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  1. Well, I am a player who's returning from a very long break. I actually only played the game for a weak last year when they released the 14 day trial, but I agree with you 100%. It's just amazing how many of the classes and skills they took away, and for what? To make it more "fun"? I remember on my first day playing when I opened up the skills page in the game and how amazed I was at all the different things there was to learn and to choose from. And I remember how motivated I was to keep gaining xp so I could learn the higher classes like Riffleman and Creature Handeler. What's so great about leveling up now? So we can get a new skill every 3 levels? Sure, the new system might be more newbie friendly.But I think it's more fun to constantly be learning things about a game then to understand everything 10 minutes and realize there's not much there.
  2. Have ya read any of the reviews yet? Anyway, I don't own the game yet. (Only because I don't have an X-Box.) But I've heard the story's just as good as the first one (if not even better!). And a lot of the other new stuff like the new classes, characters, locations, feats/force powers etc look very promising as well!
  3. Hmmm... Probably around 5-6 times, like with the first game.
  4. Most likely light-side the first time, then dark-side the second time to see the changes.
  5. I'll moat likely use first person view, cause it's easier to aim with
  6. Probably not, seeing how you get two chances to kill her in KotOR 1.
  7. Hey, I just noticed in one of the screens from IGN that the Mandalorian guy from the trailer has a gun that looks a lot like Canderous'. Check it out: http://media.pc.ign.com/media/608/608569/img_2301069.html http://www.lucasarts.com/products/swkotor/images/screens/57.jpg See the resemblance?
  8. Yeah, that's probably Dxun. I agree though, it does look a lot like Kashyyyk.
  9. Jedi Weapon Master, to go with my Jedi Graurdian character.
  10. Tysplo (My name in SWG, KotOR, and all my FPSs.)
  11. I'd say a little over 2 GB. Nothing to worry about there. What features does your video card have?
  12. Looks nice. But Kashyyyk isn't confirmed yet, is it?
  13. Yeah, I played the Star Wars Galaxies 14-day trial a few weaks ago. I never bought the full version though 'cause of all the time it took up. (I'm VERY easily addicted to MMORPGs.)
  14. I guess they could say something like: "Five years after the Republic destroyed the Star Force."
  15. LOL Yeah, Tatooine's been used in way too many Star Wars games. (And movies/books) It's already been confirmed here though, that it wont be returning in this game.
  16. When you use the "print screen" key, it saves the screenshot as a .jpg file in your SWG directory.
  17. This is starting to look a lot like Jedi Academy. (ie: being a clone of the first game with less story.) I guess it's still too early to judge it though.
  18. The official site just posted new screenshots of two of the new planets that'll be appering in the game. http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swkotor_sithlords/
  19. Force wirlwind would be too similer to grip. Being able to move objects from different angles would be cool though, as long as it gave you some control.
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