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  1. Oh man has it been that long? Well this brings back some depressing memories.
  2. X-Box? Not for me thanks. I'm gonna have to go with the PS2 version.
  3. Speaking of CMI easter eggs. I remember the first time I discovered the underwater scene, I noticed that when Guybrush walked out of the water there was an arrow cursor when I moved the mouse over the ocean. I clicked it and Guybrush walked underwater again only this time I could interact with stuff like looking at the sharp objects he'd say "Too bad he couldn't reach this stuff, he could've cut himself free" or something like that. I even checked it on Scummrev to see that I wasn't just imagining it. Unfortunately I could never figure out how to get back in the water that way.
  4. Um... Sure, I'd like a Gmail please.
  5. Wow, impressive. If only Monkey Island 4 didn't suck so much with its "Ultimate Insult" and constant use of the word "Heck" instead of "Hell". But I'm not trying to turn this into another "MI4 sucks" thread. Its just that reading that box cover reminded me of how much it sucked. But those covers are well impressive rodekill. Well done to you.
  6. Ok then. I don't know what to say really. Maybe you should make a Fanimutation.
  7. What about Homestar Runner in a 2d adventure game? That'd be kinda cool dontcha think?
  8. Oh all right, I'm sorry. I'll be more careful in the future about what I say and whether it has relevence or not.
  9. Actually given the fact that its in a charity shop means that the money I spend on it will go towards helping children. Compare that to this thread which is a cross between LucasArts and helping children and we have something that doesn't have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. Next time, think about it before you jump to the conclusion that I'm such a lazy bastard as to not read the topic.
  10. What I'm about to say next may or may not be directly relevant to this thread but I saw a copy of Sam & Max, boxed, £4, but at a charity shop mind you so its not all that bad. As soon as I get paid this week (Should've probably been today mind you because I'm getting friday off) I'm going to get it because they say that there are some little extras on the original CD (audio tracks?) that weren't featured on recent re-releases.
  11. I don't have a band. But my very good friend Robin Pringle does. Its called Sleeper Hit.
  12. I went and emailed the guy at world of MI about a year ago with a few MI references from Simon the Sorcerer and Amazon Queen, but he said there was no way they could be MI references (git).
  13. Remember this? I thought that if instead of pirating Adventure Games, we all pirate Star Wars games. Cause if they are losing sales on Star Wars games then... erm... I dunno. Perhaps if we bought more adventures from them and less Star Wars titles, we'd get Sam and Max back. Mind you. They probably already sell Star Wars games at the Barras.
  14. If you cant access Idle Thumbs because of stupid filters then click here and maybe your problems will be solved. It worked for me.
  15. I know what you mean. I can't even play Zelda Collectors edition without taking the 'Cube to the living room or the kitchen (But my Mum said I'd get a new TV for christmas so I can play Zelda }:¬) By the way, I have thought up a solution that will allow me to access Idle Thumbs without having to censor the Mother ****ing Goose. Delete the "Mother ****ing Goose" headline and transfer it onto the jpeg and maybe, just maybe, the filters wont ban the main page.
  16. Unfortunately it prevents me from visiting such a wonderful website cause of the stupid filters that the school and the library have. It's been a horrible day and I dont need this to make it any more horrible. Tone down the language so that I can visit it. Please.
  17. You've got an excellent point linklinker. I was thinking the same thing too (welcome aboard). Oh and sorry about that last comment Joshi, I was just feeling sarcastic. LucasArse dont know where I stay do they? So how can they make money out of my crazy idea?
  18. I'd just like to say that when I said my drunken thoughts were more rational nowadays I wasn't thinking about my stupid idea. I was thinking about when I would go to parties an insist that most of my music be played for the duration of it. Now I'm not like that. I've also had more thought on this. The 'blackmail' idea had actually been goin on in my head for about a week or so before I started this thread. I suggested it to my friends (yes I DO have friends, no they are NOT imaginery or neds) and they gave me good feedback on it. Besides, if I wasnt going to get drunk as feck I would've still done it. But now that I've read the comments here I guess I could say that this idea of mine is only for the purpose of pissing LucasArse off and getting their attention and then telling them how angry the fans are. But then again they might not listen to me because the concept of listening out for what their fans want is just something that LA have forgotten. Most of you people are doing your best to save Sam & Max. If anything, my idea could help the cause a little bit more. Oh and to answer the bear question Joshi. You dont get bears in Scotland, you get Neds which is much worse. They wouldn't be chewing on my leg they would be THREATENING TO BEAT ME UP. They don't have addition to honey, they prefer Bucky. As for the gun, I wouldn't be carrying any. Britain has got a gun ban ever since this incident occurred.
  19. Don't worry 'Tones. You are forgiven. Apology accepted. Yes it is. I have now returned to my home town and I am now in college. The next time I get drunk and go on the internet at the same time wont be for another while yet. True. I'm puzzled. Please explain this one. My drunken thought are actually more rational now than they were a couple of years ago (even though I wouldnt get that drunk back then) You've got a good point there. Maybe they admitted defeat to ScummVM. I can see why though. Playing the windows version of Full Throttle and Sam&Max on my machine is an impossibility because I dont have any 3D accelerator or anything.
  20. "Traditional???" Said the Donkey™ in a manner that suggested confusion.
  21. I thought it was Dave Grossman that said that. Ah well I knew it was one of them anyway. Last year I emailed Steve Stamatiadis with a link to Amazon Queen on an abandonware site and asked him his opinion. This is what he said. I dont quite like what you are saying about me. I DO have a life. I use it in a number of ways. I could be on the internet, I could be at a party but this is the FIRST time I have ever gone on the internet during a party. Its not like I'm DEAD or anything. Besides, I said it was my Grampa's birthday party. One of those FAMILY parties. I dont wanna try and pull when my parents are around (and if I did, who would I pull?). So think twice before mocking me (or anyone else in my situation, for that matter). However, you have made a good point about fangames, so you're comment isnt all that bad. (And to make a REAL MI3, we should get Ron Gilbert to help us)
  22. Get a baloon, get surgical gloves, fill them all with helium then in the lift when LeChuck appears close the door on him. (I forgot how to do it at one point)
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