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  1. Hello, Gabez.

    My name's Diduz and I'm the webmaster of http://www.lucasdelirium.it, an Italian fansite dedicated to LucasArts (and alumni) games. I'd like to use some pictures of your E3 2003 trip in an article related to the canceled Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels. I'd just use thumbnail versions of the pictures, linking back to your feature, of course.

    Please let me know.



  2. I would become a backer in a heartbeat.
  3. That's scary, it looks like the character is controlling the player, not the other way around!
  4. If you remember, I started this thread months ago: http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10938
  5. Guys, the malware has attacked my laptop and I've been battling to save my system!!! I won't go back to the site until it's safe again (I'm writing from another PC right now). It seems to be some sort of fake virus alert.
  6. I've played Lucidity just a bit, I bought it yesterday. The game seems funny enough, but it's far from being as fresh and groundbreaking as Braid. Still worth 9$, though. It's a labour of love, and it shows.
  7. I was thinking that a character-relative control could do the trick here. When playing Grim and Monkey 4 in camera-relative mode I kept finding myself in the same "disorienting" situation you've been talking about in your posts. With a character-relative control the camera is still telling you that you're just an observer, but in this case the angle-shifting and camera movements are subdued to a more pervasive enactment of the character, which is not affected by the continuous change of perspective. I've always thought that's a way to (partially) fix the clash you're highlighting.
  8. Ok, now you make me look like a dumb flamer! Sorry, I didn't mean to go off-topic. I don't agree with your points, but I won't answer back because I don't want to do the same mistake all over again.
  9. I admit your theories are extremely interesting, but I'm afraid that the real reason behind the interface change is purely practical. A direct control interface lends itself to easier future porting for the joypad-controlled consoles. I'm not saying that Telltale isn't raising to the occasion to experiment with camera angles, but IMHO they've simply been "forced" to change the control not to loose time (=money) on multiple interface programming. They still have to slightly modify the interface to accomodate different devices, but if the core control system remains the same portings must be a little bit easier.
  10. Guess so. I wonder why. Thunderpeel's avatar had to be a clue. Indeed. Indeed. Maybe we still think it's our favourite company, after all...deep in our hearts. Deep.
  11. Favourite company? I mean, even a plain PC port would be better than nothing nowadays.
  12. I am happy because LucasArts remembered its legacy, but I don't understand why they picked the Xbox 360. Adapting the game for the Wii should be easier, because of the control scheme. Good news anyway.
  13. http://www.gamerbytes.com/2009/05/the_secret_of_monkey_island_co.php I don't know what to say, I take my time to think.
  14. ...isn't THAT secret: http://www.play.com/Games/Wii/4-/9078054/Brutal-Legend/Product.html
  15. I'm with Udvarnoky in this: no need to insist on the Horatio T. Marley backstory in a MI5. MI5... why not? What I'd like to see: nothing in particular, as long as Guybrush goes exploring NEW islands. Part of the continuity problems that arose with MI4 were related to an unnecessary desire to revisit old locations with a new plot.
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