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  1. Hey all, Iwok/Zeto here. I have been playing the emu on the Basilisk server. If anyone still checks these forums, hit me up in game. Character name is Iwok.
  2. QFE. SWG is almost dead to me.
  3. If you like base killing.. then you would LOVE ISF.. As for PvE events.. we have an event coordinater who does stuff like that. Like we did Kimo's tonight. We havent done DWB yet..or other really high end stuff like that, but that is going to change
  4. My title on the ISF boards is harrasser..lol.. Apparently they thought it was harrassing posting pictures of corzip's corpse...
  5. PA is slow? lol Fiberoptic is now offered in my area.. I live outside philly in PA.. It isnt offered many other places, but it is VERY fast.
  6. Iwok

    In Game Names!

    I like the CU... it addressed alot of the issues in swg. Well, it brought up some new issues, but it still fixed alot of the major flaws
  7. Iwok

    In Game Names!

    OMG UPDATES!!! Name : Zeto Married: No House: Outside Sintari Cash status: 500k Professions: Finished Jedi Template (Master Powers / 4004 Enhancer / 4000 Healer / 0400 LS / 0040 Defender) Name : Iwoc Married: No House: Sintari, Commerce Section. Vendors: 5 Cash status: 800k Professions: Master Chef / Master BE / 0004 Merchant Name : Iwok Married: No House: Sintari Cash status: 5mil (18mil coming from auction and possibly 10mil from another) Professions: Master Riflemen / Master CM / 4004 Pistoleer
  8. Your characters do not get deleted. But they are doing a Char Purge that will get rid of all the empty houses and harvestors everywhere. But I dont think that is on recently cancelled subscriptions, cuz anyone that uses gamecards have cancelled subscriptions... I think it is for an extended period of time like over a year or something. So dont worry about that. Cant wait to see ya back in game
  9. Jo? Jan? But dont you love me???? /cry hehe
  10. Hey Kioet Good luck with everything up there man. I am sure everything will work out, so just hang in there
  11. Couldnt connect for a while... got me kinda worried that they took down these forums
  12. Iwok


    You see cor, I knew you would never give me that money.. I just needed some excitement since I was stuck in my house organizing packs... Since I am unable to grind and my other character is completed. I am sorry I did that Cor. Next time ill pick on someone else But for the record I do remember the time we were argueing about it... We were on a guild hunt on endor, and all someone had was a landspeeder... and I said that eventually they would allow multiple passengers in it. And you were pretty confident in that they wouldnt. Anyway... Ill see if I can be there. I dont think I have anything planned around that time.
  13. Why didnt you just tell me thats why you were mad at me cor? Or is there a different reason? lol. Im sorry if I left and hurt your feelings Im here now, and thats all that counts right?
  14. Iwok


    Dont invite Corzip, he is a mean person now! He changed! lol.. just kidding Just give a time and ill try and be there
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