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  1. Right now I'm listening to a lot of Muse's "Absolution", but some of my other favorites are AFI - "Sing the Sorrow" Alien Ant Farm - "truANT" Dredg - "Leitmotif" The Hives - "Veni Vidi Vicious" Pink Floyd - "Animals" Pink Floyd - "The Dark Side of the Moon" Pink Floyd - "The Wall" Queens of the Stone Age - "Songs for the Deaf" Radiohead - "OK Computer" Rage Against the Machine - "Rage Against the Machine" Rancid - "...And Out Come the Wolves"
  2. Too bad the hair doesn't roll to the other side of the head, but its still good.
  3. I remember when I tested the model with Aaron earlier on this year that the "skirt" clipped with the legs in the back, as in the legs went through the skirt as you ran, so I'm wondering if you fixed that? Or maybe its something to be fixed?
  4. Looking good, except you might want to move that pic a bit farther down in your post, since that ad on the right hand side is blocking part of Obi.
  5. Yeah...BotE just doesn't sound very good...I think they should try and reflect Episode III's title with Episode VI's "Return of the Jedi."
  6. I hope they aren't changed anymore...too many changes can lead to a very big disaster...
  7. Jango Fett here. I liked his sleeker and cleaner armor more than Boba's.
  8. Here's to another great year for ya, Crow!
  9. I actually think their list is pretty correct, Stairway is a very good solo song, but I thought All Along the Watchtower should be a bit higher on the list. That was an amazing song altogether. Comfortably Numb is a great Pink Floyd guitar solo song, but I think there are some better ones than that one, but that's my personal opinion. Crossroads was a great song for Clapton and the rest of Cream, and I'm glad it was put on the list.
  10. Those are so awsome alaris! I love Obi-Wan's and Qui-Gon's sabers.
  11. http://www.aim.com and http://www.icq.com for the chat programs.
  12. That head looks a lot better! Very realistic.
  13. Yay, that's awsome news Kevin! Bummer about the Obi-Wan models though, but its ok. A question though. Will there be a hooded Anakin with a robe as a third variation, or will he just have the robe? I think I remember that you had a default, a robed, and a hooded Old Ben so I was wondering if you were going to do the same with Anakin. Its great to see you back.
  14. Any of the Battlefield games, all of the Star Wars titles, Devil May Cry 3 (hopefully its there), Halo 2 (of course:D), and Starcraft: Ghost That's all im really paying attention to now, but ill see what else is there at IGN this week.
  15. Wow Link is really looking kick-ass in those pictures, thanks Rhett for posting them up.
  16. Eh, I'm looking more towards the PSP rather than the DS, but both are still cool.
  17. Are you going to cell-shade it for the skin? That would look pretty nice.
  18. I'd show him the Original Trilogy, just to see the look on his face when Darth Vader says, "Luke, I am your father!":D
  19. I heard it was alright, so I'll see it tomorrow night.
  20. Ah its good to see Aaron's Obi-Wan finally being worked on and completed, it looks father now then when I beta tested it for him. Good work, I'm sure Aaron would be happy (though he really has taken a break from the whole JKA community) .
  21. lol as long as you got stuff to play on dude! My bass is a Fender Jazz Bass, I got it like 2 years ago I think, I love it just because its mine. I got a really crappy SWR LA Series amp though. Just a point I'd like to make to everyone thinking about buying something that's a lot of money, you get what you pay for, and in this case, paying $300 for a 100 watt combo amp, is NOT a good thing.
  22. I'm trying to stay away from spoilers as much as I can, but sometimes I just can't resist and look at a few.
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