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  1. You guys are all over-acting and posting your pointless garbage in the wrong forums. THIS IS SAM AND MAX WE'RE SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT IN "MAINSTREAM!!!" Ever since March 3rd, these forums have been out of control, pointless, and inane, and Jake and Metallus have both disappeared.
  2. You can tell when a topic is going to be pointless and offensive when both RayJones and SyntheticGerbil post in the same topic. They're nothing but troublemakers...
  3. Here's the exact error message: Failed to save game state to file: monkey2.sa01 I also checked and none of the files in SCUMMVM nor the SCUMM games are read-only. And the saves for 5.0 are in the 6.0 folder.
  4. 50 views and no replies??? Come on! I really need help!
  5. Here's my post: "In the Internet bonus mission of Armed and Dangerous, there are these two characters that look like a dog and rabbit. I actually caught them the first time and it was fun, but the second time, right before I caught them, they disappeared suddenly and utterly! Now I can't get them back! It's driving me and thousands of other fans crazy! Could you help?"
  6. It's a good idea, and I think we should do it, though we could all end up getting banned. I'm going over there to POST POST POST!!!
  7. Awesome MP3 track...I'll use it in the full version. And the title "Club Lagamorph" could be an area in the game... But, about that demo I was making... Here it is! http://www.freewebs.com/keatonsworld/samandmax2demo.zip The only places you can go are Sam & Max's office, the hallway, outside sidewalk, and the Geek's lab. To go to the lab, PUSH the red-white-and-blue colored switch in the office. My only gripe is that there are a few sloppy spots, and the 3D landscape studio I use is a bit blocky, i.e. the green sofa in the office is a bit mis-shapen. Other than that, I think it's a great demo. Also keep in mind that what the full version looks like is not set yet. This is just my vision for it, and it will only look like this if I am chosen to lead the project. Also, tygerbug, I used your Sam and Max sprites ZIP, so thanks. But I was wondering, since you did the "next generation" pictures of Sam and Max separately, how long did it take you, because it would look nice to have the original Hit the Road sprites rendered. But if you think it would take too much time, I'll settle for normal sprites.
  8. Hey Freddie, I have the Lucasarts Company Store Catalog 1999-2000 in my Lucasarts Adventures collection, and I'll trade with you if you think it's worth anything, or if you can think of anything that you have worth trading it for. I also have the original boxed "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," complete with 3.5 IBM disks and Grail diary, but I don't want to trade that. It's just that you aren't listing it on your site, so I didn't know if you have it or not.
  9. Okay, I'll try to reply to everything that's happened since my last post. Earlier this afternoon, I set out to get the TV show Sam & Max sprites, armed with a DVD player and AT ScreenThief. The purpose of AT ScreenThief is to make a BMP image out of whatever is currently on the desktop. But for some reason, when I tell it to make a screenshot, with the DVD freeze-framed in one spot, all I get in the BMP image is a big black blob. Unless somebody else does it, I think I'll have to use the HTR sprites for the moment. Very nice shirt. You're lucky and I'm a bit jealous. But on the other hand, I have a shirt and baseball cap that was supposed to promote the TV show, but never shipped to stores. Great to have you here James, and your help, along with your team, will be much welcomed. We definitely need a music composer, puzzle designer, additional voice acting, and dialog writer, so if you'd be willing to lend some of your employees to this project, it'd be great. Put your stuff up here as soon as we start actually working on the plot instead of just sitting around making suggestions to each other. As for the quality, this is definitely looking promising. Screenshots will be up soon. On a completely off-topic note, I made a Lucasarts fangame called "Day of the Alien" years before I came to these forums. You can download it through the link on my sig. If it does, we can all send another round of hate mail to Lucasarts, I'll quietly finish off the game, and distribute it on CDs through snail mail. For the demo, I'll be handeling the backgrounds, but we have decided nothing for the final game. Put some examples up here and I'll look at 'em. Pork_Soda, like I said, I'll be doing the demo, but if you want to help with the full version, stick it up here and I'll take a look-see. I nominate myself for the time being, since I'm doing the demo. As for a_monkey and ball-o-twine, until they do another post, we