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  1. Yes exactly but only on the menu screens. The game play screens are fine
  2. I'll try not at the computer currently. It looks like when you wallaper a picture to your desktop and the picture is a different size and you get parts of it on the left and right and top and bottom.
  3. Hi. I have my monitor resolution set at 1200x1024 or something like that for a 19" LCD. When I fire up BF2, I get this screen that is split up and down and left and right, forcing me to move my mouse either up to the top or down to get to the options. I can't see all the menu choices. Do I have to change my monitor resolution to 800x600 to fix this? I had this problem with Dungeon Siege 2 also. Why can't these guys make high resoultion menu screens or is it something else? Thanks
  4. I'm on the same track and the very best way I've found is doing lair destroy tasks. They are simple. You can refresh the missions to find the closest ones and you get approx 1000 credits in about 5 minutes of running/killing along with all the exp and harvesting xp.
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