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  1. Jedi Elite 2003, I am still a bit.........puzzled on how this info came to you. Who is this mystery insider???.........how can you assure us that you ARE indeed telling the truth?
  2. This has been the only thing that I have been wondering about since I heard that JA would be made. Will you be able to place the lightsaber on your left hip so that it is visible like in the movies??? Has anyone heard anything??
  3. Sorry.....I stand corrected. Typo, it was late at night. It should of said: "That is a critical element to which I WOULD LIKE the Jedi Academy team to address. P.s. U should be a detective with your research skills Sir Sherlock Homes
  4. I'm gonna have a male human (try to model it as close to Anakin as possible) /// Single Blue Saber /// Light Side of the force /// the costume Anakin wears in EP2 with the robe if possible.
  5. I think I'll master the single saber first...then I'll move on and master the duel sabers. The saber staff doesn't interest me a whole lot...
  6. I agree with the above post. I always hoped that someone would make a mod for Jedi Outcast to be able to holster the lightsaber on the left hip, while still being able to see it, like in the movies. That is a critical element to which the Jedi Academy Team will address
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