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  1. Well, I finally beat it. I figured out I could use "kill" to get rid of his "healing buddies". After that, he was a peice of cake.
  2. Nope, no saves. I think I have 6 life support packs and 3 advanced medpacks. I know, that SHOULD be enough, I just keep getting destroyed. I don't really care about starting over, Im going to do it anyway, but Id like to see the ending!
  3. I chose to take just Bastila with me. Yes, I'm smacking myself now. I do have some medpacks ... but definetely not enough to win me the battle. Quite frankly, he's beating the be-jesus out of me (odd too, but I am not a weakling by any sense of the word). I know he's the final boss, but it's really going to suck if Im just screwed (although I have started over, I don't want to wait until my new character gets there to find out the ending!). My guy's force powers are basically just Force Storm and Wave ... no healing (brilliant, arent I?).
  4. Ok , Im level 20 ... at the final battle. For some reason, I though I would just need me and Bastila .... and for some reason, I thought it'd be a good idea to save all my credits the whole game. Basically, Im at the final battle, no where to go, with barely any health packs and almost no grenades. I can't kill the jedi in the tubes and I SURE as hell can't win 1 on 1. So, I'm pretty sure Im screwed. Anyone have any tips?
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