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  1. I'm a dirty heathen, touch my vagina missionary man.

  2. MID-MORNING PRODUCTIONS ANNOUNCES FREE DOWNLOADABLE SAM AND MAX ADVENTURE GAMES http://www.flintlocked.com The independent games developer Mid-Morning Productions announced today the development of three new adventure games based off of the beloved characters of Steve Purcell’s comic series, Sam and Max. The games will have separate release dates and will be available independently, but they will all be part of a single story arc, entitled Sam & Max: Flintlocked. After each game’s release, the new game will be available for download from http://www.flintlocked.com and/or other avail
  3. Mike Nelson has been moved from his position of VP of Finance and Operations! ----------------------- LUCASARTS NAMES JOHN GEOGHEGAN VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (July 22, 2004) – John Geoghegan has been named Vice President, Marketing, at LucasArts, a leading developer and publisher of entertainment software for video-game consoles, computers and the Internet, it was announced today by Jim Ward, President of LucasArts. ----------------------- Let's just have our fingers crossed that he's been completely kicked out of Lucasarts...
  4. I don't think that sending Lucasarts your money for the game will mean much to them, because a) you'd have to first send highly complicated legal documents that Lucasarts would have to agree to, that would say "As soon as you get a certain amount of money for the game from people willing to buy it, you have to finish it." b) we'd never ever be able to get enough people together to pre-order a $40 game unless there was a solid indication it would come back. Sorry to burst your bubble, and I'm glad to see we're still coming up with ways of getting this game back. But who
  5. Jake, you're right about me getting hyperactive over one piece of concept art for a game that probably didn't even enter production. You're also right that several games get into a concept stage but never ever enter production. However, I still hold true to the first two points of my argument. I've omitted the third point from my letter to Lucasarts (which I haven't sent yet) If you must know, I really didn't care about Full Throttle: Payback, I just threw that third point in so my argument wouldn't be completely off-topic. Btw Jake, are you ever going to upload those "news clip
  6. I plan to send my long discussion to several people at Lucasarts (Randy Breen, Mary Bihr, and that new president guy), but I like bugging Mike Nelson. I also think that George Lucas doesn't know what's going on at Lucasarts. On the other hand, he could be saying, "You're doing lots of Star Wars? Making lots of money? Keep it up." Either way, we can't blame him for the death of Sam and Max 2 and Full Throttle 2 (the correct one).
  7. I've just realized something. It's slightly off-topic, but it talks about why Lucasarts is cancelling all their adventure games. Feel free to argue against my point of view if you want to (I'm also going to point this argument of mine to mnelson@lucasarts.com pronto): When Lucasarts said that "this is not the appropriate time to release a graphic adventure on the PC," they couldn't have been more right. But why is not the appropriate time? It's their own dumb faults. This is proved on three points. 1) Lucasarts is (or was) clearly the leading adventure developer in the marketing
  8. This is very interesting. In fact I'm going to e-mail them. Shows how Lucasarts is rapidly declining, if they start development on a true adventure sequel and cancel it to put in its place a dated action game. I would also like to know the date on this cancelled adventure.
  9. This series of useless objects and items in the future of DotT has long perplexed me. The hubcap falls off of the time machine after Laverne flies into it and the hamster escapes. All you can do with it (as far as we know) is put it in the recycling machine in the kitchen room. As for the machine on the right side of the kitchen, it may just be useless, but it seems too important to be entirely useless. Maybe the hubcap and this machine is the start of something much larger, but I really doubt it. It was probably a cut puzzle.
  10. It's on my website now (I gave Gabez and WWHS proper credit for it though) in the Lucas-Only Games page: http://www.freewebs.com/lucaskeen
  11. Listen Jake, sure Mercenaries may play cool, but honestly, how many war games / shoot-em-ups are there out there right now? Yeah, now think of how many adventure games there are out there. The reason we have so many mindless shoot-em-ups that require no thought whatsoever, just a thumb that with which you can smash buttons, is because gamers today are too lazy to use their brains and would rather blow people up with guns. Lucasarts can still make fun games, they're just unoriginal. Look at Rogue Squadron III: Rogue Leader or whatever that Gamecube game is. It was fun, but it's just a
  12. Hmm....okay I'll download it. It's going to take me 3 1/2 hours, so I'd better'd leave it downloading tonight after I go to bed.
  13. I'd play it, since I hate LEC too, but I'm afraid of how offensive the game exactly is. Anyway, go tell LEC about it and see how they feel!
  14. We need a petition for Idle Thumbs to control their mouths, so everyone, including kids, can visit.
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