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  1. Quote: Well, if everyone in this forum buys 100 copies then thats about...700 copies. It's definately gonna need outside assistence to be a hit. Uh Skinkie, this may come as a surprise to you, but we're not the only Sam and Max fans in the whole world. .....Or are we??? So, while we're waiting on the keeping-it-under-wraps-very-well Lucasarts to release Sam and Max 2, let's speculate! And I'll help get the speculation started! My question is: Will it be point-n-click, or will it have that boring engine from EMI and GF?
  2. I can't get Low to go down into the crypt! I have done the following: -I read all the displays, including the one with the response, "Could this be some sort of burial chamber?" -I uncovered the lens. -I made the moons eclipse. -I got the lights on in the tomb. -I stuck the rod in the loose floor panel. -I destroyed the statue. And yet he still says, "Pretty elaborate setup for a burial crypt. Something about this old relic must have been important." Could somebody please help?
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    AAARGGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!!! That was soooo embarrassing! Sorry about the topic title, people. I thought that the "Post Subject" box line was where you enter your password. Guess that's what I get for being in a hurry! Please forgive me and please nobody make fun of me!
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    I'm having some problems with The Dig and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb (demo from Computer Gaming World). In The Dig, I've done everything necessary to get into the crypt via the lowering platform (I've made the moons eclipse, uncovered the lens, pushed the floor piece down with the rod, got the lights on, and read the museum display about it), and yet Low still won't go down. Why not? Also, in the demo for Emperor's Tomb, on the Instanbul Breakout level, after Mei Ying helps you kill the three guys, you climb the bamboo structure, and swing on the chain to the above walkway. I'm outside and I switch to Wall Mode with "E." I get about halfway across the catwalk and Indy bumps off and falls to his doom. What am I doing wrong? Thanx for any help you can give!
  5. It's been half a year since Lucasarts released the press release and website for the new Sam and Max game, they haven't said anything else since, and it's half a year until it's released. What do you think's going on? Either the project is lagging behind, or Lucasarts is keeping it behind doors in order to suprise us. I hope it's the latter, because after the tragic FT2 cancellation, I don't want ANOTHER adventure game cancelled.
  6. I was sort of looking forward to FT2, but am glad, in a way, that Lucasarts cancelled it, because it would've killed their reputation for making quality adventure games. But do you know why it was cancelled? It was our own faults. We sat around in these forums and criticized FT2, and Lucasarts announced it cancelled. Why? Note what the quote said about only wanting to bring quality games to us. We criticized the, they saw our insults, and decided they'd get less beatings from loyal FT1 fans if they trashed the sequel. And, you guys, if you don't cut this out, they're going to can Sam and Max 2. SO STOP YELLING AT LUCASARTS!!!!
  7. 1 more question... LEC Q&E's site said it would fix sound in Windows 2000 and Xp, plus it needs ScummVm (which I have) and VDMSound to run. Are there versions of LEC Q&E and VDMSound for Windows 98 because I downloaded VDMSound once and it said it wouldn't run on my Windows 98 computer....
  8. Wow! I hadn't been so enthusiastic about Scummvm in the past, but it works miracles with my old Lucasarts games. But now my only question is: Is it possible to make shortcuts to the games WITH the modifications that Scummvm makes? I like to have shortcuts to all my adventure games on the desktop for some reason...
  9. I'm having problems running old Lucasarts adventures in Windows 98. Any help would be useful. -In Indy 3, there's no music or sound whatsoever -In Loom, there's no music or sound whatsoever -In SMI, I get an error message -In MI2, there's no music or sound whatsoever -In Indy 4, there's no music -In DOTT, there's no music -In Sam and Max, there's no music All the rest work fine.
  10. I have Windows 98 and I can't get MI2 to run with sound / music. SMI won't run at all! It has a message: "run-time error R6003 - integer divide by 0." So how do I fix this SMI problem and how do I get the music and sound to run with MI2?
  11. I will list in order of best-to-least. Curse of Monkey Island: First MI game I bought. Simply loved it. I found myself humming the pirate song, I loved the way Guybrush got out of the crypt, but was TOO SHORT!!! Monkey Island 2: Third MI game I bought. This would've been my favorite MI game except for that lame ending. I was even more disappointed when I found it didn't connect to CMI, having already beat CMI. But other than that, it was great and funny! Secret of Monkey Island: Second MI game I bought. I found the puzzles a bit harder and less obvious (especially using the flower on the meat to poison the dogs and getting Stan to sell you a ship), but they were the funniest. I found myself laughing so hard I couldn't breathe when I first saw Guybrush wreck Elaine's mansion. Escape from Monkey Island: Last MI game I bought. Sure it had great graphics, music, sound, etc. but compared to the others, it was bland. The story didn't seem MI-ish (too much legal talk for me) and seemed better suited for Sam and Max. This is my least favorite. P.S. If Ron Gilbert every released MI3a, IT would be my favorite. P.P.S. I'm new here!
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