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  1. I'm sorry if I come across abusive but these mods are just pure garbage on so many levels and it really pisses me off to no end that these mod makers keep making these types of mods when they know full well the damage they cause to the overall community but turn a blind eye. Look let's ignore all the stupid commands like "sleep" for a second and focus on the biggest problem with these mods: Point and click banning. The whole "rcon is too confusing/limiting" argument is just plain absurd. /rcon status (gives you the client IP and client #) /rcon addip <IP address here> /rcon clientkick <# here> That's all it takes to permanently ban a client in a quake 3 engine game. How hard was that? If you have admins on a server that are too damn stupid/lazy to remember/enter those 3 simple commands, then you have people who are not qualified to be running a server... running your server. The thing is most server owners would NEVER give full rcon to a 9 year old kid. Why? Because the chances are he would screw things up all to hell. Yet we give this immature, temperamental child the ability to point and click ban every person who enters the server at his will? Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees just how ass-backwards of a mentality that is. And that's exactly what happened on public servers that ran this mod in Outcast and it is what will happen again. Every time some brat does not get his way, you can expect a /kickban. And the sad part is, much of the time the server owners have no clue what all the "sub admins" or whatever they are called, do to people. Now on to the sleep command. Why is this needed? Other than to give 9 year old brats a means to stand over helpless players, and call them "faggots lamers" before they ban them...
  2. I'm not Fallen, F.Y.I. And we didn't "whore" kicks, we used them. It was just a tool that got the job done. No different than a saber user sticking with certain moves or a certain stance that produced results for him.
  3. Are you mentally retarded or just very young? Not a flame, it was a serious question.
  4. /to the rest of you reading this This is the part where a person normally would say "I told you so".
  5. it's not just the functions in the mods.... it's the people who will be using them. Who is going to use =X= mod? Competition players and serious players. How often do you think that people will stop in the middle of a league match to /msleep a player on the opposing team because some player had a saber down? You have to look at things in perspective, and the bottom line is =X= mod could have 7868768768768686876876 admin punishment commands, but the people who will run that mod on their servers are not exactly the types of players who bitch, piss and moan about "lamers". Now look at who is going to run this Academy mod: Honor newbie’s and emote junkies. Mark my word; give these retards the ability to "point and click ban" and Jedi Academy is going to end up just like Outcast did after all these mods landed in our laps back then. Like I said, I feel real sorry for you base JA players and all the bull**** you are going to have to put up with due to this mod.
  6. Mark this day on your calendars everyone, 12/4/03 is the day that just being able to connect to public servers and play without being put to sleep or being turned into a wombat because you pissed of some 9 year old with rcon, has now come to an end. I personally don’t care this time around because base game play bores me to death, but I do feel sorry for a lot of you who just like to connect to servers and play the game.
  7. A few things... 1-New version of the mod is out; side kicks are now back in. Talk about some damn good mod support huh? 2-No counter for Kicks? Wrong. How do you counter heavy swings? You anticipate and move out of the damn way. Try putting some thought into your game before you start whining people. 3-Kurgan, about FK and =X= and the competitive community. In the competitive CTF community you had (in Outcast) two sides, those who played base JK2 like FK and had no problems or issues with the pull+ throw combo, and then you had =X= and those who viewed the combo as an exploit. And yes in the past, FK and =X= were not always on what one would call the best of terms. Now *personally I don't how anyone can argue the combo is an exploit because it functions on the same principal as pull+kicking: You use the push/pull power to quickly stun an opponent by throwing them into the "block animation" then proceed with a follow up attack (like a kick or saber throw). Now some will try and argue that pull+ kicking is different because you are drawing the opponent towards you and not stunning him, but the last time I checked, absorb users don't slide, level 3 push/pull users don't slide... they go into the stun animation. And those who would argue that the longer range makes it an exploit, all I have to say is, if you can't anticipate and side roll a pull+throw from outside of say, 6-8 "feet" away... you have a lot of "training to do". The reason I see =X= not liking pull+throws is obvious: It's the one major weakness the Absorb power has. An Absorb user can be pull+throwed to death in just a matter of seconds because he will constantly go into the "block animation" due to the way the power functions. Now you look at the most common power used by flag carriers in CTF... yep absorb. See the connection now? But regardless, those are my *personal opinions. The fact still remains that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Hex and the mod he's bringing us. And the main reason for that is not just the game play changes, it's because he's not *forcing changes upon people. Don't think pull+throws are an exploit? You have the option to leave it on or off. It's all up to you. Same goes for kicks or whatever other changes he makes, he lets the user (server admin) decide for him/her self. /edit 4-MasterSidious, please take your medication before getting on the computer.
