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  1. There's actually a great divide in the Black/African American community over lightness of skin. Lighter people are seen as more successful/preferable.


    I don't know how many times I've heard my friends talk about how dark someone is. This view is prevalent in college as well. The top black sororities have stereotypes of being light skinned pretty girls, while the lower ones have darker colored girls.


    Same thing happens in Africa. Lighter = better, and it has a lot of its origins rooted in colonialism.

  2. I freaking love True_Avery.


    Someone uploaded the god awful earthbending scene:




    lmao. They're not even on a metal rig. They're just in their village, chilling, waiting for someone to whip up their spirits enough to fight.


    The firebender's motions are godawful, and so is that troupe of earthbenders. I imagine they ran out of special effects budget money cause I could see if the earth actually, yknow, moved with every stomp and arm flail it might be halfway decent.


    Also, need I mention how retarded it looks to have a bunch of white people surrounded by asians? ;D

  3. Tot, you are in possession of a wealth of misinformation...


    Avatar is fictional, yes. So is Lord of the Rings. Casting Lord of the Rings with a bunch of black and asian people doesn't make sense because Lord of the Rings draws much of its history from European elements.


    I'm guessing that most of those people were media critics, so I'd expect that from them (add their lot to the purists...to the degree there's no overlap, I suppose).


    No, it's a grassroots movement led by fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, not all of whom are Asian.


    It's myopic, but hey.....it's Hollywood/show biz." Frankly, It might have been more interesting to see Kung Fu w/Bruce Lee in the end.


    I don't get this sentiment. It's the same reasoning that people give for any injustice, ever.


    Black people can't vote? Hey, it's the biz.

    Black people can't act? Hey, it's the biz.

    Japanese people in internment camps? Hey, it's the government.

    Manifest destiny? Hey, it's the biz.



    And how can you doubt that Kung Fu would have been more interesting with the creator of the show that he expected to star in? He was the most talented martial artist of his time and probably our time as well.


    F*** David Carradine.

  4. And the 'mildly' suggestive names of the Bond Girls!!

    I remember Xenia Onatop? Honey Rider was the girl on the beach right?


    And yes...Moneypenny. I'll happily join MI6 if every secretary is as hot as her!


    On a side note, I went out to a prom several weeks back, so I got suited up. It ended early, so me and friends moved to a normal club. The suit does draw attention from teh ladiez. RL lessons from Bond!


    Duh. Suits represent power. It's the closest thing you get to wearing a superhero costume.


    azn Connery.


    This makes me rage.

  5. ^^^

    the **** is wrong with you?


    I can't imagine having to sit through countless hours of Bond films... it just doesn't interest me enough. I love Casino Royale and that's about it. Quantum was a disappointment. Goldeneye was cool but not more than that. Casino Royale was what gave me some of the tricks I use today, in poker and in life.


    Though I will say, they play really crappy poker in that movie.

  6. I awoke this morning with a strange realization, probably stemming from io9's review.


    M. Night has us all fooled. He doesn't want us to watch movies. He wants us to watch his career. The setup is all there: brilliant director creates a name for himself and subsequently destroys it. His career IS the movie, and we're living the twist.

  7. http://www.matt-thorn.com/mangagaku/faceoftheother.html


    I answer that question with a question of my own: “Why do you think they look Caucasian?” “Because of the round eyes,” or the “blonde hair,” is the common response. When I ask then if the questioner actually knows anyone, “Caucasian” or otherwise, who really looks anything like these highly stylized cartoons, the response may be, “Well, they look more Caucasian than Asian.”


    In the case of cartooning, of course, we are dealing with drawn representations rather than words, but the concept of “marked/unmarked” is every bit as salient. In the case of the U.S., and indeed the entire European-dominated world, the unmarked category in drawn representations would be the face of the European. The European face is, as it were, the default face. Draw a circle, add two dots for eyes and a line for a mouth, and you have, in the European sphere, a European face. (More specifically, you would have a male European face. The addition of eyelashes would make it female.) Non-Europeans, however, must be marked in drawn or painted representations, just as they commonly are in daily conversation (e.g., “I have this Black friend who...”).


    It should come as no surprise, then, that Japanese readers should have no trouble accepting the stylized characters in manga, with their small jaws, all but nonexistent noses, and famously enormous eyes as “Japanese.” Unless the characters are clearly identified as foreign, Japanese readers see them as Japanese, and it would never occur to most readers that they might be otherwise, regardless of whether non-Japanese observers think the characters look Japanese or not.


    When non-Japanese characters appear in a manga in which most characters are Japanese, that character will be differentiated from the others with stereotyped racial markers of some kind. For example, a character of African descent may be shown with pronounced lips, frizzy hair, and shaded skin. A European character may be shown with a pronounced nose and jutting jaw.




    Here is azn aang saying harro i r aang cannah pronounce werdz




    Here is white aang pining over tractors and listening to country music




    Here's our lovable protagonist in all his unnecessarily marked glory.


    Here's real white people (Americans!) in Samurai Champloo:



    Here's a German/Dutchie




    Sorry if the subtitle is inappropes. I'm too lazy to photoshop it.

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