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  1. Yep, but a lot of folks here don't seem to know that so they just insult people. This was actually the first place I found out about it (thanks to cowboy and his wonderful job of insul... *informing me that a few screen shots I shared were from a pirated version). Since then just about anyone who still is active in this game has had it land right in there face every where they go (places that are not moderated). And I will say this again in case anyone missed it, *buy the damn game when it comes out. what you are playing or trying to find now is not something that was even ready to go gold. I know whatever comes out in a month or so is going to be much better than anything you could get illegally now so why settle for anything other than the real deal? And I will say this again, Lucas Arts needs to put a damn cd key system in the retail version to eliminate getting screwed like they did with jk2 because it had 0 protection measures in place.
  2. since saturday, it's kind of hard not to know everything about it w/ 90% of the jk2 community going on and on about it. Kind of like the way you posted the exact file name and what search tool to use in that first post. I'm sure you were just relaying what information you absorbed.
  3. the thing is, what is floating out on the net is *not a finished product as a matter of fact it's no where near one. a ton of crap is missing, so even people who do download it are going to miss out if they think what they have is what will be in stores. the main thing lucasarts needs to do is put a damn cd key on the game. notice I say LA, not Raven. Raven does put cd keys on their games but LA for whatever reason does not. And why they are one of the few companies who put out high dollar retail products w/o any means to prevent people from just ripping them and transfering it is beyond me..
  4. Sorry man but I disagree and I’m speaking from the perspective as a person who has done *only competitive ladder/league play for the last year. I came to jk2 from the quake 3 community and compared to that scene (q3) there is an almost utter lack of competitive drive among players in general in jk2. Every ladder I played on for jk2 (ogl/twl etc.) was semi dead even in it's prime compared to other games they hosted competition for. And the thing was, although the ladder play was dead the game had a ton of people "playing it". Or I should say hanging out in servers, chatting, emoting etc. It's that way across the board, ask any members of dsbr who were regarded as the best of all time in jk2 gun/competition play, there simply was a lack of serious competition and I don't just mean skill level. People simply would not sign up for tournaments in droves like they do for other games. Oh sure you could get a few people here and there to play in some "back yard" tourney but the true ladder/league/sponsored competitions have been utter failures. Every time a new league tried to get going it almost immediately fell flat on it's face. Siege leagues, XTGL, take your pick. People want to goof around in pubs, that’s fine with me, but as one who has really done nothing but pure competitive play for the last year, don't just take my word, ask any ladder/league player. There simply are not enough people who are serious about competition in this game beyond the "my kill tracker has 800 kills!" level. Hence the reason you don’t see CAL rushing to support a game like this (don't let the banner fool you, there were plans to support jk2, one of our members was going to head it up. but alas as usual not enough players showed interest) http://www.caleague.com/
  5. last time I really played cs was way back when they put in the mic support via in game. I remember the whole time hearing nothing but squeaky voiced 13 years olds saying "**** you mother**** *** I'll ****ing own you!!!1". kind of funny actually. although I am really glad JA does not have built in mic support. "oh my god you ****ing lamer, you LAMED MEEEE!!" is the last thing I want to have blasting out over my speakers at 2 A.M.
  6. The cd key system for the quake 3 engine is all you need really. you can "keyegn" keys for applications like photoshop or whatever but online games need to authenticate with a master server and they only accept legit keys. oh sure it may say "key accepted" on the install but the second you try to connect online you will get an "invalid cd key" message. to this day there has never been a public working keygen for quake 3. not bad considering it's 4 years old. punk buster for games like SOF 2 and quake 3, rtcw is a good idea. Those games draw a more competitive type of player and cheating is rampant if left unchecked. PB *does cause lag and occasional problems but the trade off is worth it for those games. If you have ever played Quake 3 back in the day when "pure cracks" were common (cracks pure server protection) you know what I mean. JK2 simply does not have enough players who have a vested interest in the competitive aspect of gaming to draw any real interest in cheating. And hence there is no reason to take all the problems and issues PB has and lag the game down for no reason. People cheat to win and when you go to a jk2 ffa server with 20 people and the score is 0 at the end of the map change because people are just /amsitting all over the place, trust me, winning is not something the majority of the jk2 community holds in high regards.
  7. welcome to online gaming... trust me, you think jk2 is bad? go play some pub counter-strike for a week.
  8. http://www.teamwarfare.com It’s a ladder/league where competitive gamers play each other. Generally when people ask "who's the best <insert team/player here> ladder and leagues are where you want to look for the answer. The level of play is usually much higher than what you find on public servers.
  9. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=106970 you may want to edit that second sentence out, kinda tells people what to do...
  10. don't forget duke forever... nah I really see the september release as a smart move on many levels. Christmas is always dominated by console sales so a winter release would not be too wise. Granted a HL2 or DOOM3 could pull off strong winter sales but I really don't see any other game (even a Quake 4 release) being able to compete with the console holiday frenzy. and correct me if I'm wrong, but JA console posts hit like a month or two after the pc right? That puts it right in the middle of the holiday console sale rush and will help the franchise reach an even larger market.
