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  1. Nah you just ****ed up Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast with your POS Vulcan's rehash. And in turn, you pretty much gave birth to the whole admin mod scene/mess in these two games. How so? Fact: most jk2/ja server admins were morons who could not (nor ever did) figure out the base quake 3 engine console/rcon commands. Doubt that? Go find me 5 server admins who know how to ban in base jk2/ja. You will be looking for years. How do you fit into this? You took the Vulcan's admin mod (I was not a big fan of this, but it was complicated enough that only 2 out of 10 star wars nerd server admins could figure it out and hence, it was not a really big grief issue for us players) and made it pretty much point and click "soccer mom on AOL" user friendly. Actually, didn't you put in something stupid like a point and click "admin gun" or something at one point? How the hell could you not see how making a mod that allowed for 900 admins (by using the sub admin system and not having to give out true rcon) and gave them the ability to slap/sleep/choke/explode/kick/ban players with simple "/kickban" commands not cause problems? Of course you saw it, but you wanted to make a name for yourself as a mod maker and did not give a **** about what you did to the community. just as long as your mod had the highest download count over there at jk2files.com right? Hence the reason why everyone who bought either of these games with the intention of actually getting to play them online, will look at you now and forever... as a dildo.
  2. It's a shame there are not more open-minded guys like you in the jk2/ja community. If there were, a lot of us "competitive" players would not have moved on to various other games. Most of us (including myself) loved the jk series but absolutely hated the bitter, whiny community that populated it. For us, the "fun" was in trying to be the best at what we did, hands down. We competed against like minded people non-stop across various gaming leagues and ladders, both here in the States and even some European leagues. And as I'm sure you could guess, when a person spends about 99.9% of their time playing the best players on the globe, they get good. Really good. I'm not saying that to brag or put anyone down, but in jk2 (and even my brief time in ja) I found the average "public server clan/player" to be nothing even close to what I would call a challenge. The reason I'm saying this is I want to try and show you why a lot of "us" tend to "mess with the public server crowd". It's been this way since day one in jk2: We just log onto a server for a game, we never say a word... but as usual we get screwed with just for being better than the average public server player. I'm not talking about the usual "hack" cries you hear in gaming in general; I'm talking about vile, bitter newbie rage that almost always degrades into personal/sexual/racial attacks. I can't even begin to recall the number of times I found myself (hell I've posted countless demos here on these forums) being put to sleep, slapped, frozen, turned into a wombat, racially insulted, and just generally treated like crap... all for the crime of bursting a public server player's ego bubble and showing him there are far better players out there than he knew about. Now don't get me wrong, a lot of competitive players are assholes, I'll be the first to admit it. But guys like media (and myself when I played this game) just want to log on, get in some good games and have fun. But it's almost like we have to deliberately screw up and play half-assed just to make it through a session without being insulted or screwed with via some admin mod command. After a while, it just gets old so we start "messing with you people" as well. Hence you start seeing "ownage" demos of clans being posted, players being publicly made fun of, etc. It's really no different than the way we are treated by most clans/players on public servers. I'm not saying it makes it right, but long story short, it's just a case of "screw with me, I screw with you".
  3. oh yeah, all those screens josh posted are b.s. he photoshopped all of the scores. you jsa guys should do a match with some of these fk newbies, like a 4v4 or something. use force too, they suck at it. own those fk n00bs and demo it. -==L<>O<>L==-
  4. I'm game. Never played siege a single time, but if it has guns and it requires aim to kill things, I have no doubt this will be a breeze. set it up.
  5. Star wars nerd raging is without a doubt the single most rewarding element of the Jedi knight series.
  6. You know, I bet Chewbacca gets those little turd dingle-nuggets on his fur after he wipes his ass. Not sure why I thought of that though. Hi media, long time no see. Don't bother arguing with the people around here about game play mechanics, remember 9 out of 10 people who post here would perform oral on George Lucas for a look at the episode 3 script. p.s. Rumor is a fruit for pissing off the *BS* newbies and having them scrap our match.
  7. heh I know it's hard to break a setup once you get used to it. One of the things I hear the most about my setup is: "You don't use mouse2 for alt fire? mouse2 is your forward? wtf?! But most really "old school" gamers who have played first person shooters since the early days know where the "mouse2 = forward" comes from. Back then, in games like doom/quake there was no such thing as "alt fire" and the default key for forward was always mouse2. I got used to it so long ago, I just never bothered to try forward movement on a keyboard. The back movement on my mouse seemed logical to me as well (by the time I ditched the joystick for a mouse/keyboard combo, multiple button mice were pretty common). :eek:
  8. WASD noobs, no wonder you people were so easy to own. Just kidding, here are my basic control settings from jk2/ja. movement bind MOUSE2 "+forward" bind MOUSE5 "+back" (thumb button) bind A "+moveleft" bind D "+moveright" bind SPACE "+moveup" bind SHIFT "+movedown" power hot keys bind C "+force_lightning" bind E "force_throw" bind F "force_seeing" bind Q "force_pull" bind R "force_rage" bind S "+force_drain" bind W "+force_grip" combat keys bind MOUSE1 "+attack" bind MOUSE3 "+altattack" bind X "saberAttackCycle" mouse settings seta sensitivity "40" seta m_pitch "-0.022000" seta m_filter "1"
  9. in review: 1-I told you people that all these mod makers care about is being a big fish in a little toilet, anything for that 15 minutes huh guys? 2-Chosen one is a child molester who hangs out in wal-mart parking lots baiting 9 year olds into his van, shoot him if you ever see him. 3-Watching people who name themselves after ****ing lord of the rings characters flame people is like watching two nerds cock fight at a d&d convention. please shut the **** up and go jerk off to some jap cartoon you ****head.
