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  1. You're completely clueless. I'll leave it to someone else to explain if they choose to do so.
  2. Compared to the other guys in your clan that have posted here, you seem a lot more open-minded. Much respect to you for that. But... Honestly, the way this game is played now requires no adjustment to the changing times. NF/SO combat just takes FF/SO combat and dumbs it down completely. There were so many other elements to make the game so much more complex than simply timing a saber swing.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the only game that people get bashed for being a better player than most, and the whole "OMFG H4X0R!!!!111" thing doesn't even come into play here. How can you say that either of our lives are based on a video game when we play far less than you (i haven't touched JKA in 6 months, JK2 in about 2-3) and yet can still crush you? I'm willing to bet media puts only a tiny fraction of his time into dominating these servers compared to how long you sit there in your little clan server or whatever trying to emulate some kinda jedi chivalry code for absolutely no reason at all. I mean after all, it is only a video game, right? So what's the need of these made up laws? Who has less of a life now? The guy who puts in a few hours or less of his week to just have a little fun killing people in an online game? Or the guy who stays idle in his server trying to enforce his own bushido code?
  4. lol rumor our few JKA TWL matches were pretty funny. It's amusing how no name honor newbie clans aspiring to be the next yoda or something try to make a name for themselves in competition by not knowing any gameplay dynamics whatsoever, making up rules as the match goes along and tagging any unknown techniques as cheating. Wish I still had that demo... gave me a few laughs.
  5. You have my respect for having the patience to still play this game with this pathetic half-assed "community," media. It's a tragedy that generally all the trash of the gaming community flock towards this game. Oh and to the poster above... I'm sorry dude, but your website doesn't make you any less of a bitter newbie. How you play the game is what matters, and I guarantee you media will wipe the floor with you, but then you'll kick him off the server in an attempt to defend your e-dignity.
  6. i think we should bring this to the jedi council lololol /bow
  7. JK2 was worth playing from the fun of it. Sure there were those honor assholes running around in even the normal servers meant for "playing and having fun" but you can't deny how much fun it was when you play with people who just wanted to have fun and kick your ass.
  8. Wait a sec... People still play this abomination? Oh and Rumor named a few clans that were around when JA was first released so your definition of "professional" might be what we used to call "nub" and stomp all over in JK2. But then again, I don't follow the euro scene cuz something about german players spamming their <=={-[ROFLMAOx5000]-}==> binds kinda gets to me.
  9. Vegeta, go crawl back in your little hole and shut the **** up. the **** newbies like you spew out of your mouths is just too tiresome to clean up. After not visiting this forum for a few months and then coming back to check on how things are going in this never ending e-debate about showing e-honor in a virtual game server, i see you guys are still saying the same over-used stuff over and over. Just let it go and shove your e-honor.
  10. It did a whole lot for CTF (6 or so teams LOL), but no other game modes. So they shut the JA ladders down on TWL and now everyone's doing their own thing... Like Call of Duty (2nd most active game on the net) since there's a whole lot of teams who play that. There's just no point in JA anymore for some, due to the lack of people actually playing to win. BTW, Kynes, OSP stands for Orange Smoothie Productions, not orange slushie and ahhh... What a great mod OSP was. I'll be suprised if Red Slushie does half as good.
  11. That clan does abuse admin a lot but what they did to you by all means doesn't seem like a "lame" thing. Were they hacking or something? I don't think so, they were just using the game's built-in functions.
  12. w8 does this mean the world as we know it will be destroyed?
  13. One of the top gunners in the game plays on a 28k.
  14. In a few months, there will most likely be a name made up for the standing on top of the ship and chatting fetish.
  15. Despite the complete stupidity of Vegeta, this thread just made me chuckle at the jk3files newbies. And I thought their rules list for their JK2 server was funny (banning gk). "OH NOZ!!!!!111 GRIP-KICK=INVINCIBLE + I DUNNO HOW 2 USE TEH PUSH/PULL BUTTON!!!!!1111ONEONE"
  16. Yeah I saw that trickjump that Meta did. Pretty hot. Ask hood how he did it backwards on that 28k connection of his. I'm wondering too. Heh.
  17. Words don't mean much to me ingame. There really is no need for a come back when someone starts crying "lamer." Let them do what they want but they lose anyway.
  18. Well, if this option was on in my server, I wouldn't like it but as long is it's just on in honor servers, it's fine with me so now everyone can distinguish honor servers from normal ones. I'm really not the kind of guy who will just go into honor servers and totally wreck havoc and mess up the RP tea parties or whatever just for the fun of it. I would only do that if an admin or a player on the server has been a total jerkoff to me.
  19. I agree. I'm getting tired of the all too familiar newbie mating call we all know as "LAMER."
  20. There can be a timer, let's say 5 seconds or so from when you unarm yourself to when you become invulnerable to attacks. That'd make it harder to exploit and easier on admins.
  21. Yes, Screed. I just thought it was funny how this nub fit the typical "honor" stereotype. Now bake me some cookies, bitch.
  22. Why's that? He can call whoever he wants his God, as long as he's not a strong follower of some religion which doesn't allow him to do so (which would be his problem, not yours).
  23. I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just trying to prove that it is a widely known move, as Raven included it on the moves list. It's just not used a lot since its use is not practical. I'm sorry if I looked like I was insulting you, I just thought that by now it would be known to most people.
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