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  1. Take a look at my sig. See those three dedicated servers? Myself and two members of our clan pay for those out of pocket, and have done so through various games for many years, so you can spare me the lecture about running servers. How much money a month do you spend on hosting for game servers? How much money have you ever spent on it? I'm willing to bet 0 is the answer. My point? Don't lecture people about running servers until you actually have a serious investment in one. That right there ^ is one of the main reason why these admin mods are so harmful. They basically give control of a server (through the sub admin functions) to people who: 1- Are too stupid to understand basic rcon commands. 2- Have no serious investment in the server so they do whatever they wish to it and care nothing of the damage they cause. Through all the various games I play, ranging from Wolfenstein to Jedi to Quake 3, I find that almost overwhelmingly 100% of the time, the admins who power trip and play "little Hitler" are not the people who fork over cash every month for a server. It's almost always some 12 year old kid who has self esteem issues and wants to play God in a virtual world. Now add in stupid ego stroking crap like “sleep punishment” and you can see how this just turns into one big pile of manure real fast when you have some whiny brat at the wheel. *note I'm not talking about you TK if you are getting that impression, just ranting on these people in general.
  2. Even if you get "lamed" you can still press the talk key and type out what you were going to say right? And if you are "standing around watching duels" can't you do the same from spec mode? I swear to god I think you brats just HAVE to have some thing to piss and moan and whine about every living moment of your lives or else you won't able to function. “OMG I must control these lamers, they attacked me in a video game when my saber was down!!!!!!!! We must have order!!!!!!!!” Will you people just shut the hell up with this garbage, you sound like a pack of whiny kids playing “hall monitor” crying “TEACHER HE’S RUNNING IN THE HALLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!” Please for the love of god; chill with this cry baby crap and just let it die once and for all so the rest of us can play this game we bought and not have to listen to your whiny brat bull****.
  3. 12- laming = playing the game, let's try letting people do it this time around.
  4. You know what would be nice this time around? A true TC other than a movie adaptation. Remember that gladiator mod that came out? Killer stuff. We need more mods like that and less "admin mods". =X= mod has pretty much 100% of the competitive saber/force players backing it so it's safe to say that mod is going have a lock on the "let's fix JKA" mods. Jedi Academy Reloaded has a lock on the emote/honor crowd. So rather than have 90 million Jedi/Vulcan/Academy/+++++/Pro/Reloaded hybrids that are all basically the same thing, why not have mod makers really focus on bringing something new and unseen into the game this time around? Just a suggestion.
  5. mirror: http://www.coe.uncc.edu/~ahhjelt/JABonusMaps.exe
  6. My autoexec.cfg bind SHIFT "+movedown" bind ALT "weapon 1" bind TAB "+scores" bind ENTER "+use" bind F1 "vote yes" bind F2 "vote no" bind F4 "screenshot" bind SPACE "+moveup" bind A "+moveleft" bind C "+force_lightning" bind D "+moveright" bind E "force_throw" bind F "force_seeing" bind J "kill" bind O "r_fastsky !" bind P "cg_thirdperson !" bind Q "force_pull" bind R "force_rage" bind S "+force_drain" bind T "messagemode" bind U "messagemode3" bind V "voicechat" bind W "+force_grip" bind X "saberAttackCycle" bind Y "messagemode2" bind DEL "reconnect" bind MWHEELUP "weapnext" bind MWHEELDOWN "weapprev" bind MOUSE1 "+attack" bind MOUSE2 "+forward" bind HOME "quit" bind MOUSE3 "+altattack" bind MOUSE4 "+back" seta s_volume "1.000000" seta s_musicvolume "0.000000" seta s_volumeVoice "1.000000" seta m_filter "1" seta sensitivity "50" seta cg_drawCrosshair "2" seta cg_drawTeamOverlay "1" seta cg_drawTimer "1" seta cl_allowDownload "1"
  7. hah there is some cool history in this thread. btw Homosexual Ewok was a god, bow to him.
  8. be glad, if it did you would run into players like us and I don't think most people would enjoy playing us.
  9. Not sure why the commands are there to be honest with you. The =X= server is a very "family" oriented server, hence the profanity filter. I can see a use for muting people but as for the rest, well I have no clue. I've never seen any admins on =X= use any of the admin commands beyond kicking. both in Outcast and Academy so I'm not sure why they are there either.
  10. it was not in any patches Kurgan, she is remembering it from a mod she must have played. In 1.02 absorb had the blue glow on all the time if I recall. I'm not sure if the use/cost ratio got changed when 1.03 came out, but other than the glow, I don't think any changes were made to it.
  11. 1) The LOS grip restriction sucks George Lucas' balls (sorry, I had to say that, it's a quote from some guy who used to post here I found funny). Grip is 100% worthless for anything *other than grip+drop in a hole with this restriction. I mean if you can't position him out of crosshair (pull/push) range, how do you prevent it from being broken? Oh sure "shake the mouse" works on newbie’s, but not any player that has been playing the game for more than two weeks. 2) The saber drop while being gripped. Dumb if it's left the way it is in base JA, here is why. You reintroduce kicks, you will have grip kicking. The one major element of danger for people doing the grip kicks was the chance that the player they were kicking would look straight up and do an over head heavy slash. This usually resulted in the grip kicker being cut in two. You remove this element of danger; you give people no reason not to use this move and this move alone (against other darks).
  12. not sure if they (as in the mod) need them but if you ever ask anyone how nasty some of the fueds between FK and some of =X= were in the past, you might think they (the commands) are there just in case FK Fallen ever sets foot in the =X= server.
