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  1. Heres the screenshot of the room I say: http://www.geocities.com/givenslash2003/loom.gif You can see the hourglasses and like a staircase. And as long as this is about things that are missing in Loom: Does anyone know which guild is this image representing at: http://www.geocities.com/givenslash2003/loom2.gif Ah, about those screenshots on FM Towns Loom which aren't in any PC version, can anyone post some of them please?
  2. It has to be a beta version surely. Or at least a gamma. Im a begginer with ScummVM and I tried to make the program show me the boxes, I cannot see them well. I tried hard to see boxes on the bridge but it has to be a thin line. Maybe that was erased too. I guess I would write coord by coord and draw them on a paper. Scummrev allowed you to see them better but it is not working with Loom right now for what I know.
  3. I guess someone did it already. It is called Monkey Island: The Devil's Triangle. It is not very bad. The jokes aren't bad, the only thing is that it is heavy filled of them. Maybe you can take advantage on the fact that the story sucks a little and it was made with Click & Play I suppose. It doesnt look like a Lucasarts at all. I dont remember the site but using Google Im sure youll find it.
  4. I loved the Manhunter series as well. Conquest of the Longbow is incredible too. There is a great fan made game (an exception for fan games) Space Quest: The Lost Chapter. It happens between SQ2 and SQ3 I believe. Is really great. I wonder if exists tools for making Scumm games as there are for the AGI. Sure that Lucasarts wins with their famous MI1, IJ3 etc. But some of Sierra leaves the latter (and not so) Lucasarts very behind I think.
  5. Yes, thats right. Thats the room, and there is like a staircase even, to get right there. I dont remember if it was a Loom poster or a page of certain magazine, I dont even remember if it was a screenshot or just a drawing (Im almost sure that it was a screenshot) but I've seen those hourglasses and Bobbin standing by them. The poster was in a computer sofware store, many years ago. I really dont know if Lucasarts took it out or it is still there in some version. And I played it in the Expert mode too, but nothing again. I really dont know what is. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Sorry if I bother but this is screwing up my head. Im new to this forums and I wrote for the following: I suppose there is a missing room in Loom. Correct me if Im wrong. I tested the 16 colors versions and also the 256 (wich is pretty more poor in terms of story details.) There is like a room in the middle of the glass city that I cannot access. And looking for the room files I note one is missing: 21.lfl. Maybe that room is in a version I dont know. Its not my game that is wrong I suppose cause I never found messages saying 'room not found' or something like that. Simply the character cannot access it. I posted that on the Lucas hacks forum if you want to read it. My question is if that can be? Did you see it on any version? Thanks and sorry for my loosy english...
  7. Many years ago in a Loom poster I saw a room with hourglasses I believe in the glass city. Having finished the game I realized that I never found such a room. Years after, playing Loom again. I decided to watch in the middle of the glass city, and it appears to be like those hourglasses and there is like a path to them in wich the character cannot walk. I tried on two different versions. Maybe it is for a version for a different platform than PC. I dont know. I decided to download ScummVM. After searching room by room I notice that a file is missing: 21.lfl. The files for the rooms of glass city go from 17.lfl to 24.lfl aproximately. This is strange. From 00.lfl to 70.lfl is the only file missing. Do you know something about this?
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