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  1. Heh cute story Amidala, but to be honest it's not just this series that gets this treatment. Granted I will say the JK2/JA crowds seem to push it to insanely extreme levels at times, but it's like this in pretty much all online gaming now in one way shape or form. I'm sure some of you may have heard the term "The Continuing Pussification of America" from comedians or in various social commentaries. Online gaming is no different, for the last few years it has been slowly transforming from "the lawless wild west where anything goes" to a more happy, family friendly, sanitized, politically correct world. I mean in pretty much every online game I could go out and play right now, there is some type of admin mod system that will cancel all of my credit cards and have me audited by the I.R.S if I dare to call someone a prick in a chat room. Not to mention the people in charge of things are usually 13 year old neo Nazi/ dragon ball Z fanatics who’s highlight of the day is IP banning people who say the F word in a video game. Every game I play has some type of non-stop pissing, moaning and whining in it these days it seems. In RTCW: ET it’s spawn killing, in JK it’s laming, so on… so on… And not to get off on some type of social commentary type of rant, but look around at the real world for a second, the days of the beer drinking, red meat eating, chain smoking John Wayne’s of this world are long gone. You know, the type of people who didn't cry/bitch/sue every time they didn't get their way. We now have latte sipping, sandal wearing, tree hugging pansies who dial 911 on their cell phones in fear of their life when another driver shoots them the finger on the highway… so why expect people to behave any different in their off time in recreational games? You know as messed up as this sounds, I really miss the days in games where if I said: "**** you" to a player... I got a "**** you too!" back instend of "ADDDDMIIINNNNN!!!!!!!!!! DID YOU HEAR WHAT HE SAID TO MEEEEEE!!!???" oh well.
  2. There is nothing wrong with showing people respect and common courtesy, but people take it too far. I'm not going to go into some server and start making racial slurs at players because that's not something I would do to people IRL. But getting mad at the people who do not bow/lame is kind of silly, I mean it really has nothing at all to do with the way two human beings would show each other respect and common courtesy. It's just a silly little role playing ritual some people do in a video game.
  3. They are the majority, without a doubt. In Outcast, the number of servers I was banned from, from my first ban, to may last, was close to one thousand. No joke, no exaggeration. Granted a lot of those were multiple bans on the same servers, but still, being banned from over 500 separate individual servers in less than a year is just insane for any online game. I mean Jesus man, people who try to wall hack and aimbot on punkbuster servers in other games like RTCW or Quake 3, don't even get ban figures that high. And the sad thing is, off all those bans, I would say maybe 3 tops did not revolve around the honor/lamer crap. And almost every single one of those bans involved an admin mod. Admin mods were no different than client side hacks; they gave newbie’s the means to survive in a game they sucked at. Can't kill that player who owns you? /empower Still can't kill him? /amsleep He keeps /reconnecting and killing you before you can put him back to sleep? /kickban I would say about 60% of this community has this "whaaa mommy" mentality for some damn reason, and mark my word, when and if these admin mods ever do surface, the all mighty noob avenger command of /kickban is going to make "fun and frantic paced game play” for the casual gamer tougher to find than Dinosaurs in South Central Los Angles.
  4. jk2files.com was the biggest whiny ass, no talent noob infested server in the history of that game. I will say a couple of the guys who had rcon there were decent people (Atlas and Shroom Duck come to mind) but the rest were just crappy players and nerds on a mission of holy galactic geek vengeance. I've been to the jk3files.com server a few times and I admit it's not as bad as before, but one thing is missing that could (and chances are will) change that: An admin mod The used to give admin to anyone of the regular newbie’s who played there (scratch "play", I meant to say stood around there) and groveled, sucked up and stroked their nerd egos. If that has changed, great, but I really doubt it.
