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  1. i had been to the enclave prior to the mission's brother mission and as a result, i had already freed the jawas and had explored and etc. the whole complex (i also am on peaceful terms with the sandpeople)...the whole complex i have explored and there is no other room to be explored as judging by the map... so what room is griff supposed to be in? is this just a bug and thus i should just do another mission?
  2. alright...found out griff was on tatooine then i after going there, i so my question is, what the hell do i do?
  3. just wondering how to become sunry's lawyer...i've talked to the hotel owner and he said there was a murder and that sunry's been detained, blah blah blah... but when i go to the court i have no conversation options with the main judge (all it says is "i have no further questions..." i've tried talking to the lawyers but they don't say anything...so i have no clue who to talk to to represent sunry **note - i have finished the first two trials concerning myself **
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