  10. could jk2/jka ever be as popular as die hard fps' like ut or q3? No of course not, but not everything has to be based on sheer #'s. But even being smaller, it could have still had a thriving player community for much longer than it did. Look at tribes. Old game, smaller than the giant player base games like counter-strike, but it has one of the best and most active community bases around. The reason jk2/a "died" was simply this: connecting to servers and playing (ie: killing other players) became looked upon almost along the lines of something like game hacking/aimbotting. You pop down 39.99 for a game, fire up multiplayer for some action... and see: "You are banned from this server." everytime you try and play online almost anywhere. Why would people stick around in that atmosphere? Even as bad as the abusive admin commands were, I still say the single worst thing to ever happen to this series was the /kickban command. It made it too easy for 9 year old kids who were too stupid or not trustworthy enough for rcon, to just "make go bye-bye" anything and anyone who did not conform to their little play world.
  11. well we are not really "back" in the normal sense. most of the original SF (and later shock ~) guys are not playing full time. we have all pretty much branched into other games but for old times sake, some of us decided to give jka another run in our spare time. SF does have two servers up and you will see some old names on a few ladders here and there, but don't expect to see the monster game play we had in jk2 in our prime. A lot of us (like myself) have not touched the game since it came out, but I'm sure in very short time we will be raging noobs across the servers just like the old days.
  12. Hate to say we told you so... but we did and 99% of you refused to listen. Amidala may not have the "***hole gene" that some of us guys have, but I have to give her credit for holding out this long and trying to make things better for as long as she has. The rest of you though... dismissed us as "arrogant" or "full of ourselves" but when we told you this "how dare you take the time to learn & play the game better than me, I'm going to ban your lamer ass" attitude started showing up on public servers, more of you people should have done something about it. It all started back with the jk2 vulcan's admin mod and reached a boiling point with what was the AIDS in the blood of this community: Jedi Academy mod for jk2. You guys have been jumping on this slider guy for months now, but you are about a year and a 1/2 late on your crusade. That chosen one jackass and his mod did more damage to this community than any other group of people or mod did. When the dickhead-admin mentality started popping up, here came his mod to reward them with new "punishment" features in each version after version and of course the retards snatched it up like a crackhead does $5 rocks. Yet almost none of you would speak up against him and what he was doing back then and the current state of things would not be as bad as they are if the rest of you would have spoken up like the competitive community did. Sure some of you would say in general, "abusive admin mods are bad" but you never had the acorns to name names and put the spotlight on the people who were putting them out week after week. But then again, it was just us being "elite pricks" for picking on the mod makers/admins/honor dorks right? Oh sure chosen made his mod for JA and removes the punishment features because he "learned from the mistake he had made with those commands in jk2"... right, anyone want to buy a bridge I'm selling? The rest of you finally caught on to what we had been preaching from day one and put some heat on the guy as well as these other mod makers. And guess what? It worked like we told you it would. Being "popular" with the general community is what mod makers thrive for. If they are praised and can say "I have the most popular mod in the series" you think they are going to change anything? Bash them like the pricks that they are (for making a mod that they know harms the community, yet continue to put it out to feed their ego) and stop public support of their mod and watch how things change. Just like they did with our pal chosen one all of a sudden. Sure there will always be guys who continue to pump out this grabage, but you people could have made a difference if you spoke up and acted long ago, you know back then when you were making fun of us for doing just that? My point? None really. Post your little jpeg image replies, make your snide remarks, post your game spy server/player stats and try to prove me wrong, but in the end you know I'm right. This community is dead and you have yourself to blame for it.
  13. After 2 years could one of you euros please tell me why you guys use these silly ass binds: [JK2]GOOD-FIGHT!!!===|||***L*O*L***|||===GOOD-FIGHT!!![JK2] I will say one thing about euros though, as a whole they have a much more serious minded/mature community when it comes to competitive gaming. Having moved into Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the American ET community is far behind the euros. Don't get me wrong, we have as much skill on our side of the globe as they do, but we have so much constant bickering and fighting (not to mention more ego problems than you could ever hope to count) going on in the community, it really prevents us from evolving as a whole. When I played Jk2 I did play many of the U.K./German top players and yes, like vert said, they did suck compared to us (in ff/so). But the one thing that really surprised me, was how level headed the guys I played were. They lost, said "gg" and moved on. No bitching or moaning, no excuses, no running to euroforums.com and begging for patches. Over here? Every match was like a 30 minute soap opra. I guess my point is, most euros tend to treat competitive gaming like a "professional sport" where as most americans treat it like a "personal fist fight".
  14. Well to be honest, the off topic conversation was between myself and Jack; it didn't concern any of you. You didn't have to read it, you didn't have to comment on it, and quite frankly, the opinions of a bunch of pimply faced teenage dragon ball Z fans who sit around masturbating to LotR and Matrix movie trailers means very little to me. And Jack, my statement about taking adult education classes still stands my friend. Being a person that hires individuals for a living, I can tell you that if your resume or personal presentation skills are anything like what I've encountered here, I would strongly suggest foregoing the corporate world and continue your current focus on menial labor as a lifelong career option. Anyways, I've made my point. You people are by and large morons, have a nice day.
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