  5. You’re missing the point man. I'm all for personal choice as well. If a guy wants to run around and pretend he's darth Spock, hey more power to him. But that goes both ways. If I want to connect to a server and start slashing and shooting things, should I not have that option as well? Where the frustration lies is those people who plopped down 49.99 for a game and just want to actually "play" it are finding it that task becoming increasingly more difficult. Jedi Outcast became so absurdly infested with this "honor" bull**** that it got to the point in the latter 6 months of the games life, where finding ANY server that let you just connect and play without going through some ridiculous role playing rituals, or that did not "admin punish" you for violating some asinine "codes of honor" became impossible. And the argument "find another server" is not a valid argument either, here is why: If this was restricted to specific servers yes, "find another place to play" would be a valid point, but the fact is these 'honor" people infest and enforce this crap on PUBLIC servers with no established rules. I don't know how many times I've seen a pack of these tools gang up and vote people off public servers just because those said players were... playing... on a public server no less. Hell, I ran 3 separate servers in Outcast and on the few occasions where I screwed up and left voting on, these retards would try and vote us off our own server for "laming", even after they had been warned to stfu about the honor bull**** and just play. The sad fact is, if you go to a server and encounter a pack of these idiots, simply "leaving and finding another server to play on" will bring you into a server with even more of them. /edit she beat me to it, but same thing she said ^
  6. Don’t be to sure about that. Most of us did not move on because JA because it is so simple and nerfed that it bores us to death. As for adapting.. Well, don't take this as an insult because it is not, but a vet JK2 player would violate any of you from here to china and back if you ever went head to head with one. I can personally attest to this because quite frankly, I've logged all of maybe 10 hours max in Jedi Academy, and to be honest, pubbing in Academy is not different than what it was in Outcast. I encounter scores an scores of player who simply don't know the finer points of game play mechanics beyond the typical game manual fodder like "Absorb will counter Dark side powers". The truth is, so much of JA is pure text book JK2 that the bottom line is, although a lot of things were nerfed to the point of just being a laughing stock, the majority of content beyond the new Kata moves and the roll stabs (I'm talking about forming a tactical strategy) remains best done by those who mastered it in Outcast. Doubt that? Watch this: http://www.coe.uncc.edu/~ahhjelt/apvsSiN.dm_25 Why is this demo important you ask? It simply shows how those don't just know the game, but know the game will always prevail. (btw this was a ladder match from twl, and one of the players, pyro is a jk2 vet that has played jk2 almost as little as I have. The other team? That's the leader and one of the top guys from the largest most active clan in Jedi Academy. Note I did not say the best... the demo proves all that I just stated about old school players handing people their rumps with as much ease as they did in Outcast) Notice how one team chains team energize, long range pull+throws and almost never gets in harms way of a flailing saber? That's not on accident amigo.
  7. yes and no. I do like to stir things up, and I prefer an "R rated" atmosphere if you catch my drift, but like he said: there are things that are just plain uncool and I don't promote.
  8. As much as I dislike kill trackers I have to admit that one that has the message "HAHAH you ****head I kicked you" as the default message when you finish a guy with a kick made me laugh pretty hard the first time I saw it in action.
  9. PG is tight ladder system, I wish you guys the best of luck.
  10. that is kind of funny to be honest (no joke).
  11. yes, hence the fact that all of the old school clans boards and irc channels are still very active, despite the fact that as a clan no one is playing anything. Sorry for the confusion and by no means was I trying to slight you guys. I just wanted home boy to understand how far off the mark he was on his assessment of who the big dogs were in that yard, not to mention his stupid “could not beat newbie clans” remark. You guys (aP/sd) gave us some fierce competition in Jedi Outcast and like they say, “you’re only as good as your competition” and we would not be as sharp as we were if we had not played mean s.o.b’s like your team, all the time. Also you guys have earned the right to claim #1 in Academy. Is the strategy simple? Sure but it’s strategy and after watching you guys beat the hell out of [siN] in that match it’s obvious that no matter how newbie the game gets, the veterans with the basic fundamental strategy and knowledge of force combat (learned in Outcast) are always going to dominate. I have nothing but respect for what you just said, thank you for being honest. And yes, I do agree that no player should be frustrated to the point of quitting due to a high learning curve. But I don't see nefing everything and anything in sight to be the solution. Tired of people kicking you? Jack up the sabers and bring back those monster moves like the 1.02 DFA. I know for a fact that if I had to face that threat, I sure as hell would be less apt to kick a person. Hell look at 1.02, it had kicks, was it an issue? Nope, because that saber was instant death in some cases. If one side is unbalanced, pump the other side up. Don't start ripping things down until nothing is left. And that's the problem with Academy; nadda is left beyond "vanilla game manual moves". Well to be honest the flames and trolling is just as heavy on both sides. I don't jump out here and start blasting people but when I see people I have played with for over a year trying to make legitimate points and address legitimate concerns, and all they get is stupid crap like "STFU WHINER" my patience and tongue biting ability is only going to stretch so far. The main reason many of us are losing our tempers with many of you is quite frankly, you are not paying attention to what we are saying. I say "hey competitive FF/SO is pretty much impossible when two veterans compete due to the off balanced defensive/offensive properties of the game mechanics.” But what people see is: "OMG THIS GAME SUCKS I CAN'T OWN ANYONE WITHOUT KICKS PATCH PLEASE!!!" And people unjustly flame away, all due to the fact that they didn't take the time to look at what we are saying and they only see what they want to. I admit we do have people here who like to toss out the "N word" quite a lot, and that is not right. Take prime for example. A lot of our guys don't take the time to read his stuff through. If he says "hey do this" he usually leads in with "I'm really not that experienced in this but here is a friendly suggestion". I have total respect for that and I wish more people would lay off him because he is just trying to help. But the truth is a lot of people just see "STFU WHINER" so there is blame to be put on both sides like I said.