  13. agreed. I know prime said that it would drain force faster but that's not true. Well is does have some merit in non team based games but in CTF it messes things up pretty bad. Any capper in CTF is bound to have an escort team energizing him. Not to mention absorb converts pull energy into force and protect runs on force. And as any CTF guy knows, the capper uses absorb because once he grabs he gets pull whored non stop. That pull whoring transfers into more gas for his protect and in turn makes cappers a human tank. I'm all for more options, but some things are a bad idea and that is one of them.
  14. I guess it all just comes down to how much of an anal retentive person you are, and how deep you are trying to immerse yourself in a fantasy world. I play these games much in the same fashion that I would watch a television show or read a book. It's just a form of entertainment for me, and the last thing I want to do is play a video game where I have to listen to a 12 year old playing the role of a "virtual hall monitor" while bitching and moaning about his stupid little fruity made up virtual world rules.
  15. And no matter what bull**** people try to feed you or whatever insults they toss your way, you did NOTHING wrong. What happens to guys like him ^ on public servers is the exact reason why I can't stand admin mods and honor dorks. They (the honor dorks and admin mods) drive guys like him out of the community. They just can't let this guy enjoy his game like a normal person. He's butting in and tainting their perfect little structured Jedi Fantasy world and he must be cast out. And what kind of guy is he? Just some dude looking to play a game he bought.
  16. 1v1 me in either a JA =X= mod server or a base Jedi Outcast server some time. You will see why in a matter of seconds. I'm not trying to pick on you or make fun of you, but I really would like for you to see how "the other half" plays this game when the "kid gloves" are taken off.
  17. Bones would have said "Jim, let's blow these dorks all to hell". The rpg guys are cool, I don't bother them. Most of our beef (and I assume the same as the guy who made this thread) is with "Jedi Chatters". Chatting in a FPS is no big deal. Where the problem lies is when those said chatters get touched/killed/looked at the wrong way, and flip out on people (voting them off the server, banning them). And this is the weird part I don't get... If you are not playing and just chatting, why do you care what another player does to your "body"? Chat messages will still get broadcast, you don't have to stand face to face to talk (other than mm3).
  18. I know you honor nerds want your perfect little structured Jedi fantasy worlds but the thing you always fail to forget is.... These are people you are dealing with on your servers, not bots, not actors in a star wars movie. Some people just want to play a game. If don't want game players on your servers, lock them and give the password to your regulars. But letting the general public in and then pinning them to the ground with sleep commands (for the crime of playing the game) and then proceeding to tower over them and lecture them like children or demean them with insults is just a little fantasy Jedi power trip for you people and you damn well know it.
  19. I really hope this is sarcasm, because this is pure frustrated newbie dribble 101 I'm hearing once again. So if in a full weapon FFA I don't ever whip out a melee weapon and I just blast people, that's a bad thing? psst... when some people play video games they try to get "the high score". past it on.
  20. right... Look guy, I have noting against you, hell I don't even know you. My problem lies in the damage these mods cause to the community so my gripe is not specifically with you. But I have to wonder how on earth you could honestly believe that "sleep" would not be abused. That was the single most abused command in any of these mods. And being that the Academy mod was not the first admin mod for Outcast, you had to have noticed some of the absurd crap that was going in in those Vulcan's servers. So unless you spent your entire duration of Outcast game play on some isolated server out in the boonies, I'm only left with the conclusion that you did indeed know these commands were being abused and were causing a hell of a lot of grief for the players just trying to have a good time, and you chose to ignore it. I mean really man, myself and many others posted countless demos on these very forums showing just how childish and vulgar people could be when they had admin on a server running your mod. And 99% of the time it was not the bunny or empower commands that were abused, (hell you at least could put up a fight when those were used) it was that stupid sleep command. The server name may change but the scene is always the same: 5 /model "reborn/boss" players standing over some sleeping guy calling him a faggot and a noob and a lamer and telling him his mother is a whore and he's gay and... you get the point. Doubt this happens? How many dozens of demos would you like me to send you of it being done? The thing is guy; don't look at this from the perspective of a player like myself or yourself who has been around for a while. Look at it through the eyes of that kid who just got the game for his birthday and is playing online for the first time. He connects to 5 separate servers running your mod and on all 5 he's pinned to the floor and rendered immobile because he just wanted to play this cool new star wars game, swing his saber around and zap some people with lightning. Now first off, he's probably confused as hell. Most games action games where killing people is the way to score points, don’t punish you for using weapons on other players so he's probably getting really frustrated by the third server he connects to and experiences punishment for just trying to play. Now factor in the fact that on 4 out of 5 of those servers, while he was pinned to the ground he had a pack of people standing over him calling him every derogatory slur you could imagine. Would you really want to keep playing a game in that kind of community?
  21. Why is sleep needed? Just answer me that. Are you going to sit here with a straight face and tell me people won't abuse the hell out of that this time either? Are you going to tell me in JO, childish admins did not get off on standing over sleeping players while insulting them with every derogatory four letter word/racial slur in the book? Do you not grasp that was the pretty much sole function that command was used for on public servers? Humiliating and degrading players is your idea of bringing the community together? Do you really think that won't happen this time around? Cut the PR bull**** man, no one over the age of 12 is buying it.
  22. Yes, =X= mod could be abused. Hell, I'll shoot totally straight with you on this, I personally don't like the way the official =X= server is run to be 100% honest. I think there are some people there with admin that are quite immature and childish and are what I would call "kick happy" admins. And I do think a lot of the admin things that were put in =X= mod should not be there. But that said, let's be frank, what are the chances of you seeing people put to sleep on an =X= server and then insulted as opposed to that situation happening on an Academy reloaded server?
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