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  1. Vincentt Shin wrote: Yun model?? Yun from SF3? Where can I get it? its my fave SF3 character.
  2. Though the grunt and scream sounds could not be achieved (still trying to do it, though), we released the model on jk2files. I would like to say: F*CK YOU VERY MUCH to all the users that threw me crap when I started this project. Hope you like the model. More to come. P.S= The emulator PCSX2 emulated Devil May Cry, so if someone cares to rip grunt and scream sounds from Dante, for us, it will be greatly appreciated, and we will update the model. Sword mod is on its way.
  3. Well, if anyone can do it, please do so. We need those sounds.
  4. The model is already finished, and it looks even better, of course. I finallly made the final version of the icons (player select screen), and I just finished making the presentation screens, which I think you will find amazing. I will be posting the presentation shots whenever I see fit. I am also working on the sword mod, which will enable Dante to use Alastor in-game. We have the sword sounds, all we need to get are Dante's grunts sounds. And yes, we made 2 models, one without the sword, and one with the sword on his back. Another thing, if you want this to be released soon, help us get grunts and scream Dante sounds from DMC1. If anyone has the game, try to find a way to rip sounds, WE NEED AT LEAST 3 or 4 GRUNT/ATTACK SOUNDS, AND 3 SCREAM/HURT SOUNDS.
  5. How do I bind 2 instructions on the same key? I have this 3d model with a custom sword, and it is composed of 2 models. One model has the sword on his back, the other has the sword on his hand. I know how to bind the first part, meaning this : bind x "character_nosword;weapon1" And with the sword on his back model, holster sword, this: bind y "character_sword;weapon2" So my question is, how do I make these 2 inctructions into a single bind key??
  6. Dante is the main character of the Devil May Cry game. If you would like to see the most amazing game intro ever created click HERE CRAIG, heh, I checked my PM, now you check yours
  7. Yeah, this is the first model of a famours character ever made... I suggest you mail every famous character model author about this, lol. War Shark, read phase 3. And thanks for the compliments, Derian
  8. Heh, thanks, Graves and I really appreciate it. And of course, when the final version is released, I will include a F*CK YOU VERY MUCH to all of the idiotic forum users that posted negative comments on the starting thread.
  9. My buddy Graves and myself are making a model of Dante from Devil May Cry. He is the modeller, and I guide him in order to get it all right, from clothing, face proportions/expressions, etc... We are closely completing the project, and I have just finished making the player select icons (I have yet to decide which ones to go, cause I made several different ones.) Here is the WIP so far: Phase 1 We decided to go for the DMC 1 look, cause we like Dante better in his first suit. Phase 2 After sending more accurate reference shots we made some nice progress, though there is a lot to be fixed yet, specially in the face. As shown next, I indicated the modeller -through these roughly edited pics- to bring up the sleeves, change the coat and pants colors to the ones I added, and to make changes in the face like so: I also indicated to lower the eyebrows, to shorten the eyes, heightwise, and to get rid of the features inside the purple circle, in the edited face shot above. Phase 3 As stated, the color gradients are fixed, the coat, pants, and jacket have the correct gradients of red/purple. The sleeves are by the elbow now, face is slimmer, and the jacket straps have been fixed, among other things. You will see how Dante is shaping up, and the early Alastor model base: Dante's hair is a little longer on the nape of the neck/beggining of shoulders' section. I roughly indicated my buddy how long it should be: I also indicated several things in order to achieve a more expressive face. The eyebrows are going to be lower, the eyes shorter, heightwise, and other things. Also, Dante's eye color is a greyish-green, which is now fixed. I exemplify this with this animated image showing the different states: Finally, you see how the two faces compare: In our opinion, the "edited" face looks more mature, and more expressive, and better yet, more like Dante. Currently, this is fixed, as well as the final version of Alastor, Dante's sword. Phase 4 Now, the Dante model is perfect to our eyes, I believe nothing more will be corrected in the main model. Added the leg straps as the original model from PS2. We are concentrating on Alastor, the sword. And here the modeller added more detail to Alastor: We are currently beta testing the model, and we need someone that has the original Devil may Cry game, a PS2, and knows how to rip sounds from the game, to rip at least 3 grunt/scream/hurt Dante voices, as well as taunts and sword swinging sounds.
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