  12. Obviously some scrub who never made a name for himself but likes to run his mouth. What did they call them? Dsbr <I forget> licks? I'm getting senile.
  13. Yes I am talking sabers only, duh... Short attention span there zdawg or just oblivious to the world around you? (hint! look at my sig! duel and SABER ONLY CTF should have given it away...) FK (the original one founded by Fallen) was strictly competitive FF/SO CTF with a little TWL TeamFFA (#1 for a very long time I might add). There towards the end Fallen had an idea about bringing the most dominate 1v1 FF/SO players in the game on board for total domination of any and all game types involving FF/SO so he and I struck an agreement. Now you say why would he contact me? Well for the same reason speciaL and myself are listed on team image's (since you seem to know so much, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who matt or image is) members page as being "former members" (why matt did that is beyond me, we never actually said yes) and it was the same reason why when we turned matt down (prior to the JA launch he wanted to do a saber division for team image, sort of like an “all star team” covering all aspects of the game) he went and got Break_dF to do it (the division never took off though due to the lack of interest in this game type on a competitive level). Now what was that reason you ask? All of us were former Sanguis Frater or current shock ~ members. I.E. the most dominate 1v1 FF/SO players Jedi Outcast ever saw. Team shock ~ were all (except for speciaL) former Sanguis Frater members. Myself (two separate #1 undefeated runs on twl and one on OGL) Crow (one #1 run on TWL) impunity (one of the longest undefeated #1 runs in the TWL 1v1 ladder history) Swift (another #1 run) Screed (yet another #1 run) SpeciaL (never got on twl, he was too lazy) The only matches ever lost by any of those names listed above were to… you guessed it, former or current Sanguis Frater members like Break_dF or ReBorN (aka aero phalanx Havok). TWL’s 1v1 FF/SO Jedi Outcast ladder was the most active and longest lasting ladder out of all the ladders TWL offered for Jedi Outcast, but I’m sure you knew that. And from day one of 1.04, the #1 spot was held at all times by current of former members of Sanguis Frater. Break_dF Pantar[Cult] CommunistBastard I could sit here and drop names all night, but it won’t do any good because you obviously decided to open your mouth before even knowing what you were talking about. But don’t take my word for it, ask matt or ask Swede (aP.vertex) or any of the guys in aP who knew what was going in outside of the jk2 gunning world who the best was in FF/SO Sabers. You going to hear the same names over and over I’m afraid. Now if you still doubt my claims I would be more than happy to provide you a personal demonstration of just how damn good people who used to wear the SF tag were (and still are). Tell you what lets do this: You seem to think so little of FK lets do a match. Go find 8 of the best saber only players you can find. I’ll bring 4. We will neg you off the map. Doubt that? Ask anyone in aP (who in case you did not know, used to be sd.) if we are capable of doing that. Or better yet, ask them to show you demos or screen shots from any matches they played against team shock ~ (who is part of FK now). Care to take me up on that offer? Now either get your facts straight before you start bashing clans or go back to the sidelines with the rest of the no-names and continue hoping that one day you can drop some player’s names in a conversation and maybe get a few people to think you were one of the elite as well. Second rate players and name droppers, gotta love them.