  8. Jawa Model Yes it does suck the loins of George Lucas in team based games that have a fast, *close-range pace. I.E. Full Force saber only TeamFFA/CTF. In a full weapon game of either TeamFFA/CTF you could look up at the radar to see if that guy 150 feet away is on your team, but in FF/SO when you have a pack of 10 players fighting in a space of about 5 feet wide, it's just not a realistic option. I could say just using any generic model like Luke, then using the "force model" cvar would solve this, but it's just not useful in a realistic situation either. In FF/SO the nature of the combat is basically a bunch of people all crammed in the same *small/close area duking it out. Now toss in the constant blue and red color flashes from team energize/drain/rage and you can start to see how players don't rely on colors or icons in FF/SO team based games. I can say I personally (and I'm sure I'm not alone) relied mainly on model identification. I knew that /model rebel was break_dF, just as he knew that the /model stormpilot was unnamed. And while yes, the other team could use models we used, the color identification would have to come into play, but only in the case of 2-3 of the same models running around the map (1/2 the time the whole other team looks like kyle due to custom clan skins, so this was almost never an issue).
  9. William you just hit the nail right on the head and don't even know it. Outcast had one key factor that base Academy does not: Players who **** up and don't think before they execute an attack, have nothing to fear in Academy. In Outcast if you did a DFA you sure as hell better be 200% positive it's going to connect, because if you just "let one rip" you are in for one hell of a nasty kick in the back side (to be followed up by even more damaging follow up moves is you fall). And let's be honest for a second, all I ever saw in any and all saber only servers was people mindlessly letting Katas and roll+stabs fly and rejoicing when they connected with a solid object that was not a wall. So you have to think now before you hop around and twirl your saber all over the place? Well, to reclaim a phrase so many of you tried to take from us…. Learn and adapt. Learn and adapt.
  10. All about the combo’s man, it's all about the combos. Saber throw > pull > rotate > side kick > down toss the saber (after it has returned and you are still in the air) onto his head > front kick > snap lunge Stuff like that was just plain wicked, not to mention hard to do on living, skilled, *thinking opponents on the fly. But it was all possible in Outcast, that and much, much more. Try this one next time you fire up Outcast: Running side kick > as opponent falls away, center you cross hair and catch him in a grip *before he lands on the ground > bring him back in for a quick frontal kick and upon the knock back sway > release > pull > throw > kick Things like that made players who got hit by them say one of two things: Holy ****! Or WTF!? Now enter Academy and all of the nerfs... Grip > shake mouse around > let go .... Hot damn, some serious ball breaking moves there huh? Kick adds such an incredible dynamic to the game and unless you have a "let's see, what's the most wicked combo I could ever create?" mentality going in, you simply will not to see how it plays a much larger part than just a 20 damage double tap move.
  11. I think people who bitch about laming/no honor/bowing are just drama queens looking for attention. I mean really, it's just a ****ing video game. Play it, kill **** and blow **** up and have a good time. Who gives two ***** if some guy violates your silly little made up role playing virtual code of ethics? Damn, why is it so hard for some of you to just play the game and leave the little girl drama at home?
  12. This is actually a very good thread, just don't get all bent out of shape people, we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Serious though, here are some observations I made in the last year and a half playing these two games: Germans and the Swedes have the weirdest binds like vert1go said: GOOD==+>>***L<--->O<--->L***<<===FIGHT! I have no idea why this is, but even in the German competitive community, they use these silly binds... Now that said, I will say the "most ruthless player award" has to go to the German competitive community. By this I mean they simply show you no mercy what so ever in matches. Now don't get me wrong, American competitive players are just the same, but for us "style" counts as well. We like to bulldoze people and beat the living hell out of them. When we "own" a person/team, we want them to know it. For the Germans, well here is a typical scenario: Match starts, 20 minute time limit. German player zaps one single point off your shields from across the map with level 2 lightning... and strafe jumps around the map like a bat out of hell (so you can't get close enough to touch him) for 20 minutes straight until the time runs out and takes a "time win". Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing that way of playing, but in the global competitive community there is a term known as "playing Euro" which basically means doing what I just mentioned. As for the U.K. players, well to be honest the only thing I noticed about them is a lot of them are really, really heavy into the "honor" thing. As for the Americans, well keep in mind that most of our kids these days are spoiled brats raised by parents who were spoiled brats. When I grew up I would get a belt across my ass when I did something bad, today kids get "time outs" or they get sent to a therapist and pumped up on dope all at the expense of mom and dad’s insurance company. So if you think dealing with them in a video game is frustrating... try making it through the day with out choking the living **** out of these types of people when you are surrounded by them day in and day out in the real world.
  13. as you can see, there is much more work to do. side kicks are not in yet and quite a few tweaks that he put in JO, not to mention suggested tweaks he stated he wanted to put in for JA, have not made it in yet. Keep in mind, he kind of snuck this one out the door real quick the day before Thanksgiving, so given the fact that he took time out of what ever personal/family things he had going on, to gave us a small teaser, was pretty cool.
  14. yeah, the thing every one needs to keep in mind is =X= mod in Jedi Outcast was constantly being updated and tweaked and I assume this time will be no different. What you are seeing now is just the "baby steps" of the mods life, there will be plenty more tweaking and fine tuning so don't worry if something did not get addressed in the initial release. Not to mention in the previous mod, the =X= team kept their ear finely tuned to what the players who used their mod wanted to see fixed/tweaked, so if by chance some one did find some type of insanely cheesy move/exploit, you can pretty much guarantee that this mod would be the first (and in many cases as with some things in Outcast) the only mod that addressed them. /edit change the title of this thread if you want, but this really should be pinned for a while. not so much as to promote the mod (not that promoting it would be a bad thing) but so as to let people who come here saying "JA blows", know that there is an alternative that will fill what they are looking for. There is another mod team (unrelated) working on a mod (that does what this mod intends to do, fix bugs, fine tune game play) for the gunning world, and once a working build is out I'll inform every one here of it as well.
