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  1. I'm late, but thank you very much for your work.
  2. I presetend a friend 3 of your posters and he took soem photos. Will print them out for me soon and take even more pics. Thanks for sharing again, I just love these. edit: They are printed on glossy photo paper. Next time I will try matt one, and another paper =) http://i59.tinypic.com/zvsnf6.jpg http://i60.tinypic.com/2qauz9v.jpg http://i58.tinypic.com/id53r5.jpg Thanks to my friend, Kirill for taking these too
  3. PAX PRIME 2014: Grim Fandango: Bringing the Dead Back to Life with GrimFandango ! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  4. Thanks David, will take some pictures when they are up. Thanks again
  5. I love all of them! Will be there a printable version for download? I would lvoe to print them out and hang them in my living room =) greets
  6. Very nice indeed. The walking animation looks fine too! Good work!
  7. The retrospective is great! Even the HD version was mentioned Maaaaan so awesome =)
  8. Tim Schafer's Twitter : "Talk about other platforms soon! Sony's been a great help making this happen & we're excited to be working with them on the console version!" Had to cancel my grimFandago 4, eh ps 4 order.. phew
  9. I would imagined anything, but this?! THIS?! Best news 2014!
  10. Love the dialog here =) Wish you all the best guys!
  11. Thanks, checking it out right now. The pattern on the pipes look a bit different, but its not bad. Looking forward to the updates =)
  12. Great work Mike! I like the office atmosphere so far. I am still surprised the music glitches while moving in the DOD Hall. Measures and proportions can be a really headache at times, but I believe in your skills, especially what I have seen so far! Hope to see the cigarette in Manny's hand in the office soon You'e got a fan here, keep up the great work ! =)
  13. Hmm, does one of the F buttons work? like "F1" or "Escape"... Might be a issue for the ResidualVm Forum, but hope it works soon for you!
  14. I completely loved it. At first I was a bit disappointed that they haven't chose Peter Chan's(Grim Fandango! ) art direction, but that changed for me with the progress of the game making. Also I am very grateful to be a slacker backer and got the chance to watch the whole documentary. To see how Peter McConnell works, to see his ways of find that very special something in music... just amazing. Broken Age is really a great game, though I felt it was a bit short. I needed 4 hours to play through, although I asked and clicked around a lot around in the world. Nevertheless, for a Tim Shaefer fan his is a must have. And for any body else, who wants to have a great adventure time, like back in the days.
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