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    I am a expert gamer, with skills in Jedi knight, and Tony Hawk online for the PS2.
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    I like Model trains, volleyball, and video games
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  1. Hey guys, I'm running Windows 7 64 Bit and whenever I launch either EAW or FOC I always get a game lockup at the MP window when you first connect and you see the (what used to be) the welcome page/news page. I have no issues playing solo matches with myself and bots but it always locks up like clockwork whenever I sign into gamespy. I did install the 64 bit patch so its not that (least as far as I'm aware) Any suggestions?
  2. I played this the other night, a shining example of a well made and well thought out SP mod. This deserves to be finished for sure
  3. thanks so much! Worked perfectly XD
  4. I'm very sorry to dig this thread up from the depths of the forum but I just got Behind the Magic a few days ago and am trying to get the tools mentioned in this thread but the links appear to be dead. If anyone has these tools can they upload them somewhere for me? Many thanks!
  5. congrats on your victory, these shows of justice and karma make me smile
  6. looking very nice! What kind of objective are you thinking for the siege version?
  7. there needs to be an option to disable the pirates in the 1v1 matches. Nothing sucks more then building up a good fleet then getting reduced to one hero after the computer decides it doesnt like you.
  8. its a known issue and they're working on fixing it. I have the same issue so I share your pain
  9. have you ever considered making a map like this in Half-Life 2? I've been mapping for it lately and never want to go back to Radiant Glad to see your still working hard on this project and I wish you and your compiler luck!
  10. I can still remember when she loaned me the use of her huge 32 player server for my Geonosis arena movie scene. Man that was fun, got really funny when all the blaster fire was lagging the server.
  11. Yea thats what I was thinking too, then Wormtail might assist Harry in someway considering Harry spared his life. That 7th book is gonna be verrrry interesting, course knowing our luck it will be another year....
  12. I thought the book was very good, and very sad to see a major person in the books die. What I found interesting is for once the book didnt set the story up as making people think person A was bad but then said it was person C that was bad and throw everyone off. This time Harry thought it was Malfoy and he was right. The end of the book shows Harry and his friends possibly going the loners route, leaving school to go after those "holocruxe" thingys. Book 7 will be very interesting indeed.
  13. best of luck, try to make more areas detail or you have a bad brush somewhere, I once had a map screw up the lighting cause of these little spheres that were detail trim on some things.
  14. any chance you could post those images here or PM them to me at some point?
  15. I too would like to see these images, im trying to build a rather small endor map for Movie Battles and have found no real good referance pics. EDIT: For those who might have it, the title of the book (I think, just googled it) is: Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: The Complete Guide to the Incredible Locations from Star Wars
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