  14. errr I don't think that was what he had in mind. What you just described were moves straight out of the game manual more or less. What Jawa meant were combos that are not obvious, like pull+throw+kicks and rage+DFA's for example. Academy does have a few but they are very primitive when compared to some of the things that could be done in Outcast. When I play FFA in Academy, level 3 Rage+FBS (flying back stab) with the double sabers just flat out dominates. Rage at level 3 protects me from random shots from all of the idiots playing "roll and poke" and I can just FBS my little Jedi heart away.
  15. ummm if it's a pk3 that you download, you won't see (pardon the expression) it unless you have it. That's not JA or Raven, that's how the Quake 3 engine works. Now for you not to "see" his invisible hilt on a pure server, the only way was you auto downloading it off the server. cl_allowDownload 0 fixes that, go delete the pk3 and go back. Now if this hilt is an actual in game exploit like a cvar, that’s one thing, but if it’s a pk3, you won’t have to deal with it unless it’s in your base folder.
  16. I totally agree with you, I'm one of the few competitive players who WANTS the newbie’s/casual players to stick around and have fun. This may sound weird, but one of the bad things about Outcast that I did not like was it's incredibly high learning curve. There really was no "middle ground" for the average/casual players. You either played it non-stop/became "elite" or you got murdered by those who did. This caused a hell of a lot of frustration and the more vocal the average players became, the more things got nerfed all to hell. 1.02 despite it's flaws and bugs had a "middle ground" or a "great equalizer" in the form of high damage sabers and devastating moves and powers. Sure a competitive player would mop the floor with a newbie most of the time, but that newbie had a much better chance of getting in a "lucky shot" and winning a match in 1.02 than he did in 1.04. In 1.04 I could literally go to almost any non competitive clan server that showed up on the master list, take on 5-6 people at once and just beat them down. I will be the first to admit there is something seriously wrong with that. Don't get me wrong, I do think that if a person does practice and perfect his game, he should be able to dominate, but when there is such a huge difference between "knowing the game" and knowing the game that one guy can wipe out entire servers of seasoned players... that's a little messed up and it's going to drive a lot of people who do not have the time or desire to really spend a lot of time learning the more complex parts of the game, right out the door. And Prime, like Jawa said, a lot of us have invested a lot of time and money in servers, sites, people etc. We have gone out and befriended and recruited people to play this game competitively and we are basically at a point now where it is a waiting game. We really don't post here much, I myself only pop in now and then (RTCW: ET has me addicted) to check and see if the SDK came out. The reason you may see me "flame" now and then is revisionist history on the part of a lot of people around here. Take that jackass spider al for example. People tend to forget that it was not the competitive gamer that brought about those patches in Outcast, it was the *casual gamer. League and ladder players where not the ones whining and crying about back stabs and DFA's, it was the average Joe players. Now we all *should have learned that the people who know the least about the game should not be the ones listened to when it comes time to make game play changes. But we fast forward to present time and what do we have? The same damn newbies who pissed and moaned about kicks, back stabs (and god knows what else they were too stupid to figure out how to counter) trying to flip the coin and play it off like they have been opposed to "whiners" all along and they were not the ones crying for patches every 30 seconds. I'm sorry but when I see some damn newbie saying "adapt and learn" to a competition level player who is doing nothing more than pointing out some problems with a specific game type, then... I search this damn newbie’s posts and see nothing but "OMFG THE PULL BACK STAB IS LAME FIX IT I HATE SPAMMERS" posts from him..... It’s not hard to see where our "attitude problems" are coming from. I mean really, am I the only one who has noticed the sheer absurdity of the things a lot of you have been posting? "I don't play full force saber only, and I'm not a very good player but I'm going to lecture you on what you need to do and I'm going to call you a whiner in the process". That’s about as f-ing stupid as me going to the SWG forums and giving people crap about issues they have with game play when I don't even play the damn game. And many of you wonder why our tempers flare.... That ^ was not a flame at you prime, but come one man, if I came to your job, had no or little experience in your field of work and constantly stood over your shoulder and told you what you needed to do, not to mention insulted you in the process, how long would it take you to look up and tell me to “bugger off”? That is all that is going on here man.