can just be thankful that they brought the first breath to this topic...or something like that. I'd forget about them for now. A title for the game is still in the air. Let's see, here are my suggestions... Sam and Max & the Artificial Intestines Sam and Max 2: You Can't Kill Them Sam and Max 2: Mack Salmon's Revenge Sam and Max: Day of the Fish But don't let me stop you from coming up with your own! As for this project getting done on time, I promise the final game will be done before 2004 is out. Game programming is my top-priority hobby, and I very rarely stop a game project that I'm making and just leave it unfinished. ----------------------------------------- Graphic Artists / Animators Brushguy Chron-O-John James Isaac & Day of the Alien Team patheticloser37 Pork_Soda tygerbug AGS Programming Brushguy Story Writers Brushguy James Isaac & Day of the Alien Team Maveric StonerDave&Max toenail1 Voice Acting Brushguy James Isaac & Day of the Alien Team patheticloser37 tygerbug Music Composing James Isaac & Day of the Alien Team
  10. You might work for Lucasarts' sales department if..... ...you like locking yourself in a small room and ignoring what's going on in the outside world with fans ...you feel happy and proud when you eradicate your loyal fan base ...you think any game in space will sell (hence allowing RTX to ship) ...you're idea of "what people buy" is so warped that a game called "Dead Mouse" which comes with a dead mouse, will be a hit seller! ...you think adventures are too complicated for your own low IQ and therefore must be cancelled, because people only enjoy plot-less mind-less FPS games. ...you worship Mike Nelson and his "wise decisions" ...you like to make stupid decisions, thinking that there will be no consequences ...you say "Boycotts? They can't do anything!" with pride. ...you're Hitler or Osama Bin Laden or Lenin or Mike Nelson, all of which equally evil
  11. A transition from game to TV show rarely works, but when it does, it hits a home run. Example of a stupid transition would be Maniac Mansion (barf), and a very good transition would be the Sam and Max TV show, even if it isn't directly Lucasarts-related. And yet there's heaps and heaps of stuff that Lucasfilm hasn't touched yet that, with the right people leading, could be turned into successful and hilarious TV shows. Day After Day of the Tentacle Tales from the Land of the Dead Further Adventures of Guybrush Threepwood I'm drooling just thinking about it... BTW, that MP3 is dreadful...
  12. StonerDave&Max, see my description of the plot for Part I a few posts back, and post here what you think would make the plot more Sam and Max-like. Also, graphic artists, post your stuff on this topic, like what tygerbug was doing. Speaking of which, where is tygerbug? Anyway, here's the third revision to the credits list. ------------------ Graphic Artists Brushguy Chron-O-John patheticloser37 tygerbug AGS Programming Brushguy Story Writers Brushguy Maveric StonerDave&Max toenail1 Voice Acting Brushguy patheticloser37 tygerbug *Still need somebody to write music*
  13. Well, it's a sound theory, it could happen, and it probably will happen. We'll just have to wait.
  14. The International McDonalds Collaboration Organization Program, or I.D.I.O.T. for short, want to plow down the entire United States and plant McDonalds restaurants over the country, with the buildings 20 square inches apart. In order to ensure that everybody has a place to stay, they will be moving all citizens of the USA to the Gulf of Mexico. Forward complaints and questions to Mike Nelson, leader of the project.
  15. I got the new version of Scummvm (6.0), but I'm having some trouble running it... 1) Is there any way to transfer all the Lucasarts save files from 5.0 to 6.0? 2) When I try to save my game under 6.0, it says "Failed to save game." What's going on?
  16. @ Chron-O-John: I know the capabilities of Flash, and it would be amazing, but right at this moment, AGS seems like a more logical move because no talented Flash programmers have stepped into this topic yet. If they do, I'll consider a Flash game immediately. @ everybody else: Just because your name isn't on "the list" doesn't mean you still can't be involved. I just picked out all the people who said previously in this topic that they wanted to help and seemed like they would (i.e. they posted more than once). Just say so and I'll add your name. The demo's coming along fine. Hoping to get screenshots up soon...
  17. I was flipping through some old Nintendo Powers, and in one of them was a preview for one of the many early versions of Earthworm Jim 3D. In it, it said (FYI this isn't in the real game) that "one area will be Jim's Childhood, where he was just a little annelid, with his family in a dreamy carnival." This might be a subtle reference to Monkey Island 2....
