as long as an adult comes along, but no one seems to complain. The internet is the largest provider of porn and smut, but no one seems to complain. Parents have a big role to play as well. One time when I was buying a used game at GameStop, a mother came in looking for an Xbox game for her kids. Without really thinking about it, I recommended Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30. When an employee at the counter asked her how old her children were, she told him that they were five to seven years old. Upon hearing that, both I and the employee tried fervently to persuade her to buy a more family-friendly game, telling her that Brothers in Arms contains intense violence and strong language (one of the few games where the "f-word" is used liberally without censoring). She decided to go with Brothers in Arms anyway, despite our best efforts to politely dissuade her. Indeed, it seemed that our arguments that it might be too mature for children actually helped her decide on buying it. I've been more cautious in my game recommendations after that particular incident. She isn't the only parent, either. In my latest issue of Game Informer, it stated that over half of parents in a European study of video games say they don't care what games their kids buy, even if they might not like its content. Now I'm not saying that games should be regulated in sales to minors by rating, but I would like a little more common sense to be used. Every child is different, and different kids can handle potentially violent/sexual or disturbing scenes at different ages. It should be up the parent to know what their child can handle as well as the child knowing their own limitations. I guess what I'm trying to say is that gaming is too often the scapegoat. There are so many factors to take into account that one simply cannot blame a single aspect for all of society's woes. Dang, this has become one marathon post! I didn't mean to carry on this long. Well, if you're still awake after reading this, I thank you for your time.
  7. Hmmmm, it's been a while since I've played that level. The stealth level is one of the most frustrating portions of the game, even if you know what to do to beat it. I'm always tempted to cheat and disable the AI for the level so I can just run right through it. But I digress... I seem to remember that when I turned the lights out, I simply activated Force speed and ran as fast as I could to the door. If you're quick enough, you might be able to run past without the security officer noticing. You can also find a walkthrough in Kurgan's Outcast Strategy website. The walkthrough for this particular level is located here. Hope that helps.
  8. Yep, Kyle's skill with a saber improves as you get further in the game just like the Force powers do. You start out with just the yellow (medium) stance, but later on in the game you'll acquire the blue (fast but weak) and red (slow yet strong) stances.
  9. "Search your peelings, you know it to be true." That was pretty good.
  10. This is by no means a new topic of speculation, as many forum veterans can (and probably will) attest. Many JK gamers have expressed interest in a new game in the series over the past few years since JA's release. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think there will be a new Jedi Knight game anytime soon. With the release of Episode III, Lucasarts has tended to focus on that particular time frame, especially when one considers their most recent games and ones under development (Republic Commando, Lego Star Wars, the RotS games, Empire at War, etc). Moreover, Ravensoft is busy working on other projects right now, such as Quake IV and the next X-Men game. Another thing to consider is that the JK series has had a history of long periods of stagnation. After the original Jedi Knight (which was also Dark Forces II), gamers had to wait five years (four if you count the Mysteries of the Sith expansion) for a new game in the series. Given how history tends to repeat itself, I have a sneaking suspicion that the series is undergoing another dry spell for now. Oh, and since TK would probably point this out anyway (as he ALWAYS does for these kinds of topics ), there is a some debate over whether JA should be called Jedi Knight III or not, as it has never been stated clearly whether it is #3 or not. There are some who consider JA to be more of an expansion, like MotS was for JK. This is due to the numerous similarities between JA and JO (same game engine, mostly identical guns and force powers, etc). Therefore, we don't know for sure if the next game would be called Jedi Knight IV or not (though I personally think it would).
  11. I saw the midnight screening with a friend of mine last night. The movie was AWESOME!!! I don't think anything can top The Empire Strikes Back, but this came pretty darn close. Things I liked: *Finally, a large scale space battle for the prequels. *Super Battle Droids getting owned by R2. *Obi-Wan's bada** dismount from his fighter in the Separatist command ship. *General Grievous. Four lightsabers=awesome. *The Tantive IV. *Seeing a bit of what Alderaan looks like. *MUCH better acting for Anakin and Padme. Hayden and Natalie finally got their chance to show the full potential of their acting skills. *I was able to watch the movie without knowing about too many spoilers! Things I didn't like (though these are very minor complaints, I assure you): *The new high-pitched voices for the battle droids. *They should've emphasized Anakin's willingness to do whatever it takes for what he feels is right sooner, but that's more of an Episode II complaint. Things that moved me or brought me to tears: *Mace Windu's death. It happened so suddenly that I was too shocked to cry. *The Jedi Purge. I know that it had to happen, but it was still unbelievably sad when it did. *Anakin's slaughter of the younglings. *Obi-Wan's "You were the Chosen One!" dialog. *Padme's funeral and the jappor snippet reference from Episode I.
