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  1. @Sallim That's a relief! If I'm going to buy a new console, I'd rather it be a Wii U. Other than the awesome GF news, it's great to see that so many old faces showed up in this thread right away. I guess one's love of Grim Fandango never dies.
  2. Oh my God, I never thought I'd live to see this day. I just might have to invest in a PS4 or Vita just because of this. Holy damn.
  3. I was reminded of this thread out of nowhere and realised I had lost all of elbiolin's amazing pictures when switching to a new computer. What a relief and surprise to see that they're still up after all these years! And just as great as before.
  4. I saw this yesterday and was sure that I was dreaming or in a movie because things like this don't happen in real life.
  5. Have you considered talking about your project at Adventure Gamers? I'm sure your blog would raise a lot of interest there, especially since their forums are far more active than we here.
  6. I'm astonished by how good this looks! You've obviously poured a lot of effort and talent into this. I can't wait to see how the project will develop.
  7. I haven't played the game to the end in something like five years, and I've forgotten loads. I'm going to wait one more year and then it's fandango time again. When I first played the game, I had no idea that you could examine items in two ways. Because of that, I've never used the other way in the last two years. There are plenty of new things to be discovered. The attention to detail in this game never stops to amaze me, especially since you often discover some little piece of description or dialogue that seems completely random, but then later on in the game, you find something else that connects to it, and everything clicks into place. It's perfect.
  8. It makes me smile, too. I was grinning like an idiot from start to finish. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Ooh, that's really well done. He looks like he's straight from the game.
  10. You commented on my Golden Sun avatar some time ago. I'm sorry it took me this long to even notice your comment. I've been away from the forums for a good time. Anyway, it's nice to see another fan of the series. Let's hope the new game is as good as the first two.

  11. A few years ago I would have voted for GF and prayed that there would be a sequel, but now I actually feel hesitant. Man, I've got old and grumpy. I'd love to visit the Land of the Dead again with an entirely new main character (and cameos by some minor characters from the original, like Glottis and Eva), but I wouldn't want to see Manny again. He should be let rest in peace.
  12. I can't remember if it came up in discussions or someone's fanfic, but I recall someone suggesting that Hector wanted out but had led Domino to believe that they were only in it for the money. There's nothing in the game to support it, but I think the idea fits what we know of Hector. Maybe he was so desperate to get out and paranoid that he couldn't bring himself to trust even his second in command and conned Domino as well.
  13. Listening to the soundtrack is definitely the best way to get on the mood. Watching some of the scenes on Youtube is also fun when you don't have the time to play the game yourself. Maybe taking a break from the game would also help. If you let it collect dust for a while, playing it again might feel like a fresh experience. I haven't played GF in such a long time that I've actually forgotten most of the puzzles in the last two years of the game. I bet there will also be lots of dialogue that I've either missed or forgotten. When I have the time to play the game properly again, I'm sure it will be a great experience.
  14. I've listened to the audio before, but I've never seen the actual scene. Thank you so much for posting this. It really made the experience complete.
  15. I finally got around playing around with DOSBox so that Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon is working properly. I've had the game for about two years now, but I never made it very far because of technical issues. Now I've spent the whole weekend playing it and all I can say is that this is one brilliant game. The characters are great and memorable, the plot has me hooked, the puzzles make sense most of the time and the humour and atmosphere are spot on. I'm still not done with it, and I'm in no hurry to finish it. I want this experience to last.
  16. I finished A Vampyre Story a couple of days ago, and I absolutely loved it. The game did have its flaws, but the fun characters, gorgeous backgrounds, decent to good puzzles and overall retro feel really sold it to me. I chose to play the game in German because of Mona's rather annoying English voice. I loved the German cast, and when I compare it to the English clips I've found at YouTube, I really feel that it's much more solid. The only exception is Shrowdy; I think his voice is far better in English.
  17. I just don't get what they thought they would achieve by that. The game is ten years old and that document could have done nothing to hurt LA - there was no controversial info or company secrets, and since they will probably never release anything new GF-related again, it couldn't have hurt any sales either. If anything, I think the document would have brought positive attention to the game and reminded people that it exists. If I were LA, I'd be happy to keep the fanbase active in case I ever wanted to make more money from GF again.
  18. Once something is online, it can never be taken down for good. There's a link to it in the comments to this post. EDIT: Wow, Du Man! That's an awesome cake! I would never have the heart to eat it.
  19. Man, I almost missed the whole thing. I only visited the website to get the patch since I suddenly felt like playing the game again and noticed the mention of this. I wish that Manny's brother segment had been in the final game. It would have brought even more depth to Manny's character and the dream-talk puzzle sounded like it would have been fun to solve. I guess the bit might have felt out of place in the actual game, but it doesn't stop me from desperately wanting to play it.
  20. Wow, that's a real masterpiece! It would be awesome to have the entire main cast as figures like that, but Manny alone is a real treat. You're so lucky.
  21. Wow, that's some great dedication! Awesome work.
  22. I'm going to be a traitor and probably do nothing since I'm horribly busy and must gather my strength for NaNoWriMo. However, this could be a great excuse to finish playing the German version of the game. At the very least I'll blabber about the game in my LJ in hopes of introducing someone to it.
  23. Man, when was the last time I posted at Lucas Forums? Anyway, I recently borrowed Lost in Blue for DS from a friend. I had read lots of bad reviews about it, so I was a little sceptical. The beginning was just as frustrating as all the reviews had said, but it got a lot better after that. I'm not done with it yet, but so far it has been a fun little game. And as soon as I install DOSBox on my new computer, I'll go back to playing Tex Murphy: Under the Killing Moon. I'm still in the beginning, but the game is awesome.
  24. Awesome! The first version was already a masterpiece, so I can't wait to see what you've done differently this time around. I remember being very impressed by how well you captured the characters' speech patterns and how you organised the events in the game into a tight chronological order. I don't know when I'll have the time to read the new version, but you can expect more comments from me when I'm done.
  25. I came late to the party because I only played GF in 2003. I was in a game store with my little brother and he wanted to get the game because he thought the cover was interesting. I remember telling him how stupid it looked like and how the game would no doubt suck. The image of Manny holding the DOD flyer made me think it would be some kind of sales simulator in which you have to keep selling more stuff to becomer richer and get better jobs etc. My brother never really played the game because he couldn't speak English at the time, so the game was stored away and forgotten. He only took it out some time later when he had formatted his computer and realised that he couldn't re-install most of his games because he had lost the discs. I happened to walk by when he was talking with Eva in the beginning of the game, and I was sold on the spot. The writing was so hilarious. GF remains my favourite game of all-time, though I'm no longer as active in the community as I used to be.
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