  11. http://www.splashdamage.com splash damage was just confirmed as the level maker for D3 mp. granted a lot can be done in a short time, but I find it hard to buy the design and testing on mp will all be done by the end of 2004. I think it's pretty safe to say D3 is a 2004 game.
  12. rocket bug = home in in alt fire mode, switch to saber, switch back to rl = now primary fire rocket shots home in just like secondary but for 1/2 the ammo cost.
  13. yeah, two things I don't get about ctf players. 1-They hate camping (bridge+pull whoring can get annoying but it goes both ways as I see it). 2-Chat killing is a big no no. keep in mind I'm not talking noobs, I mean like league and ladder players get pissed over this just as bad. Why others find it ok to let a person stroll into your base and be "off limts" because they are having a conversation 5 feet from your flag is beyond me but I see it all the time on the competitive ctf servers. must be an inside thing I never caught on to.
  14. correct, it seems no one is really paying attention to all the stuff going on. in the ign video you see the enemy using the jk2 level 2 drain. so it's obvious the powers are the same. that said remember all the hype about "combine force powers"? watch the video I posted again, it's clear as can be that your guy is in a state of force rage (same effects of rage from jk2) as well as some weird drain effect. being able to combine existing powers to create new ones is very cool indeed.
  15. link works as does the movie, if you can't run it you are missing a codec or are having media player problems. I've shown it to a dozen people today and everyone watched it w/o problems.
  16. Well, I'm glad you know exactly what the pirated version looks like, because to someone who has not downloaded it those pics look *no different than the dozens I've seen posted over the last few months and nothing in them even remotely screams "this is not an official release pic". good thing we have all these people who can identify in game screen shots from a pirated version on hand, although I'm sure none of you who actually knew what those pics were, knew because you had downloaded it.
  17. it was just six pics, a couple of a few mp duels a game menu screen and what looked like cut scenes and in game stuff from sp. and yes it was off a site, we people who play this game still (I know this is hard to believe, but try) sometimes share news and information with each other. a guy from a clan we play with showed them to me via the IRC channel we were in and I had not seen them before so I shared them. How the hell I'm supposed to know it was from a warez version when it's just a screen shot of a new mp duel map and two guys fighting is beyond me but obviously the two guys who flipped out knew somehow. Like I said, I had no intentions of causing trouble, I was simply trying to show people some cool stuff I had never seen, so even if they are not leaks I retracted them of my own free will. funny thing is though, how did you two know these were from a warez version? oh well, I don't really expect you to answer that but like I said, my mistake and pics removed.
  18. I've posted here since the day jk2 came out and if you look at a lot of threads in this very forum you will find I am one of the loudest supporters of Raven here. If you say they are from a warez version, I will take your word for it since you and the other guy fliped out over them. I don't follow warez news so I had no clue.
  19. btw next time you go insulting people maybe you should actually get your facts straight before you stick your foot in your mouth. I never said I had this or even typed out a single line of text as a matter of fact. I was sent a couple of links to some pics so I shared them, wow big crime there... If you say they are warez pics I will take your word for it, but try to act like an adult when dealing with people. Believe it or not, sometimes people just like to share information that is passed along. Be it a pic or whatever.
  20. umm they are just pics dude wtf is your problem? some one showed them to me so I passed them along, jesus lighten up.
  21. /edited because you people jump to conclusions. I simply posted a link to some *screen shots I was sent, nothing more nothing less.
  22. they wont match if they know SF/ shockwave members are going to be their opponents but I'm not sure if sin/moh ever had any members meet any fk players. jesus man if you could score us a match w/ sin u will be teh man!11
  23. please dear god oh please score some teamffa matches I am so itching to play some of these "WE WILL OWNZ UR CLAN111!!!" people. We tried like hell to get matches w/ a lot of clans like *BS*/M0H/SiN but none would take.
  24. Well to be perfectly honest, since this is in regards to something that was not done for profit and there are no legally binding contracts the same logic that would apply to this situation in the business world will not apply here. if this were a real business situation you would have signed a contract stating all work created for this project by you (site design etc.) would be property of "said company" even before you got started on it. No different than a person being contracted to design a site for amazon.com. Once the contract is up be it pre mature or not, the design and intellectual property of the artist for that project now belongs to amazon.com. Since this was something done "just for fun" between two people and not for profit it just comes down to personal ethics. If you site design was the key "selling factor" in that mod then I would say continue trying to get him to stop using it. But if this is just a personal grudge and if the site design didn't factor into the promotion or popularity of the mod I have to ask why both fighting over it other than spite? If you have moved on to a new project and are happy with this new project just cut your losses so to speak and focus your creative talent on the new sit/mod.
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