  18. Nah, you don't have to do THAT, toenail1. Since you offered to be a story writer, what would help is some advice on our fangame story plot, like what you think would make it better. Here's the improved story for Part I (title suggestions are welcome)... -------------------------------- Sam and Max chase the Mad Thespian (from two of the TV episodes) into an alley. He runs into the backdoor of a theatre. Sam and Max must enter and solve a few puzzles to bring him to justice. This ends in a huge fight with Sam, Max, and the Mad Thespian, causing a parcel to slip out of MT's coat before S&M turn him over to the police. It's adressed "To: Sam and Max - From: The Commissioner" "How did the Mad Thespian get his hands on that?" asks Sam. "Dunno," says Max, "but it might be important." Therefore, they take it to Flint Paper and he tells them that it contains an important tool (the artificial intestines) that a secret organization needs. Meanwhile, Lorne sneaks into the office, steals the parcel, and takes it to his "Sam & Max Collection" in the carnival funhouse. To make things worse, the parcel was sealed in a strongbox, and the Mad Thespian has the key. And he escaped from jail. So Part I has three common goals, like most Lucasarts games: 1. Find Lorne with the parcel 2. Find the Mad Thespian 3. Find the key, because the Mad Thespian hid it somewhere, but this isn't apparent to the player until they've already caught him. So whaddya guys think? If we can work out all the seams of Part I's plot, we can start working on PUZZLES! I want to have Lorne, the Geek, and Flint Paper in Part I, and have them all play major roles. I also want to have Sam and Max solve seemingly pointless puzzles for seemingly pointless goals, but those puzzles get you items or new rooms that get you closer to your main goal, as in DOTT.
  19. Some guy on eBay stuck them on a DVD. They contain all 16 episodes from the tapes, 4 episodes that never got on tapes, and 2 shorts. Speak for yourself.
  20. Sorry! Misunderstanding. Thought you said you could program Flash. But we'll be using AGS anyway, unless a brilliant Flash programmer comes along. As for the sprites, I like tygerbug's idea of using the shows for sprites and backgrounds, and I do have a DVD of the episodes (so I could use ScreenThief and a DVD-ROM player on my PC) but it would be next-to-impossible and take lots and lots of time. You'd need back, side, and front animations of Sam, Max, etc. that loop and look like convincing animations. I think I can use the sprites from Hit the Road, I'll download tygerbug's ZIP tonite... Um, where are you downloading the episodes? I take it that since you're doing Sam, you're going to be imitating the Hit the Road Sam and not the TV show Sam, right? I personally considered the show funny, though... Hmm, using your earlier idea of Max giving birth to himself (lol), and the above set of lines (funny) I could have one section of Part III be a twisted mental hospital of sorts (on another planet), and weird things happen like time travel, the above conversation, Sam giving birth to Max, etc. Whatever. ------------------------------- Brushguy Graphic Artist Animation AGS Programming Story Writer Voice Acting Chron-O-John Graphic Artist tygerbug Graphic Artist Voice Acting patheticloser37 Graphic Artist Voice Acting toenail1 Story Writer Maveric Story Writer *Still need somebody to write music*
  21. Well, Chron-O-John wants Flash, but there is nothing wrong with doing AGS. It wouldn't hurt to do an AGS demo, as long as we all agree on what to do for the final game. I'll work him into Part I somehow... Expect this demo soon. I think it'll just be Sam and Max's office, the Geek's lab, the hallway outside their office, and the street immediately outside. Of course tygerbug and I will have to agree on the voice lines to put into the game, since we'll be doing Sam & Max's voice. ------------------- Graphic Artists Brushguy Chron-O-John tygerbug patheticloser37 Animation Brushguy *More animators are welcome* Flash Programming(if we do Flash) Pork_Soda Wasobi33 AGS Programming(if we do AGS) Brushguy Music Writers *Need somebody to do this* Story Writers Brushguy toenail1 Maveric Voice Acting Brushguy tygerbug patheticloser37
  22. Okay, I think I can rework the plot a little bit. And I have absolutely no idea what we should put in those chapters, so suggestions are more than welcome. I'll try to reply to everything since my last post. Sprites from the old game would be nice, especially if you are using the Windows EXE where the pixely edges are smoothed out. I think I could work Flint Paper and the Rubber Pants Commandos into Part II at Mack Salmon's base. Let's see, Mack Salmon could have the boys surrounded by his cronies, it looks like the end, but suddenly the Rubber Pants Commandos crash through the ceiling and save S&M (I love it when Sam and Max are saved in strange ways). I know 3D landscapes in 2D would be great, and I can handle the backgrounds if Pork_Soda will get the sprites of Sam, Max, and so on. Anybody who wants to see the Geek in this game raise your hand. I