  17. We have 3 mod teams in the competitive community waiting to get to work (one of which is the author of the popular Jedi Outcast competition mod =X= mod) and in short, that is the ONLY reason why we are here. We are pushing for the SDK. Trust me guy, I have no desire to sit here and watch people get all wet over count Chewbacca vs. darth Spock debates, I have no desire to be lectured on game play mechanics by random newbie’s and sub-par players. Right now Academy bores me do death, the majority of the people playing it are terrible players because they never learned many of the fundamental game play techniques from Outcast that are still present and there is simply no competition. That said, when those players from Outcast who did know their stuff compete with each other in Academy.... the game almost always results in a stale mate because both sides have spent a lot of time studying the game mechanics and know what to exploit to stay alive. The problem is, the defensive options far outweighs the offensive options in this game (in terms of effectiveness) and when you get two players or teams who know how to exploit this, nothing happens, literally. So it's a lose/lose situation for us with out the SDK, we can either beat up newbies who are bouncing around doing their butterflies and pretending to be darth maul, or we can play 20 minute matches with experienced teams that always end in a score of 0/0.
  18. come on man, I know you don't buy that. While the combos in Outcast did require a hell of a lot more finger speed, hand eye coordination and dexterity to pull off than anything present in Academy, it's not all about the button pressing. The simple truth was, the game was unrestricted, and it allowed players to think and create and expand. Academy has so many damn nerfs in the wrong places it totally eliminates a player’s ability to pull off almost anything that is not listed in the game manual. If you (or any one for that matter) seriously doubt the level of skill difference between these two games let’s do this: Go find the most complex and insane combo you could ever dream of in Academy, hell you don't even have to do it, if you see another player do it, just demo it and post it. I bet you a player like myself who does not even play this game, could do it in fewer than 2 tries and in less than 1 minute flat. Then I'll go post a demo of a very complex combo from Outcast and I bet the vast majority of you could not pull it off against a live opponent after 2 weeks of practice. Kurgan, with Academy what you see is what you get man; there is no way around that. You know as well as I do that the competitive community has been playing this game since the "B word" days. Every thing that could be found, has been found.
  19. 1- Yes, if you know any better feel free to toss out some names. Sanguis Frater produced the most dominant 1v1 players in Jedi Outcast history (I was a part of that clan). Almost every member of that team dominated any and all 1v1 ladders in competitive Jedi Outcast gaming from the day 1.04 came out to the end. Fallen Knights (I became part of this clan after a merger) along with [div3rse] (a separate clan, we competed against them) and =X= were the most dominate clans in competitive Jedi Outcast team based gaming. Feel free to name clans who were more dominant than those. 2-Yes. I don't like to use the word "sucked" but you've seen the demos I've posted in the past. Players like myself could go onto non-competitive clan servers (as in any and all servers full of people other than those we competed against) and just beat the living unholy hell out of people. 3-There are no "elite" clans or players in Academy, period. The game is just too simplistic and limited to draw in the hardcore competitive gamers in large numbers. 4-No, there are a few old school veterans who play JA, but the numbers are very small. 5-Not unless more content is added. I'm sorry Kurgan but if you can't see just how limited the possibility of expansion of game play is due to the removals and nerfs, then quite frankly, you don't know much about sabers and force (no disrespect meant). I mean I've played Jedi Academy for all of maybe 10 hours since it was released, yet even today, I can go onto almost full force duel server and dominate. I just do simple things like "play Euro" (this is a style of competition play that involves a lot of running, strafe jumping and push/pull throwing, level 2 lightning and level 2 drain) and frustrate the hell out of the star wars newbie’s. there is NO reason a player with as little experience in a game as I have, should be able to go on and do that.... unless..... The game content remains largely the same as it's predecessor, and those I am playing lack the knowledge and skill to poke holes in my strategy because they never acquired them in Outcast.
  20. I don't think it is unbalanced, I just think it is too simple and quite boring in it's present state. I mean let's cut through the B.S. for a second and look at who is the happiest with Jedi Academy: The people who were average or below average Jedi Outcast players. While an argument can be made that things are more "balanced" it can also be made that it has become so simplified that it lacks the higher learning curve that so many disgruntled Jedi Outcast players (who are now, as traj so eloquently put it: "happy as pigs in ****") could not quite meet. Or in simpler terms, the game got dummied down for those who could not hang.
  21. this may not do anything for you (chances are it won't) but it won't hurt to try. I played a lot of Quake 3 Urban Terror for a while and for some reason, the in-game browser had the same problem. http://forums.urbanterror.net/default.asp?action=getTopic&discussionID=27&topicID=9910 That thread shows an easy way to fix it. Granted that cvar may not even be in the JA build, but like I said, can't hurt to check.
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