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  1. thanks! do they still sell dark forces 2 in stores? cuz iv been looking and no stores seem to have it.
  2. Can someone please state all the games involving kyle katarn, starting with dark forces. im trying to get all thes games so i can play jedi outcast 2 and understand the story.
  3. haha as soon as i saw it i rushed here to post, then realized it was a prison.
  4. if you give the spice to the smuggler on korriban, then ask for more work he gives you a box to give to motto the hutt on tatooine and tells you not to open it and if you do it takes you to white place with a rakatan guy standing near a gate, has anyone else seen this??
  5. inside the temple on the unknown planet the computer in the catacombs says that the star forge's technology can repair itself, like how it explained why all the star maps were destroyed but rebuilt themselves over time, so if the star forge was destroyed then it would just repair itself again wouldnt it?
  6. those are your average overactive star wars freaks whos lives are so pathetic all they can do is pretend its all real.
  7. awwwww man! jesus man, that was harsh:(
  8. Is it possible to enter the matale estate, if so where is the passcard to get in?
  9. well holy ****, that just made my day .....NOT
  10. i never knew missions brohter was in the sand people place. she stopped talkin about him, even when i keep askin her about him, is there still a way to find him even tho youve already been to the sand people place?
  11. how do i get past the force field in the sewers? it says the spike failed and i need the access codes and ive searched everywhere.
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