think there's nothing wrong with her, but fans of the comics won't want her in it, I know. I also want a LOT of Lucasarts adventure game references in the game, as well as some subtle jabbing insults towards Lucasarts (i.e. Sam and Max walk into a movie theatre in Part I and they say to the manager "HEY! YOU'RE SHOWING STAR WARS EPISODE III, COMING FROM LUCASFILM, WHERE ALL THE BAD BUSINESS DECISIONS ARE MADE! YOU'RE TAKING THE FALL SON!") I can do that too, blending in TV clips with the Hit the Road credits music and our names on the opening credits. Leave that to me, and we'll send it to the guy / girl whose going to be doing all the Flash stuff. I can make it so that Sam and Max crash the space DeSoto on the moon and have to repair it. I like that idea. But right now I've run the Idea-O-Matic 2000 (built into my head) completely dry. I'll think about that one. Just make the guns inventory items and we can have them blast away. I'm partial to the idea of an environment that's totally destructable (i.e. Sam and Max can blow up the intoxicated pigeons, Bosco's store window, the mail box, etc. all with their guns). "Sam and Max & the Artificial Intestines" was my original title, but it is kind of bland. "Mack Salmon's Revenge" or "Day of the Fish?" Comments are welcome! I like your edited DeSoto, tygerbug. Keep it up with the ideas! The more we speculate and come up with funny stuff, the more we can cram into the game. Until ball o twine replies to this topic, I think we can carry the project on ourselves. And finally, I would like this if it was a grassroots projects like "The New Adventures of Zak McKracken" and "Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth." Maybe I could start working on a website for our project. HERE IS THE CURRENT LIST OF CREDITS! Let me know if you want your name pulled from the list / added to the list. But if you want to stay on the list, you actually have to be willing to finish this game! --------------- Graphic Artists Brushguy Chron-O-John tygerbug patheticloser37 Animation Brushguy *More animators are welcome* Flash Programming Pork_Soda Wasobi33 Music Writers *Need somebody to do this* Story Writers Brushguy toenail1 Maveric Voice Acting Brushguy tygerbug patheticloser37
  23. Chron-O-John, I have nothing against Flash, but to do that, we need an expert in programming Flash. Once we find him/her, we can send that person all the voices and graphics and animations to put in the game. I was only suggesting AGS because it's easy and simple to put together a complex game. The team is growing.... Storywriters: Maveric and Brushguy Graphic Artists: Brushguy and Chron-O-John Voice of Max: Brushguy Voice of Sam: Tygerbug Let me know what you want to do and I'll add your name, or if you want to be removed from the list. And here is a Sam and Max story I quickly thought up, that we might use........ SAM AND MAX & THE ARTIFICIAL INTESTINES Sam and Max get a call from the Commissioner. They must deliver a secret parcel containing the Prosthetic Intestines 2000 to a secret spy organization. Due to the arbitrarily sensitive nature of the mission, they have to find the parcel themselves. PART I Sam and Max search the US of A on a wild and insane hunt for the parcel, which naturally got lost in the mail. At the end of the part, they finally find it, when they run into a shady member of this spy organization. He snatches the parcel and promises it will go to the right authorities. Shortly after that, Sam and Max discover he's ACTUALLY working for M.S.O. (The Mack Salmon Organization). He snatches the parcel and Sam and Max as prisoners. PART II Sam and Max are taken to Mack Salmon's base. (Here is a long explanation from Mack Salmon as to how he got into his condition...I'll insert it later...but anyway, the artificial intestines are what can change him back to normal so he can TAKE ON THE WORLD!!!) This part is spent by Sam and Max trying to escape from Mack Salmon's secret base. PART III Sam and Max get on a rocketship and head for outer space. In this part, I want it to imitate what the "Sam and Max in Space" game was going to be...the spy organization they're supposed to find is deep in space, so Sam and Max must find them before the aliens get to S&M first! As to the reason this organization needs the intestines, I haven't figured that out yet. Let me know what you think would make it more S&M - like!
  24. Voice of Max: Brushguy Voice of Sam: Tygerbug Storywriters: Maveric and Brushguy We need somebody to do backgrounds, graphics, so on. Whoever is interested, do some Sam and Max sprites, the office, and immediately outside, but don't make the DeSoto part of the background, make it a separate sprite, so as to be able to move it around the screen, without heavy editing to the picture. I have some 3D landscaping studios of sort on my PC, so if you want 3D backgrounds, but a 2D game, I can handle the backgrounds. But if it's going to be 2D with 3D graphics, we need a modeler for the characters cuz I am a n00b at modeling. I'll get started on a demo.
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