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  1. I'll second that. Sam and Max will come back, they always do. BTW, a "grassroots" effort, is already underway with Red Guitar Media, who is going to do a Sam and Max game, but with the help of the Sam and Max forums fans. Finally, it'll be backed by Steve Purcell, or so the project leader hopes. While all of this is great, Lucasarts is gonna bring their game back. Nice "delay til Christmas" idea, though.
  2. As long as we get Steve's backing on this, since he owns the Sam and Max rights, I think this game could be sold. But, nevertheless, somebody needs to e-mail him, preferably ball o twine. Speaking of ball o twine, when are you gonna put up more info? This topic is gettin' kinda dead.
  3. I'm picturing the Monty Python sketch about Sir Robin's minstrels right now, singing songs about him. I bet Lucasarts already realizes that they've made a mistake - they might even want to put it back into production - but maybe they can't figure out how to say "It's back in production" without looking incredibly stupid. Think about it. No matter what, we will win this fight.
  4. I won't give up hope. We can't give up.
  5. EBGames has removed the Sam and Max 2 pre-order page, and so has Amazon.
  6. Those screenshots make me want to cry when I look at the lovely 3D Sam and Max models. It's utter lunacy to cancel this game. The screenshots alone would be enough to sell this, and Lucasarts has let another gem slip through their fingers. I know Lucasarts will bring it back, though, no matter how bad it feels right now.
  7. Yes, Episode III is going to tank hard and obliterate the rest of their remaining fan base (there's not much left thanks to Sam and Max 2). I'm only going to see the movie once, out of curiosity on what happens and how Lucas will tie up all the loose ends, but I'm probably going to hate it.
  8. There are some games and movies that don't deserve to have weak sequels because the originals were so amazing and incredible that it would be impossible to top them and make a better sequel (example: GF doesn't need sequels. Rare pulling-offs of this would be MI2 and DOTT)
  9. Lucasarts will bring it back. I know it. After they see the angry fans at Krash Kow's protest on Monday (March 22nd) and protestors at E3, they'll realize they've done something wrong. I just thought of something. What if they ALREADY realize they made a mistake, but can't figure out how to officially undo and heal all of this hub-bub without looking incredibly stupid. What if they are embarrassed and afraid to come out? If that's the case, it's all our faults that Sam and Max 2 hasn't come back yet for spreading all this hate.
  10. Put an ad in the San Rafael newspaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You've gotta get more than 1 person (yourself) out there!
  11. Today was supposed to be one of the two days... Talk to us KrashKow!
  12. What can I say? Brilliant and realistic. You captured the amount of praise Lucasarts could've received and will receive when they put it back. My favorite parts are the made-up story about Flint and the smug ESRB attitude (which it probably will get when released ) Send this PDF file to Lucasarts...NOW!
  13. We will. Lucasarts will come out with an apology and put Sam and Max 2 back into production, and there will be an even larger upbringing than the one on March 3rd. More fans will send in "I'm sorry" e-mails than they did "I hate you" e-mails. WWHS will come out with a sincere apology and re-re-design their site. All the sites will apologize and rejoice. Everyone will buy Sam and Max 2 and love it. Lucasarts will look at the sales figures and realize what a stupid mistake they made.
  14. ball o twine, I'll send you some stuff via e-mail later today. By the way, I am a reasonable voice actor and will contribute voices if you need 'em. But a few questions for now... 1. Is the game going to be downloadable Flash, or is it a game we can pick up off of the store shelves? 2. If Lucasarts brings Sam and Max 2 back, what will happen to this project?
  15. The sad part is that you can't read how much they're bragging about the game in German. But we can't give up hope. We must keep fighting! By the way, when exactly is Jake going to update?
  16. Thanks jp-30. The site works fine now, and it's pretty cool!
  17. For some strange reason, the old page appears instead of this new one. What's the new URL exactly? It's strange. Something's up with my computer because this same thing happened to me when samandmax.net came back (which hasn't been updated for 2 weeks now...)
  18. Sam and Max could play all the Star Wars games there at the Lucasarts booth, and Sam could say "Lord I'm tired of this drivel." Max could reply with "I'd rather spend the rest of the day harrassing pigeons!"
  19. Well, it wasn't on for very long, 'cuz I never saw it, and I visit --well, did visit-- their site quite often. Back on topic: Mercenaries is going to tank hard. I thought Lucasarts learned their lesson with RTX Red Rock and Wrath Unleashed.
  20. It'll be great to see a new website design for "Save Sam and Max 2." IDEAS FOR SAVING SAM AND MAX 2: Krash Kow is leading the San Rafeal picket line protest, and he said he would advertise in the local newspapers about it. Even if just 20 people show up, they can go inside and complain, or just stand outside throwing eggs at their windows. Wait! IDEA FLASH! On the day the protest happens, whenever it may be, let's all send lots and lots of e-mails to them. Attacks from fans from all fronts! At E3, two people should dress up as Sam and Max and stand around the Lucasarts booth all day. Keep sending e-mail. I know it sounds hopeless, but if the management is being informed of their number and sentiment, according to Ronda Scott, sending more will let the suits know what the fans think! I'm going off to send another e-mail. pr@lucasarts.com
  21. Sequel announcement, my foot. You're right, Sam and Max 2 nor Full Throttle 2 did ever get their own personal website on the Flash thing in the middle of their ugly page. And look at this! New Star Wars games and Mercenaries get their own page on day 1, so everyone will see it! Much more stuff on these brand new pages than 7 pieces of concept art, 2 screenshots, and 1 one-minute trailer. Lucasarts is playing favorites. It's showing through now.
  22. Oh man, I'm such an idiot. Sorry, nobody told me "snail mail" is an internet term for "postal letter." I haven't been around that long. So, yes, I have sent some snail mail.
  23. E-mail him! He may let out Lucasarts' dark secrets. But don't harrass the man.
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