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  1. I think this looks a lot better than any skin RJW could come up with. Hapslash is a god at modeling.
  2. If this is a skin, why is it in the modelling section?
  3. This looks sweet, and hopefully it'll come out just in time before Episode III.
  4. Miko Reglia


    Very nice work as always, graves. I was wondering if you were going to begin making Naked Snake/Jack from MGS 3?
  5. Looking good, but I dunno if its just me, but doesn't it seem like Luke's haircut changes a tiny bit with each movie? Like it starts from long, and gets shorter... I dunno, its just something I noticed from pictures.
  6. Wow, the famous RJW makes his appearance once again... Anyway, the models look good...except the Bespin Luke isn't supposed to have the "skirt" and the ROTJ Luke looks just like the default one from JKA, but I don't know if you were going to change that or not...
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Miko Reglia, and I am a Jedi Knight on behalf of the clan The Jedi Order [JO]. We are now currently recruiting for JKA, and so we seek out individuals who wish for a light side clan to call their home. Not only are we light side based, but we also have a lot of great members who are both friendly and very helpful, as well as great activity both on our server and forums. After reading that, if you are still interested in joining, then just follow these easy steps! First, go to our site at http://www.jedi-order.net and read up on our site about all our rules, regulations, and beliefs, as they may not be common to you. Then, feel free to journey to our forums and post a Join Request in the proper section, and your time as a Hopeful will begin! If you show a good attitude and behavior as well as participation on both our forums and server, you will be recruited in no time! Again, our site is located at http://www.jedi-order.net And our server's IP is May the Force be with you all, Miko Reglia Jedi Knight, High Councilor, and Recruiter The Jedi Order
  8. Ooo cool, we may finally get one now. Although his mouth looks like a long donut at the moment...
  9. Looking pretty good! However I'd like to point out that Luke's hair style does change a bit in each of the movies just a little.
  10. Why don't you make one version that has the sword in the sheath and another version with just the sheath?
  11. Finally people are starting to understand! I posted this quote way long before: I infact beta tested this model myself, and if I were to get hands on this model and test it again, I would wonder if there were still clipping issues that I had to deal with while testing for Aaron. Myself and Aaron were good friends, and clanmates even, me being his master. Its good that people are finally seeing the real creator of this model, because Aaron worked very hard on all his models until becoming afk for a really long time, and that he personally told me that he gave a lot of his models to RJW anyway. RJW, I know its probably not in your intention to take all of the credit to yourself, but you constantly talk about "collaborations" and that its "your" or "my" Obi-Wan (and you did infact say that a lot). The truth is, no offense again, that I only see Aaron making the model, and Hapslash did the skin, and I just see you as the person who is organizing it all, like a producer of a movie. Again, I apologize to you RJW for being a little harsh, I just want to express my views about this current situation. I think if anyone should release this model now, it should be Hapslash due to Aaron's absence at the moment.
  12. Wow, that looks really great for a new Tavion. I know a lot of people who'd want to use this model.
  13. Man you're way too good at art...
  14. Alright, thanks man, you've helped a lot.
  15. Lol, yeah I know my current and past generations and stuff like that. I'm not that dumb. It's just I did a comparison between both products and they both seem to be around the same, since the 6800 he bought for $300 new was like the lowest of them all right now so he said. It was also because I kept hearing how good the 9800's were running and stuff so yeah. I'm gonna be heading down to the local electronics warehouse soon anyway, and I'll check it out myself I guess.
  16. He just got a BFG nVIDIA 6800 OC, and bought it at Best Buy.
  17. Hey guys, sorry to be bothering you all with another video card question, but...I have a video card question. I have $250 right now, and it's all going towards a new video card. I can probably go up to $300 as well, so yeah. I've been looking at a ATi Radeon 9800 Pro 128 MB which goes for $250, and I've heard they're great from a lot of reviews. Problem is my friend just bought the very same card and was saying that the card was sort of overheating so it caused some problems for him. So, he went out and bought a nVIDIA instead and has been saying nothing but good things for it. I'm planning on playing JKA of course, and hopefully Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 as well as a lot of the other Star Wars titles and such, so yeah, please help me guys!
  18. It's nice to hear from you again Kevin! Don't overstrain yourself with anything too much though.
  19. I regret to inform all of you that the funk singer Rick James, who had the hit song "Superfreak", died at his home due to natural causes at age 56. http://www.comcast.net/News/MUSIC/XML/1403_Recordings/37d38428-ba61-45de-8d1a-075b9a19174a.html That's where I got the information from. I guess we won't be hearing much more Rick James jokes from Dave Chappelle...
  20. Well he hasn't been around here for quite some time. I bet if he actually had something done, he'd show it to us, so yeah.
  21. Woah that's looking pretty nice.
  22. Wow its nice to see you back! (Although you probably don't know me:D ) Good work on that Punisher model too.
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