  12. Wow, five happy smilies from Astro is a very good sign. Sometimes I hate my time zone. I still have a good 13 hours to go. After I take my final for art history class this afternoon, I'm going to drive over to my friend's house, change into my Kyle Katarn costume from Halloween, and go to the theater to wait in line. I had a hard time sleeping last night and woke up much earlier than usual out of sheer anticipation today. It's like Christmas eve for geeks.
  13. I assume you're talking about adding custom models to the species selection screen for Jaden in Single Player? It can be done, but it's not easy. Unless you're fairly knowledgeable in manipulating code, I wouldn't advise trying to do it. If you're still up to the challenge, there is an in-depth, two-part tutorial explaining how to do it. You can find the tutorial here (part 1) and here (part 2). Note that you only really need part 1 to get a character in the game, part 2 just takes it a step further by allowing you to add it to the species selection screen. If you're talking about playing as some other character included in the game in Single Player mode, (such as Boba Fett or a Reborn), all you have to do there is load a level, bring up the console screen (hit the ~ key to do that) and type in "playermodel whatever." For example, if I wanted to be a Reborn, I would type in: playermodel reborn If you're just talking about using custom models/skins in Multiplayer, all you have to do there is download the file, open the file using some sort of zip program like WinZip or WinRar, extract the pk3 file to Jedi Academy's base folder, and it should now be available at the character select screen for MP. Hope that helps!
  14. Oh my God...twenty years worth of Nintendo games...available for download...legally...OH MY GOD!!! *runs around screaming and smacks into a wall* (been a while since I've done that, hasn't it? ) That alone would be worth buying it for. I just hope they don't mean just first party games, but it doesn't sound like it. They'd better have Space Station: Silicon Valley for download. I swear, that game's one of the best (and most overlooked) N64 games EVER.
  15. I hope this isn't what getting old feels like. I can see it now... [oldman]The music kids listen to these days, it's all noise I tell ya! The Beatles, though...now THAT was REAL music![/oldman]
  16. Neverhoodian


    Oh man, I'm so sorry to hear that. I think I speak for all of us when I say that if you ever need to talk, this forumer will be here to listen.
  17. Great vid, Grooves! I was born a little too late to get into the Transformers craze. I'm more familiar with the Beast Wars version from the mid '90s. A friend of mine is a huge Beast Wars fan, and we always have to watch a few episodes whenever I come over. They're corny at times, but it's entertaining stuff. By the way, I don't know if this was the case in Transformers, but in Beast Wars it seems like the characters talk too much during a battle, particularly when they're about to blast someone. If I was cornered by Megatron and he started blabbing away, I would capitalize on it, not just stand there waiting for him to shoot. "Prepare to meet your doom, Optim-URRRRRRRRRGH! Hey! I wasn't done talking!"
  18. Actually, I think I have seen it before in JO, but I can't remember if the server was using a mod like ForceMod II to do it. We were in the custom Sand Arena 2 map (basically the arena from Episode II) and blasting groups of stormtrooper NPC's. If it does work in the plain vanilla version of the game, I'm pretty sure it can only be done by the person who maintains the server.
  19. *points upwards* Ack! Quadruple post! We're doomed! Anyway, here's a first person lightsaber mod for you. I haven't downloaded it so I don't know how well it works, but it looks like what you've been looking for. You can find the file here.
  20. There aren't many Episode III related files for JA right now. That said, there are many programmers and modelers working on Episode III content for JA, such as Hapslash and Neomarz. Keep checking websites like www.pcgamemods.com and jediknight2.filefront.com and you'll probably get more files to download soon.
  21. Cool, two people posting after a long hiatus. Neither one of you probably know me, but welcome back anyway.
  22. Oh s***, I turned off my Norton last night when I was playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, and now I think I may have what you're talking about. I hope this isn't as bad as you say it is. I am now running a search for the program and scanning my computer using both Norton and Ad-aware as we speak, just in case it poses a problem.
  23. Happy birthday, BLaCKouT! Hope you have a good one!
  24. Nice find! Too bad many of the "disasters" are rather boring, though. Challenge THIS!
  25. Well, I'm not sure, as I've never really been that interested in saber packs. If you want to try some out, you can download them from here or here.
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