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  1. RE unremovable cell bug: I checked the first few results on Google. One player said that if you die in that room, you have to restart the level for it to work. I had the unremovable cell bug in my latest playthough, and had died that time. I have restarted the level, and am working toward the bugged room. Other things that were different from playthroughs when it worked: difficulty on hard, force grip now level 3, some challenges completed, possibly wearing different costume.
  2. I'm sure Jack Thompson agrees with this nut. By the way Bongo, your link is done backwards.
  3. Ooh, does this free alignment service include a tire rotation?
  4. I'd be pushing the red button. After a nuclear bomb hits, the first thing to do is go hunt the mutated monsters. As for what to do if a bomb lands without going off, the Young Ones have that covered(skip past the weird music parts, unless you like them): (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  5. Yes, we have the choice whether to use it or not, but what could this mean for the future of gaming, and gamers themselves? If the new generation of gamers mostly uses autoplay, they will continue to expect games to cheat for them. A more immediate concern - what if they think they should put more of the frustratingly hard parts into games because of the auto-play feature?
  6. No, that was As for Slinky Dog, see what IG-64 said(I'm too lazy to qoute, lol).
  7. I fit more into the Sarcastic Gamer catergory. My folks got a Wii, but my they won't allow any violent games on it - it's mostly the maternal unit. Smash brothers is cartoony enough to be allowed, but The Force Unleashed is beyond what she'll tolerate. So we rented it when she wasn't looking, lol. The only other console we have is a Nintendo. It's not the original model, it's basically a missing link between regular and Super Nintendo. It plays only the original Nintendo games, but loads from the top and is much more compact than the original model. Really glad we have a PC - too bad some games are never released for it.
  8. Right: Hey, is that a Camera? Left: Aww, ****!
  9. I would have voted for "Khan" if it was spelled correctly. You're lucky this is LF; a Trek forum would have skinned you alive for that. I have to agree with those who've said Zachary Quinto truly became Spock for this, not a pointy-eared Sylar. Now for spoilerish stuff Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) some fun moments: The Kobayashi Maru test. Scotty's excitement for being on the ship. When old spock says to young Spock "My standard farewell would seem self-gratifying, so I will simply say, Good Luck." Odd thoughts: While events are quite different, the main crew of the enterprise came together. Is history doing what it can to right itself? V'ger and the whale-seeking ship will still come, will that be shown in movies? Will old Spock help any, or assume this timeline will work out the solutions? Red matter? So, the essence of Communism collapses everything? So, this alternate timeline went politically correct early? "...To boldly go where no-one has gone before." (and that still has a split infinitive!)
  10. Lawsuit, anyone? Seems like he randomly threw some ideas together. Thought process: Hmm, people like ganes, I'll use a game system logo. Since they're shoes, I'll ripoff some popular shoe logo too. Let's throw in lighing on the game system logo. Hey, I'll do that with fiber optics, it sounds cool. Hmm, needs something else. Throw some ...um... camouflage on somewhere.
  11. Do a late celebration of Star Wars Day by going to the new Star Trek film in Jedi robes and carrying lightsabers.
  12. "Raising Youself as Undead for Dummies" Oh, sorry, real book and not actually dying... my brother says "A Short History of a Small Place" is really good.
  13. We should also keep supply and demand in mind, as that could greatly increase the price of natural gas if it becomes popular. Does that car pass inspection? What will happen if that car is in an accident?
  14. Fix'd Someone had to do it. For very bad things(which lead to good sometimes): The older of our two computers had it's main hard drive crash a few months ago, and we lost some info and our install of windows, for which we had lost the disc. It made my brother decide it was computer upgrade time, so he moved everything but the hard drives and power supply(using same type in both) from the newer computer to the old computer, and replaced it all with stuff he found on NewEgg. Then after 3 weeks or so the new computer wouldn't start; It had an error code display on the motherboard, but the motherboard only mentioned that it had an error code display, nothing about what the codes mean. With Tech support he was able to find what they meant, and it pointed to a RAM problem. When he removed the last RAM it would run, but the ram wasn't displaying the full amount it should have. It turned out it was the first ram stick that was faulty, and it wasn't cooperating at all with the last ram stick. He sent it back and got a replacement. I may post the new computer on very good things soon, if I'm not too lazy.
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