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  1. What is dead may never die.
  2. I'm ok with a 9 year badge.
  3. Saw it twice yesterday. Last time was in IMAX. Woah. Though sometimes it's a little TOO grounded in reality for my tastes, not enough surrealism.
  4. There's actually a great divide in the Black/African American community over lightness of skin. Lighter people are seen as more successful/preferable. I don't know how many times I've heard my friends talk about how dark someone is. This view is prevalent in college as well. The top black sororities have stereotypes of being light skinned pretty girls, while the lower ones have darker colored girls. Same thing happens in Africa. Lighter = better, and it has a lot of its origins rooted in colonialism.
  5. Yeah, but at some point you go back to being white.
  6. I freaking love True_Avery. Someone uploaded the god awful earthbending scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwccN...layer_embedded lmao. They're not even on a metal rig. They're just in their village, chilling, waiting for someone to whip up their spirits enough to fight. The firebender's motions are godawful, and so is that troupe of earthbenders. I imagine they ran out of special effects budget money cause I could see if the earth actually, yknow, moved with every stomp and arm flail it might be halfway decent. Also, need I mention how retarded it looks to have a bunch of white people surrounded by asians? ;D
  7. Tot, you are in possession of a wealth of misinformation... Avatar is fictional, yes. So is Lord of the Rings. Casting Lord of the Rings with a bunch of black and asian people doesn't make sense because Lord of the Rings draws much of its history from European elements. No, it's a grassroots movement led by fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, not all of whom are Asian. I don't get this sentiment. It's the same reasoning that people give for any injustice, ever. Black people can't vote? Hey, it's the biz. Black people can't act? Hey, it's the biz. Japanese people in internment camps? Hey, it's the government. Manifest destiny? Hey, it's the biz. etc. And how can you doubt that Kung Fu would have been more interesting with the creator of the show that he expected to star in? He was the most talented martial artist of his time and probably our time as well. F*** David Carradine.
  8. Duh. Suits represent power. It's the closest thing you get to wearing a superhero costume. This makes me rage.
  9. I can't imagine having to sit through countless hours of Bond films... it just doesn't interest me enough. I love Casino Royale and that's about it. Quantum was a disappointment. Goldeneye was cool but not more than that. Casino Royale was what gave me some of the tricks I use today, in poker and in life. Though I will say, they play really crappy poker in that movie.
  10. Man, Daniel Craig is the best Bond I've ever seen. Probably because I never saw the Connery movies.
  11. I skipped reading all that just to tell Z that he has a penis for a watering can...>_>
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