  15. heh, to be honest the only script worth using/stopping was a team energize one. But there is a small delay in base JA (the one good nerf they did) in how fast you can fire it off so it's not an issue this time.
  16. I played in div and I never had the client. Then again I had auto-dl off all the time. the client file was just for the script detection and I'm not sure if he's putting that in this time around. now if the server has the script thingy running pure, then yeah, the clients have to have it, but I never had it and I played on div now and then.
  17. Well in Outcast =X= mod was the same as the admin mods, you didn't have to download anything. But this time around there may be a small client file due to the some of the changes. and like before, setting cl_AllowDownload 1 in the console will get you the file when you connect to any server running it.
  18. good for you, now go away if you have nothing to contribute. hunter/seeker/abuser/stalker/beater are all taken, think up a decent name and you're in. server is going up soon too.
  19. hunter/seeker/abuser/stalker/beater are all taken, think up a decent name and you're in. server is going up soon too.
  20. They can't hang with anything more complex than holding down mouse1. It's as simple as that. I'm not trying to be a dick, but it's the truth. Remember guys, all of the whining about DFA's, back stabs and kicks was not coming from our camp... we were totally able to deal with them. Now as for not wanting this mod to catch on? Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a competitive player getting his ass kicked on public servers in Outcast? It simply didn't happen. When guys from clans like ours or [div3rse] would "pub" (play on public servers) it was pure murder. Outcast had much more complex game play and mechanics because of the lack of restrictions put on powers/moves etc. No one is saying we want to remove anything from Academy that was added (beyond the nerfs). Now once the nerfs are gone, not only can all of the old combos be done again, many, many new ones can be created. Grip-kick into a roll+stab finish? That's just plain brutal... and now possible. That's what I mean by hardcore game play, more options at ones disposal = more complexity and in turn, players being more creative with move/combo development.
  21. uhh yeah.... whatever. Like I said, many people disliked changes such as: -The removal of double tap kicks -Force pool restrictions for basic special moves -The grip line of sight restriction -Ghoul2 2 hit detection in Multiplayer -The restrictions on the player roll move Because those changes slowed the pace of the game down considerably and eliminated a lot of combos and the potential for new combo/move development (due to the various restrictions in place for a lot of things now). Hence, people wanted faster more complex game play and turned to a mod that was supported by the competitive community in Jedi Outcast. How I'm taking an "elitist" attitude is beyond me, I simply was informing people there are now other options at their disposal. And considering the very large volume of disgruntled posts and threads people have made on these very forums regarding their dislike for the game play changes in Academy multiplayer, it's obvious there is an audience for this mod and what it's going to do. And as for "hunting me down".... yeah ok, sure.... just please don't tell me you wear boba fett pj's while you play this game. That kind of stuff creeps me out. But if you would like a match with me in either Outcast or Academy, I would be more than happy to oblige you, just post a challenge on our forums and we can set it up. http://fk.fragwhore.com/gl-bin/forum/ I'm totally sure you will drop by and make that challenge though...
  22. do me a favor, go start a "who would win in a fight: master yoda or spider-man?" thread over in the swamp and gtfo of this thread. this thread was to inform the general public as well as server admins, that this mod provides an alternative for players who dislike the sloppy, random and insanely simplistic Full Force Saber Only game play in Academy. You want to run around pretending to be darth Chewbacca? Great, more power to you, have fun. But the fact remains there are a hell of a lot of people bought this game and didn't like all the nerfing, and hence this mod turns things up a notch and gives them back more complex game play. Like I said, you don't like it, gtfo of here. check out the mods progress here: http://x.fragism.com/forum/index.php?sid=a79af894783d044dd0893c4a342a3822 the =X= guys are very supportive when it comes to player feedback, find a bug? Tell them. Feel some tweaks are needed here and there? Same thing.
  23. xMOD 2 test server @ - Featuring the return of flip-kick Hex and the =X= mod crew are back in biz and like they did in Jedi Outcast, they are dedicated in putting out a serious competition mod that addresses game play issues instead of focusing on Yoda models and kissing emotes. In Outcast =X= mod was one of the most updated mods made. They constantly were listening to the competitive community and making tweaks and adjustments so as to bring the game play as close to perfect as possible, and I’m sure it won’t be any different in Academy. So for those of you who run servers and feel that the force/saber aspects of Academy are just too simplistic and mundane to provide a true serious competitive environment, keep an eye on this mod and consider running it on your servers once the full version goes live. A lot of things still need to be done, but their main goal is the removal of a lot of the nerfing that was done from the Outcast to Academy transition, as well as just plain tightening up a lot of the sloppy, random game play that is present in base JA.
  24. mucho love for hex and